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What does the effect protecting skin of algal Facial mask have? Algal protect skin what to effect there is?

Protecting skin is the business that every female friend is doing, believe everybody should have used Facial mask. The Facial mask sort on market has a lot of, different Facial mask has the distinct effect that protect skin, what does the effect that then you know to algal Facial mask protects skin have? Reckon a lot of people are exceedingly curious, below, to introduction of old furniture body film of face of alga of one go into business protects the effect of skin.

What does the effect protecting skin of algal Facial mask have? Algal protect skin what to effect there is? (1)

1, the effect protecting skin of algal Facial mask

1, the skin after repair is basked in is damaged. Slippery Hua Liang of algal Facial mask is cool, if your face ministry was basked in, can make algal Facial mask, protect the skin that bask in an injury to have very great help to repairing. Small make up after a friend face ministry is basked in, use algal Facial mask every day, the damage skin result after the fact proves rehabilitate of algal Facial mask is basked in is very right.

2, defend wet filling water for drying skin. Algal the biggest the biggest the biggest effect that protect skin is filling water, accordingly, the beautiful eyebrow with dry, coarse skin people often algal Facial mask comes to apply defend wet filling water, again appropriate did not pass.

3, oily skin accuses oil applicable also. After apply of algal Facial mask passes, it is some are stuck stick slippery slippery, can give those who suck very much dirty thing, this is filling water while, also achieved the result that dominates oil. So, the beautiful the top margin of a page that needs to accuse oil people OK also film of face of Chang Fuhai alga.

4, the skin is sensitive applicable also. The person with the sensitive skin of general flesh, beautician people can make algal Facial mask to her, algal Facial mask also suits the person that skin sensitivity skins to use very much, effect of in every case Facial mask, very fierce component is aimed at skin problem, and these component can stimulate skin almost, sensitive skin is thin, via having puissant turn from side to side, film of face of Dan Fuhai alga is just as well.

2, algal Facial mask uses a method correctly

1, the apply after discharge makeup algal Facial mask

Apply needs to do complete cleanness to the skin before algal Facial mask, should cream to eyelash first, eye shadow, lipstick the place that takes color has local strip makeup, with make up cotton discharge drops much makeup, undertake handling to detail with cotton autograph next. Clean the skin with the grandma that wash a face next, again apply is algal Facial mask 15~20 minute, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing subsequently.

2, apply face of the evaporate after algal Facial mask

Apply is algal after Facial mask, try to move facial ministry to contain the upper part of the washbasin of full hot water, because hot water also can have steam effect, can make closed pore is opened, make skin absorbs the nutrition in algal Facial mask more easily, come so, can heighten the effect protecting skin of algal Facial mask greatly, moist cutaneous effect is double.

3, algal film makes up water

Whack basically restores after algal Facial mask becomes cool, can do at this moment make up surFacial mask. Above all, will make up with water cotton is soaked, next, of size of the coin on drop algal make up water, finally, will make up cotton is ripped thin 34 thin, on the face apply is controlled 3 minutes can.

4, hot towel apply algal Facial mask

Immerse towel in hot water, next fish out, pigheaded work, bag Shanghai alga lasts film heats about 30 seconds in microwave oven. The place such as ear is reached to undertake hot compress to the face with it later, can make cosmetic is absorbed so, permeate weller. Coil hot towel roll into, fill up at the back of the neck, can make the body gets relaxation.

What a variety of usage of algal Facial mask all can make skin results good is alimentary with protective action, even if is pure apply algal Facial mask, moist spending also is extremely tall, it is OK that any skins pledge film of face of Chang Fuhai alga, still do not use rapidly?