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How to contain film of yoghurt beautiful flour? What does the practice of film of yoghurt beautiful flour have?

A lot of people contain a few film in the home now, preparative material is a few common fruit vegetable more, yoghurt also is common Facial mask stuff, the nutrition of yoghurt is rich, the effect that protects skin also is very pretty good, can make the United States' white Facial mask, so how to contain film of yoghurt beautiful flour? What does the practice of film of yoghurt beautiful flour have? Everybody introduction is below.

How to contain film of yoghurt beautiful flour? What does the practice of film of yoghurt beautiful flour have? (1)

1, contain film of yoghurt beautiful flour

1, film of strawberry yoghurt face prepares data:

Strawberry 4, honey is flour, yoghurt, right amount

Method: strawberry abluent, put juicer to extract juice, join right amount flour, yoghurt and honey next, mix is even, daub is on the face, 15 minutes abluent can.

Effect: Film of face of this strawberry yoghurt is OK beautiful white skin, restrain the generation of blain blain, the action that desalt blain imprints.

2, film of honey yoghurt face prepares data:

Yoghurt, right amount honey

Method: One spoon honey and one spoon yoghurt mix, clean and clean skin, even daub is on the face, 15 minutes of bath that use Qing Dynasty are clean.

Effect: This Facial mask has fight very well knit effect, can complement the moisture that skin place requires.

3, film of cucumber yoghurt face prepares data:

Cucumber is yoghurt, condensed milk, right amount

Method: cucumber abluent cut piece, enter right amount yoghurt and condensed milk next, mix is even, again cucumber piece stick on the face, 20 minutes get off cucumber piece, wash with Wen Shui can.

Effect: This Facial mask can make your skin more water embellish, have chamfer qualitative beauty's white effect.

4, film of aloe yoghurt face prepares data:

Fresh aloe, right amount honey, yoghurt

Method: Lu Hui abluent flay, its dolly, join right amount yoghurt and honey agitate, even daub is on the face, 15 minutes can.

Effect: This Facial mask has efficient beautiful white effect, the skin that can let you is sent more closely.

2, the error that drinks yoghurt

Error one: Beverage of easy and promiscuous yoghurt and yoghurt

Each are selling various yoghurt and yoghurt drink in big supermarket, make consumer dazzling. Want to buy yoghurt originally, can not take care yoghurt beverage redemptive. According to expert introduction, actually modern returns existence to the understanding of yoghurt a few errors. Be fermented through lactobacillus by high grade milk and yoghurt is become, belong to the category of milk substantially. And yoghurt beverage, a kind be beverage only, it is milk no longer, the difference of nutrient composition content of both is very big. According to the regulation of milkings industry, the 2.9 grams of content ≥ of the yoghurt requirement protein of 100 grams, and the protein content of yoghurt beverage has 1 to overcome the left and right sides only however. Yoghurt beverage can regard disappear as the drink of heat, satisfy one's thirst, it is in satisfy one's thirst while still have fair nutrient value, but cannot replace milk and yoghurt absolutely.

Error 2: Yoghurt can be become beverage is drunk at will

A lot of people regard yoghurt as snacks, drinking casually everyday play. Nutrient expert thinks, this also is an error. Drink yoghurt to want to notice stop where it should stop, bring about hydrochloric acid in gastric juice very easily otherwise overmuch, influence stomach mucous membrane and digest enzymatic exudation, reduce appetite. Pass with respect to hydrochloric acid in gastric juice at ordinary times especially much, the person that often feel taste empty is cold, abdominal distension, more unfavorable much drink. To healthy person, every are extremely big make an appointment with edible 250-500 gram to suit quite.

Error 3: Yoghurt comparing milk more nutrition

A lot of people think milk course ferments the meeting after becoming yoghurt has nutrition more, look in fact from nutrient value, both discrepancy is not very great. Nevertheless, yoghurt and milk photograph are compared, yoghurt more be digested easily and absorb, make its nutriment utilization rate rises somewhat. In addition, the candy component that contains in milk is lactose for the most part, lactose of the lack in the digestive juice that has partial adult is enzymatic, the assimilation that affected pair of milk sugar, absorb and use, ministry of the stomach after causing these people to drink milk is unwell even diarrhoea, call " lactose is not able to bear or endure get disease " , can replace milk right now with yoghurt. If suffer from lactose to not be able to bear or endure,get the person of disease, if drinking milk while, a few tie-inner amylaceous kind food, also can alleviate this kind of symptom.

Error 4: Yoghurt but match at will edible

Yoghurt and collocation of very much food rise very pretty good, especially breakfast is matching biscuit, mug-up, not only mouthfeel is good return nutrition to abound. Yoghurt shoulds not be and certain pharmaceuticals is taken together, wait like medicaments of amine of the antibiotic such as chloromycetin, erythromycin, sulphur, they can be killed or destroy the lactobacillus in yoghurt. But yoghurt suits very much with starch kind food collocation edible, for instance rice, noodle, steamed stuffed bun, steamed bread, biscuit.

Error 5: Drink more yoghurt can reduce weight

Yoghurt contains a large number of active lactobacillus because of it, can adjust effectively the bacterium inside body group evenly, stimulative stomach bowel wriggles, alleviate thereby constipation. And consider to make clear, long-term constipation and gain weight have particular concern. Yoghurt still has certain full abdomen feeling, one cup is drunk to be able to alleviate effectively when slight hunger pressing appetite, reduce those who issue feed to dine thereby quantity. But yoghurt itself also is to contain certain caloric, if be on original and prandial foundation additional eat more, same meeting has the risk of gain weight. Best method is to choose mark to have defatted the yoghurt with model of written characters of low quantity of heat, although their flavour is so not as full-bodied as complete fat yoghurt full-bodied, but quantity of heat will be a few lower, bring about body get fat not easily.

Error 6: Yoghurt cannot be added

A lot of people think yoghurt cannot heat drink, be afraid that the most valuable lactobacillus in the yoghurt after heating is killed, and taste and mouthfeel can be changed, its nutrition value and sanitarian function also can be reduced. Heat yoghurt only actually lukewarm, the lactobacillus in yoghurt won't be killed, what can increase lactobacillus instead is active, its peculiar health care effect will be bigger. The Wen Shuizhong that can put yoghurt into 45 ℃ to control even bag or cup is slow add lukewarm, as add lukewarm rock, feel its are gentle, OK and drinkable. In cold cool winter drinks a cup of lukewarm yoghurt, mouthfeel is sure the meeting is betterer.