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How to cast off silk of facial ministry red blood? Is red blood silk serious on the face how to do?

One of expression with sensitive skin are the skin on the face can appear red blood silk, there is red blood silk to explain protective screen of cutaneous cutin layer is damaged namely on the face, for the younger sister paper that skins to this kind so, when nursing, want more some more complex, so, how to cast off silk of facial ministry red blood? Is red blood silk serious on the face how to do? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up how do will read an article say.

How to cast off silk of facial ministry red blood? Is red blood silk serious on the face how to do? (1)

1, skin of red blood silk nurses

Skin of red blood silk nurses regulations one: Cannot use alkalescent strong clean face breast

MM cannot use cutaneous of red blood silk alkalescent too strong clean face breast, had better use milk-like liquid of transparent face of natural without the vegetal of too much and chemical component clean, suggest face of use vegetal clean breeds, everyday clean scale number is unfavorable and overmuch, best 1-2 second.

Skin of red blood silk nurses regulations 2: Should not be the bright skin water with use beauty white stronger sex

Because this kind of product is while the beauty is white, can make the skin thinner more sensitive, the proposal is used gentler, the bright skin water that contains component of Roman foreign Ganju, this kind of product, apply to sensitive skin, make the skin produces a kind of covering layer, counteractive outside ambient is right cutaneous enroach on.

Skin of red blood silk nurses regulations 3: Protect adequately wet

Skin of red blood silk is in autumn, should accomplish protect adequately wet, attention heat preservation, avoid the insolation, sentiment that dominates oneself as far as possible, these can avoid blood capillary dilate effectively. Want to had treated red blood silk in time, be about to use special cosmetic of red blood silk. Use as far as possible without alcohol, without flavor, those who do not have antiseptic 3 without protect wet article, can solve the problem with dry skin not only, can avoid skin to be stimulated more.

Skin of red blood silk nurses regulations 4: Attention food

The person should notice cutaneous of red blood silk diet is balanced. Drink boiled water and fruit juice more, eat less to wait for sensitive excitant food tartly. The habit that smoking drinks must Buddhist monastic discipline! Alcohol and nicotine are not only kill health, and it is to be made up for hard more to the injury of skin.

Skin of red blood silk nurses regulations 5: Do not make up thick

Yi Min of autumn of skin of red blood silk feels, be in so the autumn must careful with cosmetic, reduce the stimulation to skin, if must use cosmetic, before use, should foretaste is used, not allergic reuse. Cannot use the cosmetic that contains heavy metal absolutely, avoid pigment deposit, toxin remain is cuticular.

Skin of red blood silk nurses regulations 6: Do not go cutin

Originally corneous layer compares skin of red blood silk thin, not was necessary to go again corneous, the product of special purify cutin careful use or do not use, originally very thin skin goes again cutin is a kind of harm, clean blandly with the grandma that wash a face everyday can replace chamfer to pledge.

Skin of red blood silk nurses regulations 7: Notice an environment change

Cutaneous of red blood silk the person is very sensitive also to temperature change, should avoid to reach hot place suddenly from cold place, perhaps reach cold place suddenly from hot place, cause accentuation of red blood silk.

Skin of red blood silk nurses regulations 8: Massage gently

The person often can massage cutaneous of red blood silk gently place of red blood silk, stimulative blood flows, conduce to enhance blood capillary flexibility. When massaging, can be united in wedlock a few go technically of red blood silk protect skin to taste use, remember massaging strength nevertheless must light, lest pull,pull the skin.

2, the method that repair blain imprints

When blain of skin occurrence blain, a large number of malign fatty acid and bacterium can pile up inside wool bursa, these rubbish make skin below the circumstance that work in collusion inflammation, leather fat cannot eliminate smoothly, then blood capillary is stimulated in the bacterium and of leather fat next oppressive happening outspread, make skin the exterior looks unusually red.

After blain blain cicatrizations, the skin place of damage should begin new and integrated rehabilitate, and " break recall " the cell cannot skin according to former some configuration sort, the skin that is stimulated by inflammation also can produce pigment to precipitate, generation black, dark red or it is protuberant blain imprints. Accordingly, the sort that blain imprints is refined to be pigment commonly model, blood with scar model.

The main effect composition in beautiful Bai Jinghua is a few acid kind fight oxidation material and its ramification, assist acid of annulus of a few armour that be like ammonia at the same time kind the cell fights phlogistic composition and cutin to come off composition, before no matter be action,be being formed at melanin, reductive melanin or restrain melanin cell hyperplasia, the fundamental way that they produce effect is melanin. Accordingly, general beautiful Bai Jinghua kind the pigment that the product can improve inflammation to stay only precipitates, be pacified pigment blain imprints, imprint to the blain of other type do not have the effect basically.

Since blood blain imprints,cause, the key that nurses then is about from restore hemal configuration to begin, can use a few be similar to the class status that refuses red blood silk, help aggrandizement skin protective screen, the corneous layer of perfect damage, change blood-vessel at the same time " deformation " condition, stimulative blood-vessel is answered shrink, quicken local blood circulation.