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What should woman of 25 years old notice? How should the woman protect skin?

Once the woman passed 25 later, body function can begin ageing, the metabolism inside body also can become slow, skin must be protected carefully after so the woman passed 25 years old. There is friend of a lot of females to exist to be misunderstood certainly to protecting skin in the life, think to want only everyday on time it is good that daub protects skin to taste. Not be actually such, protect skin to also have the item that needs an attention more, so what should woman of 25 years old notice? How should the woman protect skin?

What should woman of 25 years old notice? How should the woman protect skin? (1)


One, the note that protect skin

1 go up in ran machine of decadent run quickly madly

Move to be approached at an early date to perfect body form and try hard admittedly give no cause for more criticism, but how do you know this time and athletic intensity should hold? Cite a simple case, ran is one kind can use up quantity of heat effectively, drop the sport of body fat, but best ran means still has oxygen to canter, namely the heartbeat maintains in 120 the left and right sides, cannot exceed 80% of highest heartbeat absolutely.

Generally speaking, oxygen canters 20 minutes or so to be able to remove ideal quantity of heat to use up the effect, but after 25 years old, even if advantageous decrease fat and maintain healthily oxygen canters to also should not be every time more than 40 minutes, because calculate motion having oxygen,this is, a large number of freedom still can arise in the process that does work in body muscle and skeleton base, and the ability that the body counteracts freedom radical after 25 years old has dropped, if return the campaign that has high strength, skin anile rate can become fast, the oxidation that such excessive motion as good as causes to skin at smoking is harmed.

2 sleep follow one's inclinationsly appearance

Sleep follow one's inclinationsly appearance can affect skin outline directly, let skin produce grain. This is not exaggerate sth just to scare people, when Morpheus most the pose that is helpful for skin maintaining is lie low, the pillow is unfavorable and exorbitant at the same time, if side lies, bending over or be to use exorbitant pillow, can let facial be in the oppressive condition that produces time with cervical skin, the skin of place of your face neck becomes flabby, produce neck grain, in the meantime, so follow one's inclinations sleep the loop of night of make one's rounds that appearance goes against facial skin is smooth, let facial skin and eye week skin be in the next day early morning occurrence dropsy is perplexed.

3 won't wash a face

Can you wash a face really? It is more important to wash what the face compares sequel occasionally to maintain, it is water above all lukewarm, should maintain absolutely between 20-34 ℃ , too high temperature can destroy leather fat film, make skin dry, easy and anile, and too low water is warm the clean effect that cannot have ideal again, cannot cutin of thoroughly abluent ageing and redundant skin fat.

Is the face washed so that had jumped over completely more? Not be, scarcely wants excessive cleanness, for instance face of water of discharge makeup oil, discharge makeup, clean breeds, grind arenaceous cream, clean Facial mask is used at the same time, such clean means cannot be taken absolutely, in other words, skin generation problem is not clean and insufficient sometimes perfect, and just is the face is washed too neatly, the repair defense ability that lets oneself is destroyed.

4 did not master use make up cotton skill

Master make up the skill that the usage of cotton is a not simple absolutely, if you are true according to maintain taste the description on the specification, make up 2m only every time water is making up skin is wiped on cotton, that is harming skin namely actually. Without giving thought to much softer makeup metropolis and skin produce cotton attrition, measurable attrition can help the old useless cutin of purify skin surface, but the attrition of excessive is met however cut cutin layer, cause sensitive. Using make up when cotton, must use make up water soaks it adequately, it is to let make up cotton can be mixed only the contact of skin level off, reduce attrition thereby, avoid skin to receive harm.

5 play on skin arrange combine

Film of face of elite of ministry of frost of fluid of clean skin water, soft skin water, elite, flesh bottom fluid, latex, cream, eye, eye, Morpheus... be short of one cannot? Reason protects skin most those who abstain from is play on the face arrange combination, of different type maintain article go each in every measure that protects skin its duty, but also the part that effect of have rendered great service of hard to avoid overlaps, take elite, cream and Morpheus Facial mask for, if was used moist spend very tall elite fluid to be able to omit completely to protect wet cream follow-uply, and the essence of Morpheus Facial mask is embellish of Q of a quality of a material coagulate frost, maintain according to skinning need and skin are made character the plan just is well-advised decision-making, arrange combined-type overlay to protect skin to cannot have the hairdressing effect of get twice the result with half the effort not only, still can pose the problem such as skin flaw.

