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What is the most effective swift beautiful white method? How to have flesh of white fair-skinneding beauty easily?

The United States is the protects skin work that a lot of females are doing in vain, bai Xi's skin is the aesthetic standard of very much now person, the United States' white method has a lot of, master right kind, the United States' white effect just is met faster, the life is Sino-US white stuff also has a lot of, so what is the most effective swift beautiful white method? How to have flesh of white fair-skinneding beauty easily? Everybody introduction is below.

What is the most effective swift beautiful white method? How to have flesh of white fair-skinneding beauty easily? (1)

1, the most effective fast beautiful Bai Miaozhao

1, Lu Hui is beautiful white law

Prepare data: Qing Dynasty of aloe leaf, cucumber, egg, pearl powder, flour makes a method: Go to Lu Hui pricking abluent put juicer with cucumber, small bowl is entered after extracting juice, join right amount egg white, pearl powder, flour to be moved into next mushy. After clean face, the Facial mask mix up is even daub go up at the face, after working abluent can, can use every week 1, 2.

2, tomato honey is beautiful white law

Prepare data: Tomato half, honey is right amount. The method that make: Right amount honey agitate is joined to come after becoming tomato agitate tomato juice mushy. After clean face, besmear its equably at the face, wash with clear water after 15 minutes clean can. The proposal does 1-2 every weeks second.

3, the United States feeds therapeutics in vain

Law of A vegetable dietotherapy

The method that make: Qin of green pepper, will big cucumber, 1/4 balsam pear, West, green apple hit into hairdressing vegetable juice will drink, this vegetable juice contains enough vitaminic C, can have the beauty's white effect.

B Xian Guomei white law

The method that make: The Xian Guo such as the lemon flay, apple, banana, longan is put into juicer to extract juice, the egg white with right amount rejoin mixes agitate even, smash slimy record. After clean face its apply at facial ministry, wash with clear water after 20 minutes clean can.

2, how to contain beautiful flour film

1, Bai Zhi is white moss Facial mask

Material: Bai Zhi is 50 grams, white moss skin is 20 grams, sulfureous pink 10 grams

Practice: Skin of Bai Zhi, will white moss is abluent stoving, grind to join sulfureous pink to mix into extremely fine pulverous; even, with cool boiled water tone is become mushy. Before sleeping, besmear equably at facial ministry affected part, next morning scour off.

Effect: This Facial mask has dispel the wind of invigorate the circulation of blood, detoxify kills insect, cleared grease, treat the effect of whelk or a nose to light candles at and acne.

2, dandelion Facial mask

Material: Dandelion 100 grams, gram 50 grams, honey 10 overcome

Practice: The dandelion that will collect is completely careless 100 grams (dry taste 30 grams) decoct water takes clean juice 500 milliliter; adds mung bean in dandelion juice 50 grams, boil blossom to gram, transfer into 10 grams become honey namely. Eat gram to drink boiling water, one endowment eats for many times. Besmear Yu Shang at the same time face, the scour off after 30 minutes. Successive inside have external use 1 week of above.

Effect: Dandelion renown chrysanthemum ground is fourth, heat having Qing Dynasty is alexipharmic, ; of action of wide chart antibacterial matchs gram to enhance the curative effect; of clear hot detoxify to match honey to flavor, enhance the action of the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium of dandelion namely, besmear outside facial and direct rise clear to the skin corrupt antiseptic action, again nutrition caresses effect.

3, Facial mask of Zhi of the root of red-rooted salvia

Material: The root of red-rooted salvia 10 grams, Huang Qin 15 grams, silver spends 15 grams, gardenia 15 grams, honey is right amount make: The drugstore in going buys the root of red-rooted salvia, Huang Qin, gardenia, silver-colored beautiful; to immerse with clear water after 2 hours, the water that along with immerses puts small fire of reoccupy of; of earthenware pot boil to boil half hour together, lv castration broken bits, take out Lv fluid; to undertake filtrate heating concentrated again, transfer into honey is become rare mushy.

Apply uses: Use face of warm water clean first, eliminate is facial grease, dirt, again film of face of Tu Danqin Zhi, with Qing Dynasty bath goes after 30 minutes. Everyday morning and evening each 1.

