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Is the female natural protect skin to taste what is there? What does the female protect skin to want to notice?

Every woman hopes embellish of oneself skin water water, blow play can defeat, then friend of a lot of females can cost much money to buy protect skin costlily to taste will maintain oneself skin, although protect skin to taste,be effective fruit, but should insist for a long time to use, such calculating coming down is the expense with not little brushstroke. There is a lot of to protect skin naturally to taste in living actually, material benefit is good with. Is the female natural protect skin to taste what is there? What does the female protect skin to want to notice?

Is the female natural protect skin to taste what is there? What does the female protect skin to want to notice? (1)


One, natural protect skin to taste what to have

1, vegetables and fruits fills water law

Vegetables and fruits is most the filling water method of nutrient health, qiudong during, can eat more a few on the west the vegetable such as orchid, lettuce, cucumber, still have the fruit of a few filling water of course, be like pomegranate, grape, apple, these vegetables and fruits can be compensatory skin water portion, still conduce to at the same time preserve skin flexibility, let dry Qiu Dong skin same water embellish is not decreased. Reveal a little secret incidentally, lettuce still can use face of the apply that extract juice, can rise to send pore closely, the action of moist skin.

2, apply of bright soya-bean milk

Everyday delicacy extracts a soya-bean milk, in the soya-bean milk that extracts dip of graininess Facial mask paper in delicacy next, take out have apply side, about 15~20 minute can, with respect to can clear sense skin becomes after a week more water embellish. Of course, the residue from bean after making soya-bean milk that extracts soya-bean milk also can be used rise, use chamfer to pledge, can let skin become more burnish.

3, pure water is protected wet

Autumn climate portion of dry, cutaneous water evaporates grow in quantity, skin meeting occurrence hair works, when daub protects skin to taste aculeate keenly feel, we can try to undertake cold compress with clean water below this kind of circumstance. Besides can alleviate outside the symptom with dry skin, hold to a week 3~4 second, the skin that can make you is smooth water embellish.

4, cream adds dimension E more protect wet

Dimension E is known as " green spring " , can have the effect that raises to Suo Shuizi, right amount vitamin E is added in latex or cream, can make skin more moist Bai Xi.

5, Pu'er tea + honey

If you come from Yunnan, believe you had heard honey water adds Pu'er tea certainly subtle move of this filling water. Actually before this also somebody explodes water of Cheng Shuang skin is made in going out to add honey water Pu'er tea. Honey has very good moist effect, can make skin more smooth bouncy, and Pu Er has defend the wet, action that fights oxidation very well. Both collocation is used can remove very good Bu Shuizi to raise action.


2, the female protects skin to want what to notice

1, notice a frost " play piano " type dot is opposite by ability

Before eye frost must be used at cream, in order to prevent the likelihood of generation grease bead. The eye frost that pushs a volume of grain of rice points to abdomen at the middle finger of both hands, press the ring finger of both hands gently again in side of bone of bridge of the nose, forefinger is pressed press in zygomatic a bit such pose wears upper part a middle finger, make middle finger can even be pressed steadily gently press on eye ministry skin. By outside canthus arrives inside canthus gently with the movement as playing piano, eye frost the dot presses skin of the week that take a look. This kind of gimmick already can conduce is absorbed better at eye frost, can promote group of Zuo of eye ministry blood effectively again, eliminate black rim of the eye. The extent that special attention dot presses and strength must small.

2, the attention do not be bright skin water directly on the hand and flap with the hand

Because of if the hand is insufficient clean word, still can cause pollution 2 times on the face, the influence protects skin effect.

3, notice skin appears scratchy when waiting for allergy shape, do not want element Zuo to go out all right

Appear when skin scratchy wait for allergy shape Shi Suyan to go out row, the influence that wait may make pollution of ultraviolet ray, air, air conditioning hypersensitive shape is more exasperate, because this had better use render of frost of segregation of sensitive flesh appropriative or powdery bottom. But should notice to want to go up only thin a thin good, the burden can be created to skin again when discharge makeup otherwise.

4, the attention maintains absorb good, recuperate splanchnic

No matter be to digest the medicinal material in these to still be used,protect skin to taste, it is to pass undoubtedly 3 draw kind greatly: Vein is absorbed, digest absorb and appear a skin to absorb. Vein is absorbed basically is support inject, hit beautiful white needle to wait than what as usual sees. And digest absorbing is support is fed fill will recuperate the body, basically absorb through intestines and stomach, of the most immediate profit also is splanchnic. Appearing a skin to absorb is the way that shows external use protects skin to taste, a lot of science and technology that protect skin to taste had comparatived now perfected, appear a skin to absorb absorption skin layer level very deep also, absorb the effect to be able to be imagined.

In addition, food serves as basically draw kind, nutrition is offerred first for certain splanchnic, and exterior of cutaneous of splanchnic can immediate impact, for instance spot of dark and gloomy of color of skin, coloured, can associate to this person liver commonly bad, the skin is the idea of periphery, the part such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, medlar is certain can wait for kidney, liver the splanchnic recuperation of exterior of dominant color of skin is good, nature of color of skin fair-skinneds in vain.

5, the attention keeps good mentation

Of skin and mentation have put a concern closely, the balance of the exudation of the hormone inside human body and establish fetish classics can change because of mentation, appear to go up in the skin. Among them the haemal circulation that female hormone can make capillary medium is exuberant, it on one hand supply skin with nutrient, the dissension that also promotes cuticular cell at the same time is proliferous, have the effect with hypodermic and adipose keep in storage. Because this female friend wants to hold best skin position, notice to always maintain a good humor even.

6, after the attention bathes first daub maintains taste blow a hair again

The meeting after a lot of people take bath blows the hair immediately dry, skin receives the defenseless after washing a face very easily the enroach on of blower sirocco, and funeral dehydrates dispenses is moist. Because this had better be,brush maintain article, the hair is blown again after recuperating skin.

7, when noticing skin produces sensitive phenomenon, do not convert in the round immediately sensitive series maintains taste

Want to let sensitive skin be stabilized at an early date come down, because this converts in the round at a heat,fight quick maintain tasted mood is completely understandable, but become the burden that creates skin however instead so. In case changing maintain in tasted process, skin appears dry or other issue, also cannot knowing is which sheet is tasted after all should not with skin. Replacing kind best is with maintain tasted use program is contrary, replace the latex that uses finally or cream first, next everyday a sheet is tasted replace gradually.