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Is the man nightly how should protect skin? What does the man protect skin to should notice?

Protecting skin is the patent of female friends not merely, male friend as much need, because the society is a society that sees a face now, friend of a lot of men because the skin on the face is bad, and be a burden on the Yan Zhi of oneself, so friend of a lot of men also begins to pay attention to nowadays protect skin. So is the man nightly how should protect skin? Does the man protect skin what to what should notice there is?

Is the man nightly how should protect skin? What does the man protect skin to should notice? (1)


One, the man is nightly how should protect skin

1, deep-seated cleanness

The man is outer the outside through a day is harmful corporeal descent, skin has become tired out. Accordingly, nightly nurse the first pace of skin is deep-seated and clean skin.

The Tu Yu after breeding clean face in the hand knead gives rich bubble is facial, and be massaged gently, the help promotes skin loop, impurity of skin of effective scour off, reply health vigor.

2, fill effectively water

Be in nightly the product protecting skin that uses powerful effect filling water, conduce to for skin compensatory and many water is divided, and abiding lock water, deep-seated and moist skin. Get abiding moisture ooze raise, awake overnight, skin becomes smooth and tender, be full of water feeling.

3, moist

The man is in protecting always is on skin very be afraid of to there is a responsibility on the face, they are fed up with facial the skin that be protected is tasted " burnt " the feeling of the move, so, pursuit " 0 burdens " one of standards that are man good product. Relaxed model embellish skin dew, not fat, can let a face the ministry feels relaxed and be permeated quickly, form a diaphragm, chain the water inside skin is divided effectively, give skin abiding moist.

4, strengthen massage

The man is outer the body that worked hard one day, if can well slow muscle pressure, it is to muscle and skin enjoy greatly. The infantile oil besmear that we can use massage oil or contains moist part is on the body, inflexible or it is easy to massage muscle slowly the place of ache, till nurse,fluid is absorbed by the skin.

After be being brushed, again beautiful beautiful ground sleeps shut-eye, get up tomorrow morning surely can have different feeling.

5, attention food

Eat a few delicate food more in the evening, can eat a few green vegetables and fruit more. Among them accumulate contained rich vitamin and mineral can help by inside and outside nurse skin of take good care of sb. And, before sleeping, answer to drink a few water less, prevent to skin the following day the circumstance of occurrence oedema.

6, protect skin order

The accurate method that protect skin is skin of clean of advanced travel depth, make sure skin can absorb enough nutrition, those who ensure wet, moist result is have to protect skin to taste on besmear later, next redo is exterior protection. Using when protecting skin to taste, want to notice, the principle that according to the element Yue Xiaoyue uses first, frostlike powder of frost of fluid of water of the skin that be like bright, elite, eye, latex, milk, cream shape protects skin to taste, quality of a material is more relaxed, rarer use first more, such more absorb adequately what be helpful for all sorts of nutrition.


2, the man protects skin note

1, accusing oil is the first task.

Male skin is thicker than the female, pore is bulky, amount of its sebaceous glands is much and develop, have relatively crass corneous layer, so the skin should be gotten than female consenescence slow, and flexibility is better than woman skin also, not easy generation is fine compile and print, because this is divided,knitting is not the main purpose that the male protects skin, but the male skin of 80% above belongs to oily skin, grease is secreted overmuch, can bring about pore to jam, grow acne or dark sore easily, this makes the biggest job that controls oil to become the male to protect skin.

2, prevent the skin to wash oilier more.

As a result of sex hormone of male and female different, male sebaceous glands and sweat gland are secreted more exuberant, add male cutaneous PH value slants acidity, the skin is easy and fat, sweat is more also, so, cleanness is a man really protect skin the first want justice, just, this kind of cleanness cannot wash a face a few times to achieve with how absolutely, contrary, the time that wash a face is more, skin water distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin is met react in order to secrete more oily aim as protection, the result is instead " wash oilier more " , the result of grease unbalance is pore jam, be overflowing with of acne dark sore.

Be aimed at much oil, much sweat and the characteristic that give birth to blain blain easily, the key of male clean skin makes effective cleanness and repair skin " high-definition bright " , distinguish the female clean skin at effect of pursuit beauty white nutrition, so if the man uses cummer, clean skin of the madam is tasted, because nutrition is superfluous,often can accentuate instead cutaneous is oily, give birth to blain more easily.

3, shave also must want to had been done nurse.

Shave must nurse after before cent is needed for shave, be being needed with shave, the shave syrup that before shave is needed, uses can let razor piece more skin of press close to, and reduce pair of cutaneous stimulation, but no matter be bit,dynamoelectric shave is needed, the course that shave needs can arise to the skin more or less exciting, the small cut that some flesh are less than the metropolis on the skin after shave is needed soon.

Because this shave needs the aftertreatment of be apt to after to become a man to protect the particular segment of skin, the makeup of this kind of product and female water has similar action, the water after the beard can rise slow the skin, convergent pore, antiseptic diminish inflammation and prevent infection to reach defend wet action.

4, the program that protect skin wants simple and quick.

Of the man protect skin to taste should simple, quick, wiping the 0 burdens product that did not perceive on the face is the important level that judges a man to protect skin to taste stand or fall, relaxed model clean face product, the water after the beard, tighten skin water, and not fat, permeate quickly protect wet, moist embellish skin frost, it is the first selection when the male uses the product that protect skin.

On the program that protect skin, the male is special protect skin to taste also the nature that do one's best accords with a man to be afraid of a trouble, do one's best is simple and quick, product of money of 2-3 of a series everyday 5-8 minute do completely calm, as to the lipstick, eye frost, Facial mask is waited a moment special bead nurse, can go for in order to go to beauty parlour professional beautician is done carefully, