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With what Facial mask is drying skin good? Does drying skin suit what to Facial mask use?

The skin of everybody is different character, some people are drying skin, some people are oily skin, still having some of person is to mix model skin, what is then you think the Facial mask on the market has to suit what drying skin uses? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, introduce the Facial mask that drying skin uses to old furniture body, we look together.

With what Facial mask is drying skin good? Does drying skin suit what to Facial mask use? (1)

1, the Facial mask that drying skin uses

In dry season, drying cutaneous whether do you feel to be tightened on the face stretch tight a bit afflictively? Material is fed unusedly to contain Facial mask in letting us use the home then, give skin compensatory and enough moisture!

1, cucumber Facial mask

Cucumber water content is very high, be called " the hairdressing agent in the kitchen " .

Method: A few lemon juice are added after flay cucumber cuts sliver, put into flour again, blend to Li shape. Get on the Facial mask besmear with even mix in the face next.

2, carrot Facial mask

Carrot can make the skin restores vitality quickly.

Method: carrot molar, add water to won't become burnt, put into flour again. Can pledge according to different skin, add into egg, honey or yoghurt to wait again.

3, banana Facial mask

Banana contains a lot ofvitaminic A, can make the skin becomes more smooth.

Method: The one spoon toward dolly adds a yoke in banana, mix again right amount flour, blend to Li shape.

4, egg Facial mask

A lot of lecithin are contained in the egg, can let a pine break down, the cheek that does not have burnish becomes more smooth.

Method: A yoke, add honey and flour, blend to mushy. Rejoin a balm, in order to raise Facial mask ensure wet result.

2, the bright skin water that drying skin uses

The autumn arrived, does the drying skin that stretchs tight closely let you catch mad? That dispatchs filling water small fighter -- bright skin water! So, with water of what bright skin is drying skin good? Look together below!

One, flesh of honest of graceful show thunder grinds pole embellish is protected wet make up water

The flesh of honest of graceful show thunder grinds extremely embellish is protected wet make up water is contained times doubler transparent qualitative acid, can permeate depth deep layer of moist and dry cutin, achieve instantaneous deepness to guarantee wet end, your skin is qualitative finer tenderer slip. Additional, water of this bright skin shows weak acidity, excitant low, do not contain flavor and pigment, alcohol, easy and sensitive dry skin MM also can be used.

2, filling water of small shop rice protects phenanthrene poem wet fluid

Filling water series comes from the rice of phenanthrene poem small shop the recipe of traditional rice water that place of Korea palace woman uses, combine modern science and technology to await, added the part such as nerve acyl amine, can help skin complement moisture and nutrition, improve coarse flesh and dry flesh, make skin depth tall protect wet, nature to shine fully white.

3, water of skin of DreamtimesM2 dreamy bright

Afterwards handsome greens jade after 2 water, the it may be said of M2 dream water of Home D is accepted the most classical water water. Dreamy water has handsome to green jade not only of 2 water exceed relaxed wind model, in respect of tender skin of depth filling water, close skin, still surmount water of handsome green jade many. Many " immortal water " reach " slush " iron pink converts general of M2 dream water now, enough sees the magical magic power of M2 dream water.

4, clean nature of core of appropriate a book on Chinese medicine is clean skin defends wet water

Water of this bright skin contains part of natural lotus core, can permeate deep to the end of flesh, reduce immanent and hot and dry, slow the skin is nervous, achieve clean effect 2 times, let skin nature presents bright and fair and clear position.