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Wet cutaneous is protected after the woman is 20 years old small subtle move lets skin last young tender slippery

Feminine skin maintains is to need long-term importunate, is not two days bask in a net 3 days to fish such. Cutaneous nurses those who lean is accurate method, and protect skin suitably to taste. The woman hopes her skin can maintain in a young condition, but you do not nurse cannot achieve this result. After the woman is 20 years old, how should nurse the skin?

Wet cutaneous is protected after the woman is 20 years old small subtle move lets skin last young tender slippery (1)

1, protect wet cutaneous skill

20-25 cleanness, accuse oily, protect Shi Mingliang water tender flesh hangs down easily the hand is gotten

1. cleanness begins to protect wet glossy is full of do not happen

Cleanness begins to protect wet 20-25 year old MM, grease has been secreted is the commonnest problem more. Want to hurry eliminate is aggravating glossy, the the fastest, easiest way is " wash a face " . But if wash facial frequency,can fasten oversight too frequent, can destroy film of skin skin fat only, plus did not do good keep wet job, the nutrient that cellular place needs and water distribute ceaseless prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin problem has disappeared to turn, meet only form smoke into smother. The person that general skin pledges, one day washs a face 2 times at most, oily flesh person can wash, and can use the yamen runner with clean more powerful force kind cleanness is tasted, with cleared and redundant grease.

2. concentrated conserve is water tender skin makes backup force

Although concentrated conserve is young skin has not encountered more severe skin to lack water issue, but stay up late, work and rest is abnormal, still can affect protect water to spend, bring about dark Shenyang, coarse. Want to improve brief sex to lack water issue, can strengthen nurse thick and fast. A week is used protect 2-3 of wet noodle film second, with respect to the bounce muscle that can maintain water bright burnish, or also but will protect wet gel to be used when film of good night face, maintaining the order is final, on the position that thick apply strengthens at need, lie between a day to awake, can discover skin becomes water is tender, skin is touched comfortable, and makeup look is OK that day very docile and abiding.

3. accuses oil + protect wet raise a health neuter flesh

Accuse oil + protect wet a lot of oily flesh often go because of be being paid attention to too too oily, accuse oil, and oversight is protected wet. Especially blain blain flesh is only dedicated treating blain to go up, add fear to had been used " moist " maintain article bring about blain blain to cause, it is wrong concept actually. The moisture content that flesh watch has film of fat of a skin to be able to want rock-bottom cell place originally and nutrient chain surely. Can be when be like excessive cleanness and destroying film of this skin fat, moisture nutrient will be many be lost, bring about healthy cell to decline the scald in order to remove hairs or feathers decreases, blain blain case is more severe. Remember controlling the oily, product that wipe smallpox please still OK and local use, whole nevertheless face or must daub contains acid of Bo make water to wait for those who keep wet part to maintain article manage profit balanced. If too moist protect wet breast quality of a material to be able to let you feel uncomfortable, the foundation maintains the job can be used only add efficient the elite that keeps wet part will help filling water, lock water can.

4. eye Zhou Bao is wet heavy gentleness maintains

Eye Zhou Bao is wet although the problem of skin of female eye week of 20 for generations is not much, protecting wet conserve to go up to still require much attention nevertheless. Because eye week skin is thinner, should avoid to use excitant expensive product, white like the beauty that is spirituosity, acidity component, convergent, diminish inflammation makes up water, or it is the elite fluid with exorbitant chroma. Must use eye department special maintain article, ability is achieved defend wet usefulness blandly, can select the product of ministry of gel shape eye with more relaxed quality of a material, when daub, in order to draw the skin that homocentric round means emphasizes between eye socket and eyebrow bone, take fluctuation eyelid again finally can. Be sure to keep in mind not to want daub to cross much product to stand by eyelash root ministry, absorb because of this place poorer, redundant maintain taste meeting and oil union, bring about sty circumstance to happen, seem grew " stythe eye of a needle " kind! Besides maintain, discharge makeup cleanness also must be done sufficient, abandon type discharge because makeup cotton is clean force is too powerful, relatively do not suggest male sex skins week of use stimulation eye skins flimsily.

25-30 is protected wet, prevent bask in, fight anile and multiple protect wet advance side by side- do two or more things at once

1. is prevented it is good to bask in fight in the van to be hit for water tender skin by

Prevent bask in fight in the van to protect wet with prevent basking in all is a female in striving for beautiful process, never but lax accident! Passed 25 years old, skin condition begins to step down slope, most the leather fat film that periphery protection skins collapses gradually, skin cell is in the condition of converging attack of inside and outside, there is ultraviolet descent outside, there is water to divide the secret worry of a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year inside. Be in when the cell flabby and fixed, if can reduce ultraviolet ray to be destroyed to cellular abidance, healthy cell can keep normal movement oneself, skin male dry is short of water situation to be able to be improved, accordingly, give attention to two or morethings is prevented bask in with protect wet become 30 years old of women the first goal that skin maintains. Should prevent all the year round bask in, if you sit for a long time inside the office, choose prevent bask in coefficient to be in of SPF30 prevent bask in article can, if constant and outer the work done outside the office that rush about a group of things with common features, need to choose SPF50 to defend the product that basks in coefficient high, and both should fill at any time brush, whole side block absolutely ultraviolet enroach on.

2. strengthens a week in advance to be on guard microgroove arises

Strengthen eye week in advance to be on guard alarm bell of microgroove generation ageing is knocked those who rise at the moment, more need to make good key point Zhou Bao is wet, lest microgroove, black rim of the eye appears, become the murderer of leak age. Whether does the product emphasize close fact pulling except the attention outside carrying, still need to hold concurrently ensure wet result, can choose contain acid of make water of A alcohol, Bo, reach can promote hyperplasia of glue Yuan albumen three, 4, 5 get the better of peptide kind wait for composition. Must prevent a force more overweight and drag skin, bring about grain generation, can match dab the movement with dub, quicken a product to absorb. A week 2, use the eye film that keeps wet effect high, week of concentrated moist eye skins.

3. fights oxygen + activation ensures result of wet beautiful flesh more by

Fight oxygen + activation ensures result of wet beautiful flesh more by 30 years old you, body metabolization speed chases decrescent delay, impose condition of grease film occurrence unbalance, the circumstance that is short of oil relatively the case that lack water is severe. Right now, maintain tasted quality of a material and composition should upgrade. Cannot choose the relaxed quality of a material like gel product only, must enter instead rank protect wet elite fluid to what contain trifling oil or using is latex; on the other hand, metabolize to help a loop, quicken skin trash eduction, eliminate skin tired feeling, also should choose to add can promote second birth and refuse oxidation class status, help the product that the cell runs normally.

4. partition maintains changeover grease maladjusted flesh

Partition maintains changeover grease is maladjusted flesh from the oily flesh with 20 years old of exuberant grease, turn gradually for T word oil, two buccal male mix up flesh, want to resolve complex skin worry, hold " partition maintains " reach " accuse oil to fill again first water " Yuan criterion. Because T word gives oily place to belong to basicity, and two buccal belong to acidity skin to pledge, acid is alkaline land below lopsided condition, should use the clean Yan Pin that can balance PH to be worth, foundation of qualitative; of new recuperation skin maintains a preexistence T word accuse oil, again in order to keep whole face of wet elite or lacteal daub. Makeup hind, place giving oil is usable it is only makeup hind of the design accuse oil to taste.

5. office is protected wet it is the flesh that lack water to fill immediately water

2, the soup of hairdressing of preserve one's health

Soup of breast enhancement of hoof of 1. yam pig

Material: 600 grams are fresh hoof of pig of yam, 200 grams, 10 Ke Gong jujubes, rice wine 1 big spoon (=15ml) of 1 big spoon

Practice: Red jujube is abluent, male incision of pig hoof flesh reserves. Male pig hoof is put to boil 5 minutes after taking right amount water to be boiled, take out go completely with cold bath again oily. boiler of 2000ml water infuse in, put all stuff, hour of the small fire 2-3 that stew turns after conflagration boils 10 minutes can

Effect: Skin of breast enhancement embellish, filling gas

Yam original name yam, fill and not sluggish, not hot not dry, , can fill disposition and beneficial stomach shade, and kidney of filling lung beneficial can be tasted as what assist only. Be in a lot of fighting application of yam of conpatibility of medicines of anile prescription middling.

Soup of head of 2. papaya salmon

Practice: Stripping and slicing of flay of green Chinese flowering quince, salmon head is abluent battlements piece reserves in the water infuse boiler of; general 1000ml, put all material to boil 10 minutes together, to boil rot can

Effect: Thin body, raise Yan Meibai, weak spot

Principle reducing weight: In papaya ferment of embedded Chinese flowering quince, and the duple left and right sides that the papaya ferment of green Chinese flowering quince is mature Chinese flowering quince, these papaya ferment not only dissoluble protein, saccharide, more dissoluble adipose (its decompose adipose ability to be able to say is the characteristic) with the biggest Chinese flowering quince, it is adipose and OK to be solved through cent flesh of purify go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married, contractible and corpulent cell, stimulative metabolism, seasonable a body of redundant and adipose eduction outside, achieve the goal that reduce weight thereby!

Breast enhancement principle: Green Chinese flowering quince is fruit of beautiful of the first breast enhancement since ancient times, the rich Chinese flowering quince in papaya is enzymatic have a help very much to mammary gland development, and rich breast enhancement hormone and vitamin A are contained to wait in papaya ferment raise a share, can exciting female is hormonal secrete, can stimulate ovarian secrete estrogen, make mammary gland expedite, achieve the goal of breast enhancement.

Hairdressing principle: Rich Chinese flowering quince is contained in papaya enzymatic, have very great help to bosom development not only, and can help lubricant skin, the Gao Jing of the content of C of the vitamin in papaya is 48 times of the apple! Increase capacity of load melon enzymatic aid digestion, can as soon as possible eduction body endotoxin, to by inside outside arriving relaxed skin, have very much. The papaya ferment that papaya place contains can promote skin metabolization, the leather fat that in helping deliquescent pore, piles up and ageing are corneous, let skin appear brighter, more pure and fresh! So a lot of component that purify clean face gel to be able to contain papaya ferment, present the outward appearance of pure, meticulous, pure and fresh health for the sake of letting skin.