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What symptom does empty of male occurrence kidney have? Can man kidney empty appear what symptom expression?

There are a lot of people to contract a disease in the life, some illnesses are more serious, some diseases are exceedingly light delay, have the symptom of empty of some of male friend occurrence kidney, do then you know man kidney empty can appear what symptom? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, introduce the symptom of male kidney empty to behave to old furniture body, the hope is helpful to everybody.

What symptom does empty of male occurrence kidney have? Can man kidney empty appear what symptom expression? (1)

1, the symptom of man kidney empty

1. Wei is cold limb is cold

"Wei is cold " point to have be afraid of cold and the feeling that is afraid that wind is blown. "Limb is cold " show limb brothers is frozen, cold even to ancon, knee joint (joint product, articulatory information) symptom. "Wei cold limb is cold " often accompany lumbar genu ache, god tired lie, idle talk of little energy of life, opening is weak disease of not thirsty empty waiting for kidney.

2. waist acerbity backache

Lumbar acerbity backache depends on kidney empty at all, can divide for internal injury and strain. Empty of internal injury kidney shows a priori is insufficient, long commonly ill body empty or fatigue and excessive be caused by. Light person bow hard or erect, the person that weigh appears sufficient with aching, waist lack of power strain of; waiting for disease shows manual burden is overweight, or be engaged in same and fixed postural for a long time working (use computer, drive wait for) , can injure kidney gas for a long time, bring about kidney essence inadequacy. If appear regular lumbago, and rested to also do not solve a problem, the means that that is about to consider to pass filling kidney is solved.

3. giddy tinnitus

A lot of people had experienced giddy feeling, the taste of the sort of eye see things in a blur, very dizzy, disgusting vomiting is bad to suffer, and giddy patient often accompanies the reputation that has tinnitus, cloggy hearing, go down for a long time, can bring about deaf even. The reason that causes giddy tinnitus is much related to liver kidney.

4. is nightly heeltap-a small share of benefit after make water of many make water

Frequency of general night make water is in twice above, or the 1/4 that uric quantity exceeds full day, serious person nocturnal make water a hour, uric quantity is close to or exceed make water is measured by day, appear such circumstance is belonged to " nightly much make water " . Urine is normal by day, alone is nightly make water is much, be the characteristic of this disease, because kidney deficiency of vital energy is weak,be caused more. Want to effect a radical cure thoroughly, the breath that must hold this world of kidney of Wen Fuxian day this one main link, the solid that enhances kidney energy of life absorbs aerification effect, ability achieves the result that shade of this world answer cancels.

5. impotence is early shoot

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks kidney hides essence of life. Kidney essence changes raw private parts giving kidney and kidney this world, alimentary to arriving since the vital organs of the human body the action with Wen Xu. Kidney shade and kidney this world mutual inside human body depend on sb or sth for existence, mutual restrict, maintain the physiology balance of human body. If this one balance suffers,be destroyed or some one party ebbs to be able to produce pathological change, meeting occurrence impotence shoots the man early, the disease such as disease of fluid of slippery classics, classics.

2, the food that man filling kidney eats

1, the flesh kind

Medullary: Can embellish lung filling kidney, make skin moist, complexion is ruddy, body of appropriate kidney empty caustic of anaemia of weak, essence person edible.

Pig kidney: Can fill kidney empty, advocate backache of the acid that treat a waist, seminal emission, night sweat, with the ear disease that the empty that treat kidney causes.

Loach: Contain a lot ofhigh grade albumen, calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamin and nicotinic acid to wait. Have gas of the beneficial in filling, filling kidney to give birth to the effect of essence of life. Soup of loach of grown man tipple, OK and nourishing powerful body, enhance physical power, improve sexual function.

Quail: Quail flesh not only crisp tender delicate, and nutrition is rich. Quail flesh and quail egg contain a variety of human body indispensible and amino acid, inorganic salt. Have the effect of genu of benefiting kidney gas, able-bodied waist, it is nourishing fine quality goods.

Hotpot: " gleaning of a book on Chinese medicine " in, place on a par hotpot and ginseng, think it is lukewarm fill, powerful body, strong the flesh of body kind top grade. Contemporary dietetics also confirms, hotpot not only nutrition is rich, still contain minim sex hormone, have Zhuang Yang effect really. Nevertheless, hotpot is unfavorable feed together with vinegar, tea, can reduce Zhuang Yang effect otherwise, produce tannic acid protein, cause constipation.

Columbine flesh: Dove says again " Bai Feng " , male and female is copulatory very frequency is close, progenitive capability is very strong. Columbine flesh and dove egg contain element of rich protein, cartilage, vitamin and iron, zinc to wait for nutrient composition. Have filling kidney to fill the action that essence of life, lukewarm in relief beneficial enrages.

2, aquatic product kind

Dried scallop: Can fill kidney method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, especially appropriate kidney deficiency of yin with irritability person edible.

Weever: Can fill taste, embellish liver kidney, beneficial bones and muscles, appropriate taste deficiency of yin with irritability of kidney of frail, liver person edible.

Holothurian: Can benefit kidney is in relief, it is Zhuang Yangjia is tasted, kidney empty person take aptly feed.

Shrimp: Can fill kidney Zhuang Yang, kidney of healthy and vigorous is angry. Every kidney this world is insufficient, aching and limp of the foot that be like a waist, impotent, not Yo person all can take feed.

3, vegetables and fruits kind

Mulberry: Can fill liver beneficial kidney, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is raised colour, edible of You Yi of the person that kidney deficiency of yin with irritability has a deficit.

Yam: Can be good at lienal beneficial kidney, essence of filling empty solid, the person of kidney empty is appropriate and constant edible.

Hawkthorn: Contain ursine fruit acid, can reduce tallow fat to be in charge of mural deposit in blood, have the certain effect that prevent or reduces arteriosclerosis. If eat some of bright hawkthorn at ordinary times, drink with water of dry hawkthorn bubble, or hawkthorn is joined when stew, flavor already, can help aid digestion again.

4, drupe kind

Sesame seed: Can embellish liver kidney, lumbar acerbity leg is soft, dazed tinnitus, the person that send as soon as possible of withered deal with an offender to lay the kidney theory such as white hair all appropriate edible.

Chestnut: Can fill lienal be good at stomach, appropriate kidney raises this world, kidney empty lumbago person most appropriate edible.

Walnut: Can fill kidney solid essence, embellish bowel is aperient, able-bodied bones and muscles, especially appropriate kidney deficiency of yin with irritability person edible.

5, Chinese traditional medicine kind

Medlar: Can fill kidney raises liver, increase is sharp eye, especially appropriate in senile kidney empty person take, the effect of beneficial Shou Yannian.

Aweto: Can protect lobar beneficial kidney, strong kidney essence, appropriate kidney empty person take.

The bark of eucommia: Can fill liver kidney, beneficial essence is angry, strong bones and muscles, ache to the lumbar acid of kidney empty be caused by, limply particularly effective.

Gorgon fruit: Can beneficial kidney fills lienal, seminal emission, premature ejaculation, pee is frequent person all appropriate edible.