6 massage ability vent one's hate

Massage can promote skin hypodermic blood circulates, promote at the same time maintain tasted absorption the effect, but massage must have degree. The relation of skin and hypodermic musculature resembles orange and pulp, exceeding massage knead can skin quickly flabby, must notice two things when massage so, one is force moderate, gentleness massages skin, 2 it is to use extend a gender to maintain well article undertake massage. Additional, if skin is dark heavy, used splash of fluid of high-end beauty white cream to want to decrease weak mark without a bit as before, that thinks over at once, this also may be attrition crosses degree of pigment that cause deposit problem.

7 food too few of too clear heart be about to

Maigre be helpful for body and mind simple, but maigre and absolutely do not mean protein to photograph initiate to be not worth. Although be mixed with the fruit at ordinary times vegetable associate with, also want those who notice protein to absorb, protein is a kind of very main nutrition source, in after entering enteron, can be being decomposed amino acid, and the origin that amino acid is cellular energy and nutrition, once protein absorbs deficient, not only healthy meeting is affected, the tension that skins repeatedly and bounce also are met abate. If you hold to maigre, also did not forget to eat a few eggs, dairy produce and legume food more certainly, they are the origin of high grade albumen.

8 holidays eyelash depends on disease

False eyelash can bring attributive sense to schoolgirl of very much small eye, but after 25 years old, you need to cast off the dependence to it slowly disease. False eyelash itself does not have a harm to skin, but be in when discharge makeup picks eyelash extraction a holiday, without giving thought to force again how gentle, palpebral skin or meeting get on very big drag in, as time passes, eye ministry skin is flabby, outline walks along the problem of form to be able to arise. If the circumstance allows, reduce the use frequency of false eyelash, try eyelash of try out much money to cream collocation besmears brushed means will make fine grow shock eyelash, this kind of result is more natural, more important is won't cross-eye week skin is caused cannot go against the harm that turn.


2, how should the woman protect skin

1. Facial defend

Although if face archenemy,be not sent,get online, but still should make full facial time to fierce electromagnetism radiate. Screen radiate generation is electrostatic, the easiest adsorptive dirt, long face-to-face, bring about stain and furrow more easily. Before getting online accordingly, might as well a segregation is added after skin latex is being protected on besmear, prevent electromagnetism radiate, with gaining skin strength slightly.

2. Thoroughly clean skin

After online end, the first task is clean skin, add clean face fluid to wash face thoroughly with Wen Shui, the dirt all of will electrostatic adsorption is washed, skin is protected blandly to taste on besmear. Can reduce harm for a long time, embellish skin is raised colour.

3. Conserve bright eye

If you do not hope to meet binocular and red, black rim of the eye is added when the person the following day,allow gaunt, do not fight for long continuously, do not stay up late especially get online. Prepare fluid of eye of a bottle of drop at ordinary times, in order to have untimely needs. ? ? After getting online apply cucumber piece pretty good also. Its method: cucumber piece, apply is on double-fold eyelid, shut eye repose a few minutes, can alleviate eye ministry is fatigue, skin of nutrient eye periderm.

4. Increase nutrition

To the person that often gets online, it is very important to increase nutrition. Vitamin B group very beneficial to the brainworker, if sleep late, the quality that sleep is bad also, answer to eat vegetables of animal liver, fresh fruit more, they contain a lot ofvitamin B a group of things with common features; The flesh kind, fish, milk products increases memory; Product of circle of chocolate, wheaten face, sea, dried fruit can enhance neurological harmonious sex, it is the optimal small snacks when getting online. ? ? In addition, drink some of medlar juice and carrot juice not timely, remarkable to raising the eye, effect that protect skin. If you care about your appearance, abandon rapidly those carbonic acid beverage, and carrot changing drink juice or other and fresh fruit juice.

5. Often do gymnastic

Get online for long, you may feel giddy, hand shows inflexible, waist carries ache on the back, give now limb oedema, varicosity even. So, should do at ordinary times do gymnastics, in order to retain exuberant vigor, go up in the bed like the lie low before sleeping, loosen all over, the head Yang Fang is under bed edge, alleviate the inadequacy that feeds oxygen for blood with cerebral afterbrain; Block up double sufficient, lie low is on bed or sofa, in order to reduce pair of sufficient oedema, help haemal circumfluence, prevent lower limbs varicosity.