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Why wash facial finish or don't why wash facial finish or have clean? Wash a face sordid what reason be?

In daily life we are clean and facial when skinning, should be very careful and careful, because if do not have cleanness,skin clean word can let pore,jam, but the cleanness with very serious paper of some younger sister oneself facial ministry, still feel sordid however, so, why wash facial finish or don't why wash facial finish or have clean? Wash a face sordid what reason be? Will look.

Why wash facial finish or don't why wash facial finish or have clean? Wash a face sordid what reason be? (1)

1, the error of clean face

Clean face NG1: It is OK to wash on the face each corner wash on the face each corner

We are in clean cheek when direction should be will be kneaded gently by what issue upgrade wash, because our facial ministry is corneous,the cell is by on downward the imbricate that show a fish distributings, so if of our transfer direction come clean word, certain cleaner than wanting according to cleanness of scale shape direction. Actually our T word place is of bilge of the easiest conceal, best much rub a few. Bob and temporal these place are hair of the easiest remain finalize the design agent or of hair things, should notice to clean all the more so, the skin of the eye is particularly additionally sensitive, should stay in final ability to come clean, in case the stimulation of clean face things.

Clean face NG2: Breed with clean face only can wash the face completely

Generally speaking, clean face breast is can the embellish skin that nucleolus of cutin of fat of scour off sweat, skin, ageing kisses water is tasted, so a lot of females separate clean side into 2 paces now, it is first discharge makeup, 2 it is clean face breast washs a face. Because the composition inside discharge makeup product is to contain activator of emulsifying agent of vegetable oil, grease, surface, the bilge that its can more complete clean remain is in and colour makeup, such can complete a facial ministry cleanness is clean.

Clean face NG3: Weather is torrid, should wash a face a few times more ability will be clean

Normal circumstance is should be morning and evening washs a face, but if be,often run outside, if the dirty stuff in perspiration and air makes skin very uncomfortable, can make deep-seated clean range for skin so, in weather burning hot circumstance falls, can increase, too much instead lane pole is turned over surely.

Clean face NG4: Natural airing wants after washing a face, such gift will be nice to skinning

If washing facial hind to make it natural the word of airing, skin can evaporate because of nature become cool, so vasomotor can cause skin instead dry, appear very easily the state such as furrow, desquamate. Should use instantly after washing a face so make up water, next reuse elite, latex, such ability make skin better absorb.

Clean face NG5: Wash a face with towel can cleaner

The circle cloth with soft nap as a result of towel is bigger than pore at least decuple, so the bilge in very hard cleared skin is mixed grease, additional if be long wet not dry towel still can cause a lot of bacteria, if chafe with skin again, can make skin allergic. Downy clean face foam rubber or plastic had better be used when washing a face so, and air is basked in and often should disinfect, such gift will be nice.

Clean face NG6: Can make skin cleaner with hot bath face

In clean face the water when is warm it is very important, the diaphragm that the water of overheat can let skin is kept clear of, such meetings make skin easy and flabby, pore increases, cause skin coarse, furrow arises easily; If if distribute oil,be being washed too much additionally, can let skin quicken ageing. The word of the water clean face that if had used low temperature,spends instead, the pore lock that can make skin again, cannot the bilge such as the leather fat that clean accumulation is inside pore and dirty stuff, not only cannot achieve the result that protects skin, the growth that can bring about dark sore, acne easily to wait instead. Right kind should be to use probably the lukewarm Shui Laijie of 35 ℃ face, rinse with cold water next.

Clean face NG7: Function of the grandma that wash a face is more the effect is good

Clean face breast is for clean skin, make bilge cleared come out, the basic skill husband that if had contained the product of much functional sex,may cause cleanness is done bad, another auxiliary action are again fierce trashy. Pore is entered below the case that passes much functional sex class status to do not have any protection in skin at the same time additionally inside, create a burden to skin instead. So clean face when it is OK to need 2 to be accomplished basically, it is clean and complete with moist skin.

Clean face NG8: After making up, wipe with paper towel first, OK easier cleanness makeup look

If use paper towel first,wipe after make up first the word makeup look erase, can harm skin very easily, because paper towel surface is very rough, and divide without oily cent and water, wipe the word of skin directly so, can knead the grain gruffly of cosmetic the pore that takes skin inside, the clean work that such meetings do to sequel increases difficulty instead, still can make skin becomes coarser. Want to use discharge makeup product after making up so, and discharge makeup gimmick must light.

2, protect a lip small stick person

1, not often daub lipstick, the olefin in lipstick and pigment make billabong of labial ministry water is broken easily, the dye in lipstick can cause allergic reaction.

2, after have dinner passes, must take the oily fraction on lip of paper towel rub-up first, next again daub lip colour or lipstick, conduce to skin of conserve lip ministry so.

3, the lipstick can use 2-3 commonly year, but be in harmony of the meeting that encounter heat, appropriate is deposited at shady and cool place, not by sunshine point-blank.

4, the habit that wants nurturance to drink water actively, also can take a few vitamins below the doctor's guidance, improve labial quality dark heavy state.

5, causing the internal cause with winter weather-shack lip is fresh vegetable, fruit eats too less, intake of A of B2, vitamin is not worth human body vitamin, so winter should eat the vegetables and fruits that includes this kind of vitamin more more.

6, eat less deepfry, acrimony wait for the food with stimulating belt, correct lick a lip, bite the undesirable habit such as the lip.

7, the bound is exciting outside avoiding wind to blow insolation to wait as far as possible, the measure that can adopt the cover that wear a mouth will defend; The aspersion, method such as use humidifier can raise indoor air