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Can gallinaceous yoke make Facial mask? How does gallinaceous yoke make Facial mask?

The thing that regular meeting of classics of a lot of people does a few DIY will protect skin, e.g. us a lot of food in diet have the effect that protect skin, e.g. the egg, some people may make Facial mask with egg white, some people are to use yoke to make Facial mask, the egg has the very good effect that protect skin really, can that chicken yoke make Facial mask? How does gallinaceous yoke make Facial mask?

Can gallinaceous yoke make Facial mask? How does gallinaceous yoke make Facial mask? (1)

1, can yoke make Facial mask

Yoke can make Facial mask, if be drying skin, can make Facial mask with yoke only; If be oily skin, can use egg white only, because of yoke inside oiliness. If be neuter skin, can make Facial mask with entire egg. Should follow along with tone with film of egg modulation face with, advantage is fresh and nutrition is sufficient, if the Facial mask of first time modulation is exhaustless,wait for next time reoccupy, in needing bottle sealed place freezer to last, when using, take out put half hours of or so daub.

2, how is yoke done

Coffee of Facial mask yoke: Except the film that crease a face

Material: Coffee pink 10 grams, egg 1, honey 1 teaspoon, flour 2 teaspoon.

Practice: The egg takes yoke, yoke and the others all material mix is even can.

Facial mask equably besmear is on the face, escape eye, lip all around, wash with Wen Shui after 15 minutes clean.

Effect: This Facial mask effectively moist skin, stroke smooth furrow, precaution to skin flabby, enhance skin flexibility, make skin smooth bouncy, suit drying skin or ageing skin to use. The caffein that contains in coffee can make coarse skin restores tender, promotional skin is stretch, and have alleviate composed and fatigue, acetanilide action; The vitamin E that yoke place contains has the effect that restrains skin cell ageing, can defy freedom radical, can effective ground is extremely moist rich, stroke smooth furrow, precaution skin is flabby, be one kind cheap and outstanding natural prevent ageing to taste, cooperate moist degree of top-ranking honey, combat furrow effect admirable.

Yoke Facial mask: Chamfer pledges

Material: Yoke, whole milk powder, oatmeal is 2 teaspoon, citric essence of life is oily 1.

Practice: Become above material agitate mushy, apply is in 15 minutes on the face, after the film that treat a range works, wash a face in order to rinse.

Effect: Yoke has moist effect, lemon is a kind of fruit acid, can go dying skin and make the skin smooth.

Proposal usage: Every weeks 1. After facial ministry cleanness is abluent, take film of right amount face even apply is in facial ministry, quiet rest 15-20 minute, reoccupy finger will be small dry Facial mask rub is dropped, with face of clear water general abluent.

Yoke Facial mask: Olive oil

Material: Yoke 1, olive oil of energy pure level 1 teaspoon, flour 3 teaspoon.


1, after of yoke break up joins olive oil and flour smooth, the deal that flour uses here is not much, Facial mask is thin sparsely apply is OK on the face.

2, about 20 arrive 25 minutes after is abluent, the makeup that also can pat some of convergent pore again water.

Effect: Olive oil criterion but moist skin, reduce skin microgroove, flour is on one hand to adjust thick consistency, additionally flour is borrowing a bit zymosis since temperature, also the metabolism that conduce skins!

3, yoke is right cutaneous advantage

A variety of nurture that skin place contains to need in yoke are qualitative, be like cholesterol, lecithin, vitamin A, B, D; There also are more mineral salt and vitamin B2 in albumen. With the egg kind the film that make a range can make the skin becomes Rou Runhe is rich and stretch, and have except knitted effect.

Yoke can be very strong to the skin defend wet action, drying skin had better use yoke, oily, mixture skin criterion appropriate uses egg white, sensitivity skin should make Facial mask more with egg white, because of composition stimulating Facial mask is opposite sensitivity skin is very adverse.

Yoke contains antioxidant, make the skin gets moist, avoid the skin dry and desquamate.

4, vitelline nutrition value

The protein of ▲ yoke and albumen is high grade albumen, digestive rate is very high. But, albumen is given priority to with egg clear protein; Yoke besides containing rich yolk phosphor protein, still contain those who abound is adipose with small nutriment.

▲ yoke is the complete nutrition food of life of be pregnant with, all vitamins that include human need and mineral, include vitamin C even.

Rich lecithin, sterol is contained in ▲ yoke kind and D of A of calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamin, vitamin and B a group of things with common features vitamin, can provide cerebrum development and the material that normal movement wants.

More cholesterol is contained in ▲ yoke (average every yoke is contained 250, 300 milligram) , albumen does not have cholesterol. The gallinaceous vitelline cholesterol of a 17 grams has 256.7 milligram only, the cholesterol content that Chinese nutrition learns to suggest to be fed everyday each is in 300 milligram, do not have necessary concern to eat a yoke so elevatory cholesterol.

▲ yoke can be offerred a few iron, to egg grandma vegetarian, yoke also is one of main source of iron.

▲ yoke is contained a few Ou Miga - 3 fatty acid, the nutrition that this is everybody almost is short board (Eskimo exception) , it is having important sense to maintaining system of human body skin, neurological, immunity, hormone system.

▲ yoke offers an egg to suckle D of A of the vitamin B12 that vegetarian lacks easily, vitamin, vitamin.

▲ yoke contains jade cream-colored element and lutein to wait for sanitarian composition, may effective precaution and retina of auxiliary cure human body pathological change of yellow spot sex, improve eyesight.

▲ yoke is contained reduce with model all nutriment of acid of half Guang ammonia, include B12 of vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin, folic acid, zinc and dessert alkaline. Human body is the same as model acid content of half Guang ammonia is higher, suffer from cancer, heart disease, diabetic the risk that waits for major disease is bigger.

▲ yoke can promote thin element to secrete. Eat a yoke in the morning, can raise the level of thin element inside body significantly, thin element is one kind restrains adipose synthesis, promote adipose the hormone that decompose, still can help control appetite.