4. weighs Lou Dan Facial mask

Material: Weigh a building 15 grams the root of red-rooted salvia 30 grams honey 10 grams

Practice: Will heavy building, the root of red-rooted salvia is abluent, section

Enter section, honey earthenware pot together, add water 500 milliliter, small fire is boiling 20 minutes after conflagration boil, filter gives medical fluid.

Will odd dregs of a decoction adds water boiling, take medical fluid, amalgamative twice Lv fluid makes an appointment with 300 milliliter, transfer into honey becomes daily branch namely second drink is over, use face of this fluid besmear at the same time, with Qing Dynasty bath goes after 15 minutes. Successive and drinkable besmear face half month.

Effect: Just be opposite originally acne of pustular sex, cyst sex has very good curative effect.

Weigh a building, 7 night spend the name, have effect of very powerful the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium.

Cut skin, affect fester, with affected part of daub of bright root tangent plane, divide with respect to antiphlogistic pus the following day.

Fang Zhongdan joins invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu, disappear spot converts spot mark. Cooperate with heavy building consequently, cure is long treat the acne that does not heal, curative effect very beautiful.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is right long treat the stubborn disease that do not heal or breaks out repeatedly, the medicine that should change Yu with invigorate the circulation of blood guides advocate medicine arrives directly at pathological changes depth, can pull out the root cause of illness or trouble. Just heat up detoxify with Qing Dynasty originally so, the heavy building of the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium is given priority to,

The ketone of the root of red-rooted salvia that somebody uses the extraction in heavy the root of red-rooted salvia makes ketone of the root of red-rooted salvia piece, remedial lees sex and cyst sex acne are 43 mostly inside each months 3 heal, only a recrudesce. Think the root of red-rooted salvia has invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu consequently, combat the double effect of bacterium diminish inflammation.

5. violet Facial mask

Material: The violet spends 30 grams clear water 1000 milliliter

Make a way: Leaf of will little common stock is put into 1000 milliliter clear water, boil gives about 800 milliliter 10 minutes to control a liquid into filter namely, when tea drinkable remain control into 80 milliliter in great fry, refrigeration cancels poisonous tampon to dip in this condenses fluid to besmear the whelk on the face is in gently, 1 day 4 this, before sleeping, need put on the skin one.

Effect: The method is narrated before be opposite incurable stubborn sex whelk is the most effective.

Inside the besmear outside drink, work along both lines, curative effect needs beautiful.

6. cordate houttuynia Facial mask

Material: Cordate houttuynia 30 grams clear water 600 milliliter

Make a way: Earthenware pot is put after will bright cordate houttuynia is abluent, add 600 milliliter clear water, after boil, small fire boils 20 minutes, fluid extraction Lv is drunk when tea.

Use bright cordate houttuynia at the same time cauline leaf 200 grams, face of extort juice besmear, with Qing Dynasty bath goes after 30 minutes. Everyday 1-2 second.

Effect: Cordate houttuynia has the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, treat the effect of whelk.

The cordate houttuynia that remove water outside tea, still but extort cordate houttuynia juice, with juice besmear whelk, also but a few after bright Xie Zheng is soft, hot compress is taken the advantage of to be in before sleeping in the evening have a department.

7, blain of briny toothpaste dispel contains Facial mask: Method of blain of this kind of dispel is very simple, need to prepare a clean towel first only, it is its dip in weak brine, apply can be taken out to there is the place of blain blain on the face after be being soaked completely, the toothpaste that squeezes composition of on a few Chinese herbal medicine handles in blain blain again after apply is over, this kind of method can have antiphlogistic effect, dispel blain abstains carrot of blain of help purify blain Facial mask puts fresh carrot into juicer, take its juice to join flour to undertake even ground mediates only, wait for it to become mushy later can use apply to be on the face, this abstains Facial mask to have the effect that dispel spot and desalt blain imprint, antagonism is facial furrow is very effective also.

8, blain of Chinese cabbage dispel contains Facial mask: After fresh Chinese cabbage is abluent, get off to rectify a dish leaf to be put on clean chopping board, level and grind it with clean bottle press to the net mushy, next OK it direct apply is on the face, roughly 10 minutes or so change a piece, this kind of method can help skin cleanness, eliminate blain, still can moist filling water.