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How is the woman clear does bowel discharge poison? What does feminine clear bowel discharge poison to eat?

The life of fast rhythm brought very great pressure to us, work especially of the respect, because friend of a lot of females often works overtime, food not the rule brings about body toxin to pile up, shape go out of form, so female friends should give him in time poison of platoon of the platoon inside body. Actually female friend has a lot of methods, do common is motion and dietary photograph union. So how is the woman clear does bowel discharge poison? What does feminine clear bowel discharge poison to eat?

How is the woman clear does bowel discharge poison? What does feminine clear bowel discharge poison to eat? (1)

1, how the woman is clear bowel discharges poison

1, drink 2500cc at least everyday clean water

Human body cell 65% it is moisture, water also is outside the cell. If did not drink enough moisture, the cell does not have method normal metabolism, perspire, pee is not worth enough platoon poison.

2, move

Sweat a poison, belong to initiative. In order to move of this kind of active means perspire platoon poison is the best thing to do, and athletic around also must drink water more. Water is very important, should great drink water, ability borrows by micturition, platoon sweat discharges poison.

3, hydrotherapy

Can use steam bath sudoriferous platoon is poisonous, use the skin with human body the largest area to regard as namely perspire a poisonous system. Hypertensive, heart disease person also can do steam bath, if the patient feels scared, do not do steam bath. Because scared meeting of psychology makes blood pressure elevatory, the person that the illness is weighed can discharge sweat hard more instead.

4, seasonable defecate

To long-term constipation crowd, can take a few clear put oneself in another's position to discharge poison kind product, but to average crowd, want to notice scientific food at ordinary times only, can metabolize with human body oneself commonly function, eduction toxin.

It is better to eat 3 eats defecate 3 times, everyday defecate is 1 times to the defecate of 3 figuration normal. If stick excrement and urine in the skin on the body (meet without the person so do, you might as well try) , can make the skin scratchy and red a long time.

5, dry wool brushs a platoon poison

The skin is the organ with our the largest body, one of main functions discharge cutaneous namely poison, and the ability that the skin assimilates substance occasionally is breathtaking, the skin that so we need to be us in time discharges poison, such our skins just won't be jammed by bilge toxin, make the trash inside body cannot eduction.

Brush with dry wool brush the skin can purify dead cell, exciting blood circulates, also eliminate stockpile effectively in the trash inside body. And dry brush the skin to having clear goodly the effect of lymphatic system, can help lymphatic platoon poison and the toxin that reduce lymphatic system and adipose accumulation.

6, bathe

Bathing time dispute often discharges poisonous time well, because have the hot water of strength, can develop the one overworked of the day, the bilge that also can develop conglutinate to go up in the skin, bathe so should choose shower, still can increase moderately hydraulic.

And hot bath bath makes temperature rises, can promote eduction of litter of body blood circulation, perspiration the leftover trash that still can make build up inside body and redundant moisture as sweat an eduction, so water Wen Ke arrives with air officer 40 Celsius left and right sides. Body of one private parts still can be massaged when bathing each place, a few motion stimulates acupuncture point to be able to promote haemal loop and metabolism.

2, what does poison of platoon of feminine clear bowel eat

(1) , legume

Many blame water-solubility is contained in legume prandial fiber, can reduce food the retention period inside alvine path, prevent constipation, reduce colonic cancer risk. In waiting for legume, soya bean, black soya bean contains rich lecithin, it is those who decompose grease " ace " , can promote adipose metabolization.

(2) , black agaric

Black agaric is alvine path is decreased age " of the most outstanding " hour labour, the plant that contains among them is colloid have very strong adsorptive capacity, can remain in the adsorption inside short time the insalubrious material within alvine path, for instance dirt and impurity, rise its centrally outside eduction body, have the effect that clean blood and bowel of " catharsis " .

(3) , kelp

The bacterium alga food such as kelp contains many plant collagen part, can promote eduction of the trash inside body effectively, clean bowel, reduce constipation, it is the good helper of human body metabolism. Kelp boils boiling water no matter, fry or cold and dressed with sause, taste is good, a few vinegar are put when cook, not only can flavor, still be beneficial to calcic absorption.

Honey can let the " of expressional " with a kind and pleasant countenance that bowel, this should be attributed to the amino acid that those human body of the " inside its " body need, vitamin, stimulative body is benign circulate, healthy to alvine path also be a kind of good protection. Additional, the nutrient element such as the magnesium in honey, phosphor, calcium can adjust neurological, also can offer with the path that it is bowel rest goodly environment.

(Food of 4) , whole valley

Rich water-solubility is contained in the whole valley food such as oaten, unpolished rice prandial fiber, can reduce cholesterol, clean intestines and stomach effectively, still can help alvine path metabolize a few carcinogen. Nutrition of whole valley food is rich, the proposal can add bit of unpolished rice when evaporate rice, congee of the rice that boil, one can be added when calling soya-bean milk oaten, can let nutrition upgrade already so, it is better that mouthfeel also is met.

(5) , onion

Onion can give the beneficial inside alvine path nutrient of unripe bacterium complement, stimulate its to grow, avoid the problem such as occurrence constipation, diarrhoea. And eat onion still can prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, enhance hemal flexibility. Consider to discover, eat effect of onion health care raw best, can cold and dressed with sause or in joining salad, the collocation when the flavour such as hotpot taking a cattle weighs a stodge gives birth to onion to be able to be solved fat.

(6) , garlic

Garlic is more general in our daily life, many garlic element is contained in the composition bell of garlic, it is a kind of more powerful material that fight bacterium, in addition it is returned can activation cell, accelerate peristalsis of intestines and stomach, stimulative metabolism, alleviate fatigue. Do not cross the sanitarian function to assure garlic, still had better abide by " eat be born not to eat ripe, eat broken do not eat whole " principle, mix with unripe garlic for instance mashed garlic of cold dish, modulation is very healthy have a way.

2, the woman discharges poisonous note

1, when wanting to notice to discharge poison, avoid be stimulated tartly or stodge, even abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, this knot to bowel the toxin inside not only the effect that won't have to eliminate, can make toxin increasing instead, and the food of acrimony stimulation, be like chili, leek or dog meat, hotpot, bowel was entered after edible inside the path, the function that can make bowel is harmed, reduced the vigor that bowel and function.

2, should notice to cannot use cathartic, after alvine motivation is abate, did not have defecate, at this moment a lot of people can use cathartic to go to defecate eduction, but of cathartic taking is one disaster after another however, make alvine line function is harmed badly again, cathartic basically is the function that spurred alvine talk, make alvine line function abate, as time passes, alvine line function can be lost a lot of, final bowel path can depend on cathartic to undertake defecate only.

3, the medicine that should notice Qing Dynasty heats up detoxify cannot be used casually, these medicine enter system inside hind, the feeling is the symptom that relieved constipation, actually, after stopping drug, the symptom of can aggravating constipation, so, this kind medicaments can be to have certain aperient effect only, but cannot have whole effect, had better use included method.