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It how Facial mask uses the effect is good how Facial mask uses the effect? How to use Facial mask to maintain the skin?

Paper of a lot of younger sister in daily life likes apply Facial mask to protect wet skin, Facial mask is one kind can fill the good product of water, the breed type of Facial mask also is rife, apply Facial mask also should stress skill, the Facial mask product of different type uses a method also is a little different, so, it how Facial mask uses the effect is good how Facial mask uses the effect? How to use Facial mask to maintain the skin? Will look.

It how Facial mask uses the effect is good how Facial mask uses the effect? How to use Facial mask to maintain the skin? (1)

1, Facial mask uses a method

Part1: Cream shape Facial mask accuses what look surely to maintain " film " law

Cream cent of shape Facial mask is bath Facial mask and Morpheus Facial mask, their distinction is: Morpheus Facial mask can be used when late frost directly, need not clean, daub ply need not too thick. And after bath creams apply of shape Facial mask is over, should undertake cleaning, and general bath creams shape Facial mask was added deep-sea mud, mineral more skin of benefit Yu Qingjie, and the ply demand of its daub is sufficient thick. What the Facial mask that we say below points to is bath creams shape Facial mask.

Advantage: Without face limitation, freedom adjusts dosage, apply whole face or local control freely. Hundred docile skin, activity freelies, elite part can be distributed even, below half when need not fear elite droplet falls or the face arrives in complete works.

Defect: Need to be cleaned, and the addition when apply face temperature is spent compare a Facial mask slow, need lay out is longer, ability achieves similar result.

Cream shape Facial mask maintains membrane method

1. puts Facial mask in control warm-up first, promote absorb.

2. now two buccal go up apply, again apply chin, forehead, nose. Ply wants enough.

3. with dabbing overall pattern makes Facial mask faster eat into pore.

2, add cent to maintain membrane method

1. strokes grain. Above apply velar hind is massaged with showing the abdomen draws roundlet kind by next upgrade, loosen muscle, flowing microgroove.

2. is pulled carry. Apply encases with the palm after ten minutes occlusive flesh, pull gently 24 times toward temporal direction, can achieve the effect of thin face.

Part2: Piece shape Facial mask accuses to look surely maintain " film " law

Advantage: Apply is over to be ripped, need not once more cleanness is the advantage with a the biggest state. Piece shape Facial mask is clingy skin, can let skin and outside air segregation, make skin surface temperature elevatory, skin can absorb elite fluid quickly, it is OK that ability of special Facial mask is amounted to character the help is carried pull, the effect of close solid skin.

Defect: Elite fluid is easy drippy or refuse to obey post, cannot be skinned absorb equably, yi Youbao raises blind angle. One is used only, average expenditure is not small. Some film ability contains fluorescent agent to need to notice character safe.

Piece of shape Facial mask maintain membrane method:

Before 1. apply first daub elite fluid or make up water is strengthened absorb, frivolous can.

2. brushs eye frost first again apply, protect wet eye ministry to avoid Facial mask to stimulate eye week at the same time.

Above 3. apply film, with finger whole face presses extrusion to give bleb.

Use after 4. apply show the abdomen is massaged absorb in order to promote, again daub milk frostlike powder defends wet lock water.

Add cent to maintain membrane method:

With make up cotton absorbs the rest in bag apply of film of face of ministry of elite fluid authorities or lie between a day again apply.

Clew: Any Facial mask, need to observe the following norm.

1. bathes or efficiency of result of apply Facial mask is achieved after chamfer is qualitative the biggest change.

Also should assure to maintain ferially when film of 2. apply face program.

3. as far as possible film allowing a side more docile, piece shape Facial mask makes sure docile is spent, cream shape Facial mask assures ply.

Seasonable Tu Shangbao wants after film of 4. apply face wet milk frostlike powder undertakes locking up water to maintain.

3, contain filling surFacial mask

1, abstain Xue Li fills surFacial mask

Abstain film of snow pear filling surface to have very good filling water effect, and rich vitamin is contained in Xue Li, filling water while still can moist skin, suit drying skin to use.

Practice: a fresh Xue Li, the flay after be being cleaned clean, extract pulp achievement mud again, and amid adds right amount honey, flour and clean water to mediate, the apply after agitate divide evenly is in facial wash clean with Wen Shuiqing after about 15 minutes can.

2, contain film of cucumber filling surface

Abstain film of cucumber filling surface to have very good filling water to ensure wet result, content of the moisture in cucumber is as high as 95% , can be skin complemental moisture. It is good that after be being basked in especially, effect of skin of moisture rehabilitate damage complements for skin at high speed.

Practice: Take right amount cucumber to extract even leather belt meat juice together, in the cucumber juice that will extracted, join 5ml lemon juice to mix divide evenly, paper of the film that use a face immerses among them, the apply after be being soaked completely at facial, 15, 20 minutes or so with face of clear water general abluent can. If urgent rehabilitate skin can be done every day, fill commonly water maintains best a week 2.

3, contain film of citric filling surface

Film of self-restrained and citric filling surface has effect of layer of cutin of very good filling water, bate, but should notice lemon is photosensitive sex food, had better be evening uses this film.

Practice: The flay after will fresh lemon is abluent extracts juice, join right amount honey and agitate of an egg white next even, the daub after clean face makes an appointment with 10 minutes on the face abluent can.