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The skin accuses oily bad habit to let your furrow spread all over, way accusing oil is wrong the face will be very bad

The detail that the skin nurses is to cannot make a mistake of any, can affect our skin health otherwise. Without smooth and exquisite skin, so Yan Zhi also can be affected, the skin affected others of the judge to you, our skin surface should be level off, of Bai Xi, do not have too much grease, always look at glossy to be full of you accuse oil not to have these bad habit.

The skin accuses oily bad habit to let your furrow spread all over, way accusing oil is wrong the face will be very bad (1)

1, 9 old bad habit accusing oil

Abuse one: Hot water washs a face

A lot of people feel hot bath face is special go oily. But, wash a face with hot water, facial cuticular meeting has the scald of different level, the likelihood feels this kind of scald not to come out at that time. But if use the bath face of overheat for a long time, the skin will be very fast anile. Because the skin suffers hot water to stimulate, cuticular blood capillary will be rapid outspread, cause the skin flabby, produce furrow easily. Wash a face to should be used receive the water that is bordering on skin temperature, temperature is controlled in 37 ℃ appropriate.

Abuse 2: Alkalescent wash grandma

The alkalescent grandma that wash a face is OK decompose a face to go up temporarily excessive excretive leather fat, but meeting hair does the skin after washing grease, such exciting instead sebaceous glands again many exudation leather fat. Such going down, skin can be immersed in " accuse to jump over oil more " vicious circle. Cellular environment itself is weak acidity, if use the alkalescent grandma that wash a face for a long time, cause skin cell shrivelled, produce furrow thereby. The grandma washing a face that uses weak acid so just can be helpful for skin health.

Abuse 3: Wash often the face goes glossy

The cosmetologist points out the frequency that washs a face everyday is unfavorable more than 3 times, wash facial frequency otherwise exorbitant and when causing skin oil to divide inadequacy, not only can cause skin dry desquamate, sebaceous glands can secrete more oil instead to protect moisture content. However, skin is not oil pump, long-term exciting skin transfers secrete grease, can bring about skin to shift to an earlier date only anile.

Abuse 4: Alcohol composition bright skin water

Alcohol has two the heel of Achilles, let us cannot long-term large area is used. One of, alcohol volatilizes extremely easily, and in volatilize when the moisture that still can take away the skin to go up, make the skin dry. Secondly, the alcohol with higher concentration decomposes ability very strong, in decompose facial grease while, also can destroy the skin from some water quality film, make the skin becomes flimsy and sensitive, make corneous albumen metamorphic even. So, the makeup of use spirituosity water must special attention.

Abuse 5: Oil absorption paper can be effective go glossy

As similar as the result that washs a face often, use often of paper of oil absorption face, same meeting causes the water oily unbalance of skin, bring about an oil to send severe case more thereby. Accordingly, oil absorption paper can serve as lash-up to use only, and cannot become convention to protect skin. Usually one day had better not use more than 2 pieces oil absorption paper.

Abuse 6: The product that protect skin wants to be wiped less

A lot of people are after clean face, because fear to oil is contained in protecting skin to taste and abandon daub, it is profitless that this has disadvantage to accusing oil actually. In fact, cooperate professional product accusing oil again on the foundation of thoroughly clean pore, ability lets skin water oil is balanced, let grease secrete it is normal to tend.

Abuse 7: T word area is lacked nurse

Forehead and the T word division that nose forms float easily oily, and often be secreted because of grease and produce pore bulky, red wait for a problem. Choose T word area correctly to have special nurse article, contain more curb oil to reach part accusing oil, can prevent makeup.

Abuse 8: Nightly accuse oil can lazy

The cosmetologist points out, nightly 11 when to before dawn 3 when it is grease is secreted the most exuberant when. So nightly nurse must pull the alarm bell that accuses oil noisy, restrain sebaceous glands effectively to secrete a height, undertake certain recuperation to the exudation of grease.

Abuse 9: Keep using spray

Trace is contained in mineral spring sparge mineral ion, OK and composed sensitive skin is qualitative, moisture complements in the meantime, but do not contain lock water to keep wet part among them, can take away skin appearance moisture content instead when moisture evaporates, and make skin more dry.

2, careful with beautiful white product

Remind: Spot of chemical product dispel is " of " cloud drift

As we have learned, in front in example plum aunt place uses collect white suit of beauty aing jade-like stone to include one Zhi Meibai dispel spot clean face breeds and a spot of 15 Tian Meibai disappear suit. Among them, it mentioning expressly on breast of face of clean of spot of beautiful white dispel is elite of pure plant extraction; And make clear on the outer packing of suit of spot of 15 days of beautiful white disappear: 7 day general the deep-seated melanin of 70% is reductive into colorless, 10 days eliminate spot of Chloasma, butterfly, fleck, shading to wait, 15 days whitened. And in recent years, buy the life that walks into broad consumer increasingly as the net, a lot of females are used to a few more naughty on the network protect skin cheap and finely to taste. The expert reminds, must notice when choosing cosmetic, choose the cosmetic with a few old brands, good credit as far as possible, want advertent product to have lawful manufacturing lot number especially, make clear the information such as manufacturer and the site of factory, and in using a process, once discover side-effect, should the disuse on the horse and go to normal hospital checking.

The stain that a lot of females get on for the face is elaborative, the pigment that if be,stays after inflammation actually is ad cool-headed, for example dark sore imprints, this kind of splash although need not any protecting skin is tasted, the holiday is met with time natural subsidise. Compare stubborn stain as to those, for example mole of cyan of fleck, genetic spot, brown, too cropland mole, unless be the poisonous cosmetic that contains mercury to exceed bid, otherwise the chemical article of any natural ingredient eliminates them hard, what can cope with these stain exclusively is the physical method such as laser. Accordingly, consumer must not believe those boasting to besmear can the beautiful white product of dispel spot.

The expert reminds:

The heavy metal such as ● mercury and lead can permeate blood through the skin, damage the body such as the kidney organ

● individual nephrosis is asked for integratedly or the patient of acute nephritis treats the effect by convention bad, should consider toxic factor

Any chemical products cannot eliminate ● the stubborn stain on the face, do not believe abuse by accident the harm is healthy