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After moving can apply Facial mask? What should film of face of the apply after moving notice?

A lot of people often can pass motion to exercise at ordinary times, and after moving, metropolis apply wears a lot of people Facial mask has a break, but film of face of the apply after some people say motion is bad, film of face of the apply after some people say motion however is fine. So after moving can apply Facial mask? What should film of face of the apply after moving notice? How is film of face of the apply after moving met?

After moving can apply Facial mask? What should film of face of the apply after moving notice? (1)

1, do not suggest before motion apply Facial mask

OK before motion apply Facial mask, but the effect may sell at a discount, do not suggest so so do. Before motion film of direct apply face, the likelihood was not opened completely because of pore, jam even, the nutrient composition in Facial mask cannot be absorbed completely, bring about the effect to sell at a discount.

And apply Facial mask is to can make the nutrient composition in Facial mask can sufficient in absorbing skin, film of face of the apply before if be in,moving, the metabolization in motion can be brought about again as sweat fluid eduction, the effect also was reduced.

2, film of face of the apply after motion is fine

Film of face of the apply after motion has better effect, it is OK of apply Facial mask.

Temperature of body of athletic later generations rises, blood is accelerated circularly, and the pore of skin still opens, at this moment it is stronger that cutaneous of apply Facial mask draws strength, can very good absorption the nurture in Facial mask is qualitative, to be short of the skin of water compensatory and enough water is divided, it is time of better apply Facial mask.

3, after motion how long apply Facial mask is fine

Rest half hours after motion again apply Facial mask is finer.

Because move,body of the back of a person has not restored calm, pore perspiration is stretched, at this moment instantly the word of apply Facial mask, may the eduction of fluid of block up sweat hampered namely eliminate body toxin; And strong campaign is over the likelihood is in facial ministry muscle to stretch tight closely condition, also be to go against those who absorb Facial mask nutrient. Had better be so can rest half hours first above, have apply Facial mask again next had better.

4, apply of film of face of the apply after motion how long

Apply of apply Facial mask rests half hours 15 minutes after motion can, time does not exceed 20 minutes, time of apply Facial mask is too long may appear the moisture in the skin turns over bedcover film to absorb, reduced the effect thereby.

5, outside work how to be recuperated inside oil

1, decrease wash facial frequency

Outside the dry skin is qualitative female inside oil always thinks, eliminate the way with facial ministry the the best, fastest, easiest glossy to wash a face namely. Actually this kind of means is wrong, because wash facial frequency too frequent, can destroy film of fat of skin of facial ministry skin only, because facial ministry was not done good,keep wet job again, the nutrition that place of facial ministry cell needs and water distribute as the grow in quantity of the frequency that wash a face ceaseless prediction of a person's luck in a given year, facial ministry skins not only had disappeared to turn, meet instead form smoke into smother. Outside the woman that skin offends inside oil washs a face one day 3 times at most, wash a face while do not use accuse the grandma washing a face with too strong oil.

2, protect wet latex with lasting effect filling water

The question does inside the oil outside cutaneous of skin wanting clean, must be after clean face, the choice grows effect filling water to protect wet latex to give facial ministry compensatory and enough moisture. The latex should be used inside 5 minutes when just washed a face, because this moment nutrition becomes an easier infiltration,skin to facial ministry and be absorbed.

3, not excessive accuse oily

Have outside inside because fear to use,dry skin is met excessive and moist protect what skin is tasted and bring about blain blain to cause, actually this idea also is incorrect. The water dispenses nutrient that the surface of skin has film of fat of a skin to be able to want rock-bottom cell place originally chains safely. If exceeding is clean, when accuse oil and destroying film of this skin fat, water is divided and raise the prediction of a person's luck in a given year with many branch, bring about healthy cell decline to decrease, not only facial ministry gives oily meeting increase, and the blain blain of facial ministry is much more corresponding also rise.

4, use 3 times every week protect wet area film

Think the dry skin inside the oil outside casting off, can a week uses 2~3 second filling water keeps wet noodle film, the elastic force that can keep water effectively to measure burnish skins. Lie between a day, the dry skin inside oil is met outside discover facial skin becomes water is tender, and makeup look is OK also that day very docile is abiding.

5, use make up water

When the dry skin inside oil gives oil outside, be full of glossy normally, can use at this moment make up filling water of water help skin. After facial ministry with oil absorption paper redundant grease is washed, with make up cotton is touched take make up water apply is in facial ministry, let skin drink full water, can help alleviate the dry awkward situation inside the oil outside skin.

6, much drink water

Rise in the morning drink one dock-glass clear water to be able to help body function be run afresh, the metabolism of stimulative body. When noon break, but rose, bluebonnet or gold chrysanthemum mouthfeel debugs him basis of each 2 grams, honey, develop bubble with 400ml boiling water, await 3 minutes, the flower gives out flavour in the brandish in water when, can drinkable, the effect of this tea promotes blood to circulate namely, make the skin more water is tender moist.

7, wet towel

It is OK that after washing a face, wet towel apply face is used directly effective help skin is protected wet, the dry skin after be being basked in especially, with cool face of cool wet towel apply, get off after 2 minutes, can be being achieved is not slow action.