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How does female period accuse oil? How does period protect skin to want to do?

Female period is a period that suits to protect skin exceedingly, the gold that people says to period is the woman protects skin period, so female friend must not miss the so good opportunity that protect skin. Actually friend of a lot of females is oily skin, the first condition that so oily skin wants to protect skin accuses oil namely, and period accuses oily inning namely. So how does female period accuse oil? How does period protect skin to want to do?

How does female period accuse oil? How does period protect skin to want to do? (1)

1, how does female period accuse oil

1, film of face of berry of swallow wheat straw

Material preparation: Strawberry 2-3, oatmeal 3 big spoon, Facial mask paper a piece.

Practice: 1, strawberry is cleaned clean, immerse a little with weak brine.

2, put oatmeal hit into powder inside mixer.

3, strawberry uses mixer batter down, in loading a bowl.

4, join bird's nest white, mix mushy.

Proper use: Besmear Facial mask on the face equably after clean face, bedew of Facial mask paper, apply is on the face, 12-15 after minute take out of Facial mask paper, ministry of clean face of the bath that use Qing Dynasty can.

Applicable skin is qualitative: Of all kinds skin is qualitative.

Effect: Strawberry is OK bate cutin, purify pore, tie-in and oaten, clean result is right, and strawberry still has the effect that accuses oil, ameliorable skin gives the case with severe oil, it is to restrain blain blain to grow, the good helper of inflammation.

2, malic mud Facial mask

Material: Apple 1, lemon juice is right amount.

Practice: 1, malic flay, go nucleus, stripping and slicing.

2, malic piece is put hit into slimy shape inside mixer.

3, lemon juice is added in malic mud, mix is even.

Proper use: Facial mask mud even daub is in facial ministry, after about 15 minutes abluent can.

Applicable skin is qualitative: Of all kinds skin is qualitative.

Effect: Lemon juice effectively clean and oily skin, have favorable clean effect, the apple has the favorable effect of convergent, moist to the skin.

3, pure and fresh orange peel Facial mask

Material: Orange 1, honey is right amount, Facial mask paper 1 piece.

Practice: 1, orange takes a skin, had cut, put Wen Shuizhong to immerse, dirty content abluent.

2, with brush a skin implement most outside an orange peel brushs broken dust.

3, in breaking orange peel end puts small bowl, add hot water, immerse about 10 minutes.

4, filter orange peel water, join honey smooth, put Facial mask paper, make its sufficient absorb juice.

Proper use: It is apply of Facial mask paper after clean face on the face, 10-15 paper of film of face of the take out after minute, wash clean face with clear water.

Applicable skin is qualitative: Of all kinds skin is qualitative.

Effect: The clean skin effect of orange peel is very good, suit each type skin to use.

4, film of frankincense yellow bean flour

Material: Soya bean is right amount, milk powder is right amount.

Practice: 1, hit soya bean into powder with mixer.

2, in pouring soya bean powder into small bowl.

3, powdered milk is added in small bowl, mix divide evenly.

4, add right amount water again, move the data inside the bowl into mushy.

Proper use: After clean face Facial mask even daub is on the face, 12-15 uses film of face of wet towel efface after minute, reoccupy clear water washs clean face can.

Applicable skin is qualitative: Of all kinds skin is qualitative.

Effect: Soya bean has clean effect, have accuse oil effectively, make skin holds the position that water oil balances, use film of soya bean face for a long time, can stroke the microgroove on smooth face, let skin keep stretch.

2, period protects skin to want how to be done

1, much eat vegetables and fruits

Vegetable and fruit are natural hairdressing is tasted, can take a bit more, need to choose to suit the vegetable that eats in period and fruit of course. Recommend a few kinds of hairdressing to raise below colour vegetables and fruits:

(1) spinach

Eat spinach to be able to complement effectively vitamin E, conduce to alleviate period is aching. And vitamin E can prevent skin ageing effectively, enhance cellular vigor, let skin maintain flexibility and burnish.

(2) litchi

Modern medicine thinks, litchi contains vitamin A, B1, C, still contain pectic, dissociate a variety of elements such as amino acid, protein and iron, phosphor, calcium. Modern medicine considers to prove, litchi has filling kidney, improvement liver function, quicken toxin to eliminate, stimulative cell is generated, make the skin delicate wait for action, it is to discharge poison to raise colour ideal fruit.

(3) red jujube

Red jujube is the commonly used medicaments in benefiting agent of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, have be good at the action that gas of lienal, beneficial, heart's-blood, alimentary viscera skins. Via determining content of the vitamin in red jujube is the coronal of 100 fruit, by the person praise for " vivid vitamin bolus " .

Medicine considers to prove: Vitamin C can restrain the skin in much cling to the oxidation of Kun, reduce the formation of melanin, precautionary pigment is ad cool-headed. One of main functions of vitamin A are activation and adjust the growth of cuticular cell, fight horn to change, so compensatory vitamin A conduces to improve character of cutaneous water protective screen, if cooperate vitamin E,use at the same time can delay consenescence of alleviation changeover cutaneous.

2, it is better to drink a cup of red wine color

Red wine has very good protection effect to the heart and vessels of human body, and can make estrogen level of the female picks up slowly, menstruation, face the red wine that left and right sides of on one cup of 50 milliliter drinks before sleeping every night, can make your color more ruddy.

3, eye Zhou Kang is knitted

To the black halo all round eye socket, can be after daub eye frost, delimit the circle massages eye ministry skin gently, reoccupy points to celiac button orbit, all round dot pressing orbit, especially the place with serious black halo. Will go knitting elite fluid, daub is in canthus microgroove place, massage repeatedly, promote absorb.

4, keep buoyant

Maintain stable mood, let skin be in relaxation condition. Period had better be those who maintain the state of mind is happy and enough Morpheus time, this is to maintain the method with effective skin, still can do at the same time a few have oxygen campaign, but do not want too ultra sacrificing oneself for a just cause, after perhaps choosing a meal, take a walk.