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What reason is man long spot? How should man long spot do?

Long spot is feminine nightmare not only, and the nightmare that also is a man, long spot can affect the figure of oneself on man face, also can let oneself become not quite self-confident, the male friend that spot grows on a lot of faces so is seeking a means of settlement. Actually dispel spot did not imagine medium so complex, the small method that there is spot of a lot of dispels in daily life. So what reason is man long spot? How should man long spot do?

What reason is man long spot? How should man long spot do? (1)


One, man long spot is what reason

1, ignore protect skin

Many men think the skin nurses is the female's patent, man not need nurses the skin. Then carelessly face project, dry, be short of the problem such as water, glossy, splash to also come with respect to ground of follow a rational line to do some work well.

2, strong smooth illuminate

Male prefer is outdoors motion, outdoors golf, football, basketball, swim wait for motion, make the skin is exposed for long fall in sunshine, strong light and ultraviolet ray can be caused to the skin damage, so the skin can appear bask in, bask in spot, quicken skin ageing.

3, the mistake is blown need

The man always wants shave mustache, bit and cutaneous kiss intimate contact, it is a stimulation to the skin more or less. Often shave beard, can make organization of facial ministry skin flakes ceaselessly, newer, accelerate cutaneous metabolism, bring about skin happening flabby.

4, be used to daily

Male people smoking, stay up late, drink, dinner party, food does not have the rule, rest not enough, can bring about body endocrine disorder, the skin also suffers an effect. The person complexion that often smokes is dim. The person complexion extensive that stay up late is green, black rim of the eye is apparent. The dinner party crosses glossy of much skin superficial. And food can create long spot without the rule.


2, how should man long spot do

1, purify cutin

Because splash arises at cutaneous base layer, so effective weak spot protects skin to taste should be action at skin depth, and can effectively purify ageing is corneous, from inside outside arriving weak spot. Ferial li of OK and advanced travel is local chamfer is qualitative, undertake the skin nurses again. But the skin after basking in, sensitive skin and splash form initial stage, should avoid discreet perhaps chamfer to pledge, lest cause corneous loss, aggravating skin is sensitive, the desalt that goes against splash instead is cleared.

2, reasonable and clean

Daily and complete cleanness, can maintain pore unobstructed, maintain the metabolization function of skin health, conduce to precaution and desalt splash. But must avoid intense clean custom, product of face of alkali sex clean, overspend is ground arenaceous cream can make the skin becomes dry and sensitive, when the skin is sensitive, human body to protect the skin, melanin cell can secrete a lot of wheat to pull peaceful pigment, the problem with the skin ad cool-headed pigment such as spot, flaw should appear when pigment is superfluous.

3, strengthen protect wet

Pay attention to cutaneous to fill water and protect wet, be helpful for skin increasing the defence capacity that harms to the outside, enough moisture can maintain the metabolism of skin, accelerate the process of dispel spot. And the product protecting skin that contains weak spot part, the settlement that can have specific aim more splash problem, hope for success do not be eager to when men choose this kind of product, the dispel spot product of quick result causes stimulation easily to the skin, the correct habit that protect skin just is the best method that maintains skin health.

4, pay attention to prevent bask in

The ultraviolet ray in sunshine can stimulate hypodermic pigment cell activity frequent, make a many pigment, and can injure the metabolic function with skin normal cell, your melanin cannot successful eduction and remain is on the skin, deposit even in derma. So exceeding insolation can bring about splash generation not only, still can accentuate, deepen splash. Besides, computer radiate cause splash likewise easily to arise, because this is in the daily measure that protect skin, the man should pay attention to skin to prevent more bask in segregation, insist to use prevent bask in frost and segregation frost, OK and effective counteractive splash is invaded.


3, what should man long spot eat

1, carrot juice

Will bright carrot is mincing extract juice, take 10~30ml, daily time washs the daub after the face, wait for after working abluent. In addition. Daily drink a cup of Xian Huluo to predict juice, but beautiful white skin. The vitamin is contained in carrot particularly rich also oh, want to hold to only so, carrot also is to be able to achieve items, the United States is white, of the effect that fights cancer.

2, yoghurt

The inorganic mineral element such as the calcium that contains in yoghurt, magnesian, Potassium, natrium, can improve haemal acid-base value effectively, reduce the formation of spot of the pigment in the skin, have certain clear up effect to all sorts of splash such as Chloasma, fleck. And drink yoghurt to also can improve constipation, because yoghurt contains the ramification of E of zinc of tall active and inorganic mineral microelement and vitamin A, vitamin,wait to still conduce to certain toxicant is changed character inside body and excrete.

3: Tomato

Daily drink a cup of tomato juice to often perhaps have tomato, to preventing stain generate, dispel spot has favorable effect. Because peptide of rich cereal Guang pleasant is contained in tomato, peptide of cereal Guang pleasant can restrain melanin, the pigment of sober drops or disappear thereby. But tomato is sensitive food, although be opposite dispel spot is very effective, but still do not want drinkable by day, lest ultraviolet illuminate produces more spot.

4: Lemon juice

citric agitate juice, add honey water right amount and drinkable. Many vitamin C, calcic, phosphor, iron is contained to wait in lemon. Constant drink lemon juice not only but hairdressing is raised colour, still can restrain melanin ad cool-headed, achieve the effect of dispel spot. But lemon and tomato are same, also be sensitive food, be sure to keep in mind to be not drunk by day.

The man grows spot how to should do