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How is there blain blain to wash a face on the face? What person can grow blain easily?

Long blain blain is problem of common a kind of skin, everybody does not hope to there is blain blain on his face, but in daily life, a lot of people are facing the skin problem of long blain blain, there is blain blain on the face very influence figure, so, how is there blain blain to wash a face on the face? What person can grow blain easily? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up those who will read an article to solve.

How is there blain blain to wash a face on the face? What person can grow blain easily? (1)

1, the person of blain of easy long blain

1, the person that is worth adolescent development;

2, the person with oily serious skin;

3, grow thinly black and the person that the male turns;

4, be fond of the person that has sweet food;

5, the person that often stays up late;

6, the because of working property and ambient conditions person that often contacts with oil (wait for) like gas station, cook.

2, of blain blain flesh nurse

The happening of whelk and leather fat are concerned. Sebaceous glands mouth is in wool bursa, if sebaceous glands secretes leather fat overmuch, add wool bursa to affect and be appeared of all sorts of ab extra stimulation and endocrine hormone horn is changed, make leather fat accumulation is inside wool bursa, formed each is small blister. This process needs 3 months left and right sides normally. If the bacterium is in face blister,breed, can cause infection, change thick and form bedding face blister, serious when still can make facial ministry leaves scar.

Ground of the as one falls on the face grows blain, will tell to the girl is an irritated worry really. Look at malformation, clean at ordinary times rising also is very troublesome, must all sorts of handpick washing grandma, protect skin to taste, still dare not exert all his strength wash, dare not wash too frequently, for fear that does not take care bang up they are more impracticable. Nevertheless, the face is washed when blain removing blain, also not need is so cautious, should notice good key only when don't have a problem.

Washing what the face should notice the first times is the clean things with right choice. Because adolescent sebaceous glands has been secreted,general whelk is fill cause, so clean skin things must choose relaxed model, low excitant, also can use clean face toilet soap.

The 2nd, on water lukewarm control, it is OK to use as about the same as temperature Wen Shui normally, but the attention cannot use hot water certainly, because hot itself is a kind of stimulation, can make sebaceous glands is secreted more quickly.

The 3rd, when washing a face, had better use going from place to place water, and must clean and complete. What once the involuntary discharge of urine on the face leaves some of cleanness,taste is residual, the basic material that contains among them can stimulate flimsy facial ministry skin, the likelihood brings about blain blain more serious.

Wash a face, can use cold water to be patted gently, be helpful for contractive pore so, make the skin more meticulous. Wash last pace of the face, choose namely relaxed model make up water, adjust PH value for the skin, skin frost is protected on besmear next.

Additional, grow the person of blain blain, wash a face cannot too diligent, morning and evening each 1 OK, become only too dirty or perspire much when just wash again. Because, the frost protecting skin on the besmear after washing a face every time can contain a few oily part more or less, if besmear the frequency is too much, can jam pore, cause blain blain to rise more fiercely.

3, the law washing a face of dispel blain

Magic art of cover of 3 minutes of clean: Washing a face correctly is the method with remedial the basiccest whelk.

1, the dry towel that prepares a clean softness first mixes excitant small neuter soap;

2, be in toilet soap Wen Shui (22-23 is spent) in knead is bubbly, bubble has been jumped over more more. Hold in both hands with double handgrip bubble rise wash a face, wash 1 minute. Not too forcibly, if feel aching,stop.

3, use hot water then (38-40 is spent) clean 20 seconds, change Wen Shuilin to wash 20 seconds again, relapse 3 times so. If use shower bath implement better, the face is apart from shower nozzle about one fist is far, at the same time gush drenchs facial (with hot water) , beat gently with finger abdomen at the same time facial. Drench gush of water temperature adjustment again 20 seconds.

4, the water rub-up that gets on the face first with dry towel, press a face gently again bibulous.

5, the makeup that convergent effect has on final blot out water, tu Houjiao must have take up to feel, can besmear a few times more.

4, blain of pearl powder dispel

Film of face of 1. pearl powder aloe

Material: Pearl powder, aloe

Practice: Pound of the flay after fresh Lu Hui is abluent becomes slimy state, mix into right amount pearl powder smooth, Facial mask even daub is after clean face on facial ministry skin, notice escape eye week and labial ministry, after maintaining about 15 minutes abluent can.

Effect: Conduce to improvement the state with dry skin, protect wet filling water and nurse skin of beautiful Bai Ling is even tender slippery.

Film of face of 2. pearl powder yoghurt

Material: Pearl powder, yoghurt

Practice: The making method of Facial mask is very simple, mixture agitate of right amount pearl powder and fresh yoghurt is become mushy, after using skin of ministry of face of cleanness of the grandma that wash a face, its daub is in facial, the clear water after holding the time of apply Facial mask about 20 minutes is abluent.

Effect: Skin of beautiful Bai Pi while have blain of dispel spot, dispel, blain imprints and go blandly corneous effect.

Face film of E of vitamin of 3. pearl powder

Material: Pearl powder, vitamin E, clean water

Practice: How is pearl powder used take right amount in Facial mask bowl, join solution of capsule of E of 3 or so vitamins and clean water to mix agitate even, cleanness washs facial hind to get on its apply at facial skin, the clear water after about 20 minutes is abluent can.

Effect: Significant improvement the skin is coarse wait for skin to pledge undesirable phenomenon, have the effect of beautiful white tender skin.