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How does long spot do on postpartum face? The spot on postpartum face how purify?

Average pregnant woman is in pregnancy is wrinkle spot, because the problem of hormone is brought about,basically be, but a lot of pregnant woman in postpartum likelihood stain is met slowly come out, also a lot of puerperas are in postpartum stain is very difficult of purify, so, what does spot of general and postpartum dispel have to compare good method? Is the spot on postpartum face commonly how of purify? Is postpartum stain OK Where is purify?

How does long spot do on postpartum face? The spot on postpartum face how purify? (1)


1, abstain spot of Facial mask dispel


Brown sugar + honey + water makes a method: Take one spoon brown sugar to add water to mediate brown sugar water, join half spoon honey to mix even next, with will soak Facial mask paper, apply is on the face, 15-20 takes off abluent skin after minute, once a week.

Effect: This recipe besides can return beyond apply can to be taken orally, the splash that goes up to the face has apparent desalt effect.


2, E of pearl powder vitamin


The method that make: Take 2-3 spoon pearl powder, join the liquid of E of a dimension, mediate with clean water agitate, agitate comes mushy, use apply face, go up in the apply on Facial mask next a piece of wet Facial mask paper, Facial mask is taken off to wash clean skin with clear water after 20 minutes can.

Effect: Spot of beautiful white dispel.


3, white monkshood of the root of Dahurian angelica


Composition: The root of Dahurian angelica 10 grams, white monkshood 10 grams.

The method that make: Grind two flavour Chinese traditional medicine in all delicate last stage, add water and honey right amount and harmonic. its apply face, after 20 minutes abluent.

Effect: Spot having dispel, disappear spot, whitened action, apply to postpartum and facial pigment ad cool-headed or the woman that has Chloasma.


4, dietotherapy dispel spot


Raw material of congee of Yi benevolence lotus seed: Yi benevolence 150 grams, lotus seed 50 grams, red jujube 5, rock candy 15 grams, cold water 1000 milliliter.

Practice: Yi benevolence immerses with cold water 3 hours, 1000 milliliter cold water is added inside boiler, put Yi benevolence, with boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake, join lotus seed, red jujube next, a stew is boiled to squashy, join rock candy finally, boil to the shape that become congee, can edible.

Effect: The United States fills in vain wet, conduce eliminates spot of postpartum and gravid spot, fleck, butterfly to wait.


5, black agaric Gong Zaoshang


Raw material: Black agaric 30 grams, red jujube 20.

Practice: Will black agaric is abluent red jujube goes the nucleus adds water right amount boil half hour to control. Daily after early, dinner each.

Effect: Classics mufti is fed can be stationed in flesh of colour dispel spot, strong and handsome abundant, can use at treating postpartum fleck.


6, tomato juice


Postpartum the female of long spot, OK and daily drink 1 cup of tomato juice, have very good effect to fleck of prevention and cure. Because rich vitamin C is contained in tomato, can restrain the active with enzymatic acid of ammonia of the cheese inside the skin, reduce the formation of melanin effectively, make the skin white thereby tender, shading subsidise.


7, laser dispel spot


If economic condition allows, can go to a hospital directly, pass the spot on laser purify face, safe and effective. Laser dispel spot is the principle of smooth hot solution, choose the strong pulse of specific wavelengh, penetrable skin surface layer, decompose pigment cell, outside the gobble uping that connects meticulous afterbirth and body of eduction of lymphatic blood circulation. Sheet of laser dispel spot is done and can not achieve ideal result, generally speaking, the doctor can suggest to wait for the redo after skin nap 2 times or 3 cure.


8, spot of folk prescription dispel


1, law of acetic the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes: Soak the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes with vinegar, grind delicate last stage, after morning and evening washs a face, besmear is on the face, can go fleck.

2, vitamin E law: Before sleeping every night, defeat bolus of glue of E of a vitamin with pinprick, squeeze its liquid to be put after the centre of the palm kneads divide evenly, wipe massage moment repeatedly in facial fleck place, every night, 1-2 the month can eliminate fleck.

3, aubergine law: Aubergine cuts flake, brush facial, dispel spot effect is good.

4, peach blossom law: Postpartum fleck, desirable dry peach blossom and flay do pumpkin seeds to wait for a quantity each, mix abrade into delicate last stage, with after honey is smooth, besmear is in spot place, curative effect beautiful.

5, white tuckahoe law: White tuckahoe grinds fine pink, add honey to mediate, every night apply is facial. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, white tuckahoe can dissolve shading, scar, with honey collocation is used, already can nutrition skins can desalt pigment spot.


9, postpartum food is no-no


1, food of cold cool raw or cold food accentuates likely the circumstance of postpartum gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it: Postpartum body enrages anaemia empty, should much edible is lukewarm filling food. If produce junior eat raw or cold food or cold cool food, what can go against gas blood is contented.

2, tooth of cold drink injury hurts a stomach again, postpartum female no good: Wait like beautiful jade of ice cream, ice fine jade, icy beverage, go against the refreshment of digestion, the tooth that still meets a lying-in woman brings bad influence.

3, acrimony stimulation affects lactation: Edible is acrimony food, be like chili, hurt blood of gas of ferry, bad news, caustic easily, aggravating gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is weak, bring about constipation easily, enter galactic hind adverse also to the baby. Excitant food, be like alcohol of strong tea, coffee, can affect Morpheus and function of intestines and stomach, adverse also to the baby.

4, influence of too full meeting digests a function: Function of puerpera stomach bowel is weaker, too full meeting hampers its digest a function. Postpartum should accomplish eat much food less, can eat 5~6 everyday second.

5, acerb and convergent food goes against lochia eduction: Pregnant woman is postpartum, gore internal resistance, unfavorable eat acerb astringent kind food, wait like Wu Mei, lotus seed, persimmon, pumpkin, lest block sluggish blood goes, go against lochia eduction.

6, too salty food can impose heavy oedema condition: Cross salty food, if souse is tasted, its contain salinity much, the natrium in salt can cause water retention, serious when can cause oedema.

7, excellent food goes against digest: Function of bowel of puerpera itself stomach is weaker, add carry momentum small, hard, deepfry, panbroil and the food of fleshy flavour, go against a puerpera to digest, absorb, past contact can bring about indigestion.