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Should otherwise of cucumber Facial mask wash a face? Is apply over should cucumber Facial mask wash a face?

Cucumber is a kind of very common vegetable in our life, have rich nutrient value, and edible method is diversiform, a lot of people in living so like to have cucumber very much. Actually cucumber besides can regard food as edible besides, still can use film of the face that make, have the very good effect that protect skin, is that apply over does cucumber Facial mask need to wash a face?

Should otherwise of cucumber Facial mask wash a face? Is apply over should cucumber Facial mask wash a face? (1)

1, apply is over should wash a face

Apply is over need to wash a face after cucumber Facial mask. After abstaining cucumber Facial mask to be stuck on the face secretion of very easy generation, the word that if do not undertake,washs a face jams very easily pore. Even if is film of face of use cucumber finished product, also had better be be over in apply wash clean after Facial mask, adverse also pore breathes the elite fluid in film of too much face remaining on the face.

2, apply is over how long hind wash a face

Apply is over need washs a face after Facial mask, had better be to be able to wait for apply to be over 10 minutes of or so reentry after Facial mask go. And can be used after taking off Facial mask point to celiac gentleness skin by the ministry that press a face in order to promote the skin the absorption of elite of the film opposite side. When after medium elite is absorbed by the skin almost, Facial mask washs a face again can.

3, apply is over how to wash a face best

Apply is over the face had better be washed with clear water only after cucumber Facial mask can. Apply is over the Facial mask elite that clear water uses to rinse facial ministry to remain directly after Facial mask can, the nutrient elite that if be,uses the clean face product such as the grandma that wash a face to still will do not have there's still time very easily to be absorbed by the skin is thoroughly abluent and the result that affects Facial mask.

4, apply is over how to undertake maintaining

Apply is over cucumber Facial mask, after cleaning facial ministry best can again help of water of daub bright skin opens pore, next reuse protects Shi Shuang, such to the skin, it is better that its ensure the wet result that lock up water. The effect with cucumber face main film gives skin compensatory moisture namely, apply is over the result that the reuse after Facial mask ensures Shi Shuang to be able to strengthen Facial mask.

5, the effect of cucumber Facial mask

One: Filling water is protected wet

Cucumber is the melon and fruit with extremely high water content, be as high as 90% , with face of bright cucumber apply, can increase cutaneous hydration capacity significantly, capture water member, let Chu Manshui of skin surface layer divide, become soft and smooth bouncy.

Tip: The film that make a range should choose fresh cucumber. Jump over fresh cucumber, the moisture content that contains among them and nutrition are more also, the effect of the film that make a range is better also.

2: Clean beautiful skin

Very powerful active living things is contained in fresh cucumber enzymatic -- cucumber is enzymatic, when making Facial mask with cucumber, can effective stimulative skin is metabolic, stimulative blood circulates, cleared pore is sundry, make skin takes on an entirely new look.

Tip: Good skin cleaner should be done to make before making cucumber Facial mask, use cucumber piece after apply face, can use hot towel to be wiped gently, can have better clean skin effect.

3: Contract pore

Theoretic for, the pore size of same individual is same, pore coarsens, its reason is sebaceous glands is secreted overmuch, or pore jams, or connective tissue loses flexibility all round pore. And cucumber Facial mask is impurity of OK and cleared pore, compensatory skin moisture, absorb skin surface quantity of heat, achieve the result of contractive pore.

Tip: Contractive pore should insist to had been done everyday the foundation nurses, complementary with cucumber Facial mask, can achieve better result.

4: Fight ageing

Cucumber Facial mask has wonderful filling water to maintain wet ability and the ability of stimulative metabolism, when skin cutin layer moisture is achieved 20% when, microgroove can disappear.

Tip: Counteractive consenescence is cutaneous protracted battle, hold to clean, filling water, protect wet it is crucial, skin able-bodiedly the more, the capability of counteractive years is stronger.

5: Beautiful white weak spot

Rich vitamin is contained in fresh cucumber group, especially the content of vitamin C is very high. With cucumber the film that make a range has apparent moist, whitened the effect.

Tip: Cucumber is photosensitive vegetable, among them vitamin C encounters photolysis, accordingly, before Facial mask ought to sleep in the late evening, cucumber is done, do by day do not have beautiful white effect not only, because insolation rises,can arrive instead counteractive.

6: Dispel blain imprints

Cucumber Facial mask has quicken metabolism, and the action of compensatory moisture. In the light of blain blain the mark can rise to promote skin self-healing capability, the action with desalt ad cool-headed pigment.

Tip: Cucumber Facial mask just assists dispel blain to imprint, can not have the effect of blain of blain of new student of antiphlogistic, heal, accordingly, blain of dispel of film of use cucumber face imprints should choose appropriate oh.