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How to correct incorrect clean face method? Is the bubble grandma that wash a face good?

Washing a face is the business that we can do in daily life, washing a face also is thing of a special cultured, the clean face method of paper of some younger sister in daily life is not very correct, so that oneself wash a face when, skin always seems to was not washed clean, and bring about pore to jam, so, how to correct incorrect clean face method? Is the bubble grandma that wash a face good? Will look.

How to correct incorrect clean face method? Is the bubble grandma that wash a face good? (1)

1, correct clean face method

Error one: The skin after the bubble grandma that wash a face is washed stretchs tight closely, can bring about nutrition prediction of a person's luck in a given year

Error correction: A lot of people can think by accident after washing a face stretch tight closely feeling, because wash a face to suckle scour off,be what Pi Zhihe contains in cutin to retain moisture is natural keep wet agent and cause. Actually, every time washs a face is important maintain wet link, exquisite bubble can be thorough pore is abluent cutaneous besmirch. If be the bubble that contains rich and alimentary component grandma that wash a face, also can make alimentary composition enters pore smoothly. Wash grandma completely to should be mixed without foamy union of the bubble grandma that wash a face is used, otherwise cannot complete cleanness, cause grease accumulation, cause skin problem.

Error 2: Function of the grandma that wash a face is jumped over more more expensive, hairdressing effect has been jumped over

Error correction: Washing a face is for clean skin, what if cross much functional sex,cause skin cleanness into branch is not complete, pore is entered below the case that passes much functional sex class status to do not have any protection in the skin at the same time, can create a burden to the skin. Wash grandma to need to satisfy two postulate so can: Cleanness is mixed thoroughly moist skin.

Error 3: Wash a face with towel can cleaner

Error correction: Towel circle cloth with soft nap is bigger than pore number is decuple, very difficult development is cleared in bilge grease, long wet not dry towel still can cause all sorts of bacteria, with the skin attrition makes the skin allergic. Wash a face to had better use downy clean face foam rubber or plastic so, and often air basks in disinfection.

Error 4: Face of the bath that use heat can be faster clean skin

Error correction: The option with the warm water when washing a face is very important, the water of overheat can be thoroughly cleared cutaneous diaphragm, make the skin easily flabby, pore increases, cause the skin coarse, generation furrow; Additional, if oily cent is washed overmuch, also can quicken cutaneous ageing. And the bath face of commonly used and inferior temperature, can make again skin pore lock, cannot abluent accumulation reachs the bilge such as hangover at facial leather fat, dust, not only the result that cannot achieve hairdressing, cause the skin disease of acne and so on easily instead, influence hairdressing. Accurate method is the face of warm water clean that uses 35 ℃ , rinse with cold water next.

Error 5: The face of belt makeup uses clean face milk-like liquid only, can wash the face very completely

Error correction: To the female that often makes up, wash a face to must divide for two paces: Use fluid strip first makeup, breast of reoccupy clean face washs a face. Clean face breeds can the corneous layer cell of fat of scour off sweat, skin, ageing and the embellish skin that kiss water are tasted, and the composition inside discharge makeup fluid contains activator of emulsifying agent of vegetable oil, grease, surface, it can relatively clean colour makeup and Qing Dynasty to remove the dirt that drops remain to be in thoroughly.

Error 6: After washing a face natural airing, the action of filling water reachs since

Error correction: Because evaporate naturally,can make skin hair cool, vasomotor can cause the skin instead dry desquamate, appear very easily furrow. After washing a face so, should use bright skin water immediately, reuse has the cream that ensures wet result.

Error 7: Day heat perspires, wash a face a few times more everyday can cleaner

Error correction: Normal circumstance should be early late. If you ran one day outside, perspiration, dirt makes skin very uncomfortable, deep-seated clean range can be made below such circumstance. Below the circumstance with torrid weather, can increase everyday.

Error 8: After making up, wipe with paper towel first, OK easier cleanness makeup look

Error correction: The towel that use paper first the practice makeup look erase is most harm cutaneous, because paper towel is coarse, without oily cent, moisture, can knead the grain gruffly of cosmetic into skin pore, increase difficulty to the clean job from the back a little while, 2 meetings make the skin becomes coarse. The strip that should have used makeup article, discharge makeup gimmick must light.

Error 9: The clean face product that uses powerful effect just washs clean

Error correction: When choosing clean articles for use, should select the product of clean sex moderate, cause the skin like regular meeting of grease of excessive scour off dry and sensitive, when discovery facial ministry appears aglow, desquamate, taste to maintaining idiomatically usually also meet when allergy, be about him postmortem whether is the things that wash a face stimulated too too, clean force is too powerful, had better convert at this moment the relatively gentle product that wash a face, otherwise excessive cleanness not only profitless at skin health, too dry skin generates small microgroove easily still, can the loss outweights the gain then

Error 10: Every corner on the face is washed go

Error correction: T area is the place that hides bilge the most easily, best much rub a few. Cleaning a cheek should be knead gently by next upgrade wash, because the corneous layer cell of facial ministry is by go up to submit scale form downward layer upon layer those who distributing, if turn over cleanness of square all along, regular meeting is more clean. Bob and extremely temporal easy remain is acted the role of hair finalize the design agent, must notice to clean all the more so, the skin of the eye is particularly sensitive, should stay finally to come clean, in order to prevent the stimulation of clean face things.

2, skin doing is urticant nurse

Work itch do not catch fear bringing beehive sex the organization is phlogistic

Of 35 years old of above ripe age skin, slant if dry skin and chronic are diabetic the skin doing that cause is urticant, if not to be pooh-poohed is added,maintain, cure, very easy conference appears dry urticant symptom, right now a lot of patients can begin coquettish to catch, take off bits, cause bacterial infection even, the most serious likelihood brings about beehive sex the organization is phlogistic, so ferial want disclosure skin to become dry only be about to begin to protect wet, lest cause serious consequence.

Zhao Zhaoming's doctor explains further, belong to which kind of drying skin no matter, the mainest formation the reason is skin protect hydraulic, secrete oil capacity to drop, and if chronic patient is diabetic suffer from, because end blood circulates,be not beautiful, cause a god to break foreword, grease to secrete via conducting decrease, cause skin doing to itch then, blood sugar affects the circumstance of metabolization to fall, cutin is protected hydraulic also drop, need to protect not only right now wet, repair skin is very important also.

Protect wet taste component grease to balance + long

On market keep meet the eye on every side of Shi Pinlin , the most important when choosing is " grease is balanced " , zhao Zhaoming's doctor points out, although skin is dry degree is easy because of the person, but when the choice keeps wet product, should notice to lock up water and lock oily component only, for example make water of the collagen albumen of animal sex, Bo is acerbity, or it is vegetal seed oil the composition such as extractive, vitaminic E has pretty good effect.

Besides protect wet component, repair force also is important key, protect wet product best to want to be able to accomplish filling water, filling oil, more want repair skin surface layer, just be true lock water, no matter be to make up film of water, latex, face, want to abide by these a few kinds to pick an idea only, appear in the skin dry symptom initial stage is used, can achieve certain result, but if skin has begun bits, itching, want to consult doctor of professional dermatological department.

Maintain the skin to lose acerbity sexual distinction washs a face with soap

Zhao doctor expresses, because facial ministry skin is weak acidity, when using any products so, should notice to must not contain black alkaline land, also cannot use soap to wash a face, otherwise the face can wash drier more, can choose those who contain plant sterol to protect skin of Shi Pinzi embellish, and because facial ministry skin is more sensitive, commonly used at ordinary times at oil of vaseline of moist body cutaneous, baby, also suggest to be not used on the face, lest protect wet won't do, create pore block instead.

Have the person that drying skin puzzles, want much more compensatory moisture content at ordinary times, eat the food of acrimony stimulation less, use the about 35 water that approach temperature to 36 degrees to clean the skin, too too cold, hot water can bring skin stimulation, make moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year faster, additional, because of Qiu Dong season will come, proposal clothing and other articles of daily use is ample heat preservation can, do not cross at massiness or too tight dress, the skin is met cannot breathe, in addition, use report is warm implement when, also want to notice temperature and distance.