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It how be massaged is OK to how be massaged Where is thin face? How is facial ministry dropsy massaged?

It how be massaged is OK to how be massaged is the face oneself thin come down? Our facial ministry is fat and likely oedema is caused, massaging is to be able to help us of thin face, massage still can eliminate oedema, so, it how be massaged is OK to how be massaged Where is thin face? How is facial ministry dropsy massaged? Actor actors or actress below small make up teach everybody the method that a few action massage thin face, learn together.

It how be massaged is OK to how be massaged Where is thin face? How is facial ministry dropsy massaged? (1)

1, the massage gimmick of thin face

1, early, evening is done each

Do early, late each, can make measurable time with the hand only.

2, feel ache feels ability is effective

When skeleton is driven, feeling ache is normal! Inside sustainable limits, the force just has the effect a bit by force!

3, push skeleton and not drag skin

In skeleton " the brim " or " juncture is in " Shi Li, ability has the power that urge. In massage process, want the lacteal frostlike powder with the lubricant quality of a material on besmear, such ability pull a furrow not easily!

2, oedema face massages a method

Oedema face is to point to press the ministry that press a face with the hand, pressure after going down, the skin won't be played immediately come back and of eye or hubble-bubble. Massage bone of eyebrow bone endmost with bone of big toe finger tip.

Step1: The finger tip that uses big toe presses the eyebrow bone below brows firmly, hold state ground in the palm to press up pressure. Propping up weight with arm ancon, hold kind of ground in the palm to press up pressure.

Step2: Hold eyebrow bone in the palm up at the same time, arrive from brows at the same time tip of the brow is slow and mobile, by press bone of whole the top margin of a page. The trash flow that also can advance eye week so eliminates. Every time 5 seconds, do 3 times.

3, computer face massages a method

The laugh that exceeding pressure and radiate let us flesh is too bulgy, cheek red place caves, canthus and decretal grain give now to hang down outside. Massage unobstructed at any time and place lymphatic, can protect career of skin blood circulation, nutrient and trash are exchanged also unobstructed.

Step1: Big toe will be zygomatic go up pressure, extreme of use big toe is skeletal, by zygomatic lower part upgrade is pressed press 3 seconds, get on zygomatic position slightly move.

Step2: The elapse on zygomatic whole, thumb and forefinger are shown " < " form, elbow park desktop, will zygomatic push on two side, the movement lasts 3 seconds.

4, flat bread face massages a method

Look very thin, still have double chin however, looking still is a fatso, this makes you very vexed.

Step1: Hold in the palm with palmar root ministry whole and zygomatic, let zygomatic be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with the bone of the hand, loosen neck, the power that uses a hand holds whole face in the palm, hold a cheek in the palm with this force.

Step2: Big toe shows the root wants to mix chin is osculant. From above can see the palm, 4 finger beyond big toe go out to extension forward.

5, big cheek side massages a method

Along facial following predestined relationship, the bone to cheek ministry is slip, model the curve of chin.

Step1: Reach zygomatic point with palmar root ministry, at the same time the head touchs that side roll to the palm, form an antagonism force, unlock after 5~7 second continuously, have a break to repeat again, about 5.

Step2: Touch chin to repeat about 5 times with department of same root of methodological reoccupy palm next.

6, the skin defends wet method

Defend wet method one: Protect wet make up water

Rise to look in the mirror without doubt of the result that protect skin every morning, the pore that discovers oneself is a bit thick still, the skin still has bit of oil to protect skin skill, the smear after remembering washing clean face at this moment is protected wet make up water, after all our face should bear daylong wind blows insolation, still do not ache with respect to this bit of moment in the morning be fond of it. Remember brushing make up water when it is bit better to must use quality make up cotton protects skin skill, so OK more effective let skin imbibe go in.

Defend wet method 2: Protect wet area film

My skin actually original not quite good, the doohickey that protect skin adds go to work to make a reason want everyday to computer, the skin is long-term and so bad, often dry, but oneself still hold to everyday on apply one piece keeps wet Facial mask in the evening. There is type in Qu Chen the Facial mask of moderate of various, price, vacuum is odd a fast Facial mask that pack is simple convenient, and it is the face diaphragm that protects skin doohickey to immerse in order to protect wet elite fluid normally, the effect is apparent.

Defend wet method 3: Protect wet sparge

Early morning is relaxed go out, flesh goes midday Huang Qifu begins dark and gloomy, take a bottle to protect wet sparge, need to press shower nozzle gently only, go fizzling out to protect wet sparge compactly to be aspersed on the face with respect to even ground, skin instant is drunk full water, new coruscate expression. Dennis, medium inside the big market such as building of general merchandise of annulus general merchandise, Chinese redbud hill, go fizzling out gas can be bought protect wet sparge. Take the advantage of go fizzling out working space, give skin filling water at any time and place.

Defend wet method 4: Protect wet elite

Beautician people often work in the environment that close, their filling water recipe is to use normally protect wet elite. Before giving skin the latex on besmear, tu Meibai goes fizzling out go up some of elite fluid, the latex can resemble a cap same, cover elite liquid below skin surface layer closely, extend the time that moisture evaporates. Additional, protect wet elegant go in vain molecular volume of Huang Hua is even minorrer than the latex, can permeate corneous layer to fall, moist and dry cell.