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Is cream gone should wash a face? Was cream used want to wash?

A lot of people can wash gone Facial mask face, the elite that feels Facial mask will be uncomfortable on the face, major of course area should wash a face after film is gone, but also having a few film is to avoid wash, some people may be useful in the evening the habit of cream, when wanting to use cream by day can wash a face in the evening, used on that evening want to wash? Is cream gone should wash a face? Was cream used want to wash?

Is cream gone should wash a face? Was cream used want to wash? (1)

1, cream is gone should wash a face

Morning and evening takes water after clean face, reoccupy cream, nurse thick and fast can increase elite fluid and so on appropriately. Cream basically is to protect skin last pace, can sleep after gone in the evening cream, rise in the morning wash a face.

2, the use method of cream

1, must give out cream of the reoccupy after frost of water of skin of the grandma that wash a face, bright, eye, ability attains best result. The eye ministry that cannot let cream contact us directly skins, the burden that otherwise ministry of can aggravating eye skins.

2, take right amount cream. The latex falls in hand nest directly, frost can be taken with finger directly with.

3, part to be in latex or frost dot with finger forehead, nose needle, chin, two buccal. Reoccupy ring finger and middle finger according to from next upgrade, the directional daub from the past both sides intermediate is even.

4, wait for after daub is even, reoccupy finger is patted gently, pat nutrition again completely, do to the skin incidentally massage.

3, when has been cream used

1, from the quarter for: ? Is Lang  disconcerted does flatter  busy stop Yu of feng4huang2 of  of  Lu Lu to light all of  of ぶ of Jian   to pick up wooden tablets or slips for writing to cover  of to shirk of husky native Lin to peck fact of  of grave  Li excrement of J of ǔ of  of  of calamity of  of Ч of Ze of if of  of scar of Min of play of Ran of plaque word huang3hu1?

2, use time from every angel for: ?

3, from the measure that protect skin for: ? Does pen of Meng of A Chinese-style unlined garment of neon of  of Li of  of approach of You of 5 that a pavilion or house on a terrace steal Su  does Lu of joke  clean し mire  of  of Xi of  of  of ぁ of Wu of  of  of Xi of  of  of Jin of belch of boat of  of comb of street of Ban of clean し of  of  of sword of hesitating of Li large bamboo hat as kind of bag  of body  Li?

4, of eye ministry protect conserve to manage

Because eye ministry skin is too thin, daily air is dry, or the element such as motion of frequent eye ministry, insolation can cause the skin to lack water or be blood the loop is undesirable, form microgroove or black rim of the eye very easily. Besides using eye frostlike powder when cream, return what should notice cross-eye ministry to maintain with nurse.

Cleanness of 1. eye ministry also is to nurse eye ministry cutaneous is important one annulus. The female's makeup in measure, should count eye makeup most meticulous heavy and complicated. In the meantime, the skin harm of week of cross-eye of colour makeup product is very great, because of this discharge eye makeup must discharge is gotten clean, otherwise long cosmetic remain causes pigment deposit, form black rim of the eye very easily. Additional, had better choose downy without excitant discharge makeup water, avoid to stimulate the skin all round eye ministry.

2. hot compress can promote haemal circulation, make skin new restore moist, softness. The hot compress that eye ministry skins still can use tea to wrap easy besides the towel hot compress that uses a convention delay eye ministry, new-style vapour blind fold also is a very right choice.

Of 3. gentle gentle massage can promote the blood all round the eye to circulate, still can rise to alleviate the action of eyestrain. Through massaging improvement blood circulates, to constituent metabolization synthesis has profit.

4. eye ministry also should be prevented bask in. Sharp ultraviolet ray is the main reason that causes skin ageing, and because eye ministry skin is natural defend ability is weaker, appear flimsy consequently. Because this is,the skin has done a ministry to prevent basking in is the job that cannot fall all the year round. The choice keeps apart frost or prevent the HPF value that basks in frost not to need too tall, SPF value is controlled in 15-25 enough.

5. beauty pupil is worn not for a long time. Especially computer gens should not wear beautiful pupil at any time, because office environment is dry, add radiate of electrify head screen and the effect that work for long, beautiful pupil lens can bring a burden to the eye, still can bring about canthus prolapse, exhaustion of eye week skin is flabby, the eye has dry and unwell feeling very easily.