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How to wash a face can beautiful white? What does the United States wash facial method to have in vain?

Washing a face is the business that we can do everyday, the product of the face that protect skin can be used when we wash a face commonly, the product protecting skin on market has a lot of, the different product that protect skin has distinct effect, to female friend, the United States is principal in vain the business that do, what does the method that then you know to the United States washs a face in vain have? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, provide body introduction to everybody.

How to wash a face can beautiful white? What does the United States wash facial method to have in vain? (1)

1, the method of face of beautiful Bai Xi

, wash a face + white vinegar

Bit of white vinegar is added in water, this is can of bate hard water, possible the word increases the concern that dot salt also does not have in water, because salt can be disinfected, antiseptic. I meet some moment to add one spoon brown sugar to wash a face with one spoon honey, gently massage, till brown sugar grain does not have promising to stop, remember gently massage, can hurt cutaneous otherwise, this is had go dying skin, invigorate the circulation of blood, and clean action, my individual feels very pretty good.

2, wash a face + mineral water

If the condition allows,wash fine face, can the mineral water of a bit is in reoccupy again pass on the face, why should use mineral water, because be contained in this mineral water,slant siliceous, it is a kind of very good beautiful skin effect, the face that your meeting discovery has crossed with mineral water is super and exquisite slip tender, and I can be used one bottle 4 to 5 days, cost is not so expensive.

3, wash a face + Lu Hui juice

Wash fine face to know to want to wipe the face right incorrect, I am patted with respect to him hand commonly pat dry, because be mineral water, also be indifferent to so. The bright skin water that then I use is very cheap aloe juice, a very cheap bottle big, used one term.

4, contain film

I buy off-the-peg Facial mask rarely. Like him modulation, because do not have the processing that passes chemistry, and very cheap. I introduce a few DIY that I had used below:

1. cleanness: Gram pink + the egg is clear + I often grow salt blain, pore is thick, use this very pore of can clean hand.

2. beauty is white model: Pure milk is I must be recommended this of a good friend, the beauty that believes it please is white the effect

Too exceptionally. Everyday I wash fine face in the evening, meeting drink the pure milk that remain to pat go up in the face, want a month only---Especially of my skin cleanness very good, what so milk also absorbs is OK, remember to dab gently on the face, what such absorption is faster, when the feeling the milk on the face worked, take a place again, not be afraid that irritated word is patted a few times more, I can be patted commonly 3 arrive 4 times. Actually we can use bubble of Facial mask paper in the home, it is I prefer to flap only the effect that absorb.

3. is moist model: Honey + brown sugar + these effect need not say banana everybody is in, absolutely moist, use this like present weather very good.

5, olive oil

Make good side film, be about to brush next sweet sweet, but I already 23, the skin also wants nutrition, so I myself can fill. The meeting when I brush late frost adds an olive oil in control, because of olive oil fine skin, buy 3 fund dimension E is crowded defeat to come to oily teem, fight because of dimension E old, add the pearl powder of little again, because pearl powder is beautiful white.

6, vitamin E

I am met finally a moment ago squeezed broken dimension E oil to besmear go up in eyelash, grow closely what your ciliary meeting changes to shine again again again, such your eyes are very beautiful very beautiful, effect not likely rises fluid difference than what eyelash.

Of above these, the likelihood has some of person to had felt irritated, not be to want you to be done so everyday actually, alternative OK, Facial mask does not want too frequent, milk must be patted everyday.

Still the eye that becomes you is done not have very much when the expression is very dry, with pearl powder the E that add dimension makes eye film again, the result is right. I often am used when stay up late.

I do not buy very high sparge water, I spent 3 money to buy a small spray, inside the mineral water on coal tub adds two olive oil, the effect is absolutely Ok!

The skin 28 days a cycle, I had been met of course with milk white, and I wash a face with brown sugar, those hole hole wow skin is very smooth, especially I can use salt or white vinegar is put in water to wash a face, very of disinfection, also do not grow blain so. When the skin compares me 18 years old not bad!

2, the method that hairdressing protects skin

1, it is good to do prevent bask in measure

Want the United States white, want guarantee against to be suntanned above all. Major sensitivity skin is allergic to ultraviolet ray, and ultraviolet ray makes our skin suntans very easily, bask in, insolate to contract epithelial skin cancer likely still even severely, this shows defends the value that bask in. Sensitivity skin needs prevent basking in is all the year round, go out at ordinary times daub is prevented bask in frost, adorn prevent bask in article to prevent bask in an umbrella, prevent bask in a cap to wait, this is the basiccest and must.

2, to the skin filling water

Blindly in beauty of the daub on the skin white product is a mistake, wanting base of white fair-skinneding cutaneous is, give the skin compensatory moisture, have the skin only first water profit rose, just bleach likely, if the skin is dry,lack water, so color of skin can present dark Huang Moguang.

The way that gives skin filling water is much, but because sensitivity skin is more sensitive, also cannot use filling water to protect skin to taste at will, recommend here those who use is to protect wet sparge, protect wet sparge to be formed by natural mineral water or hot spring water more, can be skin filling water blandly, do not have stimulation and side-effect to the skin.

3, use beauty is protected in vain skin is tasted

Have beautiful white effect for the most part protect skin to taste, contain slight chamfer qualitative function, when accordingly sensitivity skin is choosing to buy, must see well composition, had better be to buy the sort of sensitivity skin appropriative the United States protects skin to taste in vain, bai Jinghua resembling the United States is very pretty good, composition of C of embedded not little vitamin and beautiful Bai Cheng are divided, can effective beauty is white, when sensitivity skin is using beautiful Bai Jinghua, can match Facial mask is used together, in the besmear before Facial mask, the effect of film of such elite knead dough can get promotion.

4, abstain beautiful flour film

On the market protect skin to taste, Facial mask added a few chemical part more, be like antiseptic, use time to assure its, this also is inevitable. But be aimed at sensitivity skin for, these composition make skin generation extremely likely allergic, because this proposal is him,beautiful flour film is contained in the home, self-restrained beautiful flour film is much with pure natural feed material to serve as raw material, do not add any chemical part, to cutaneous stimulation wants film of more average than other range many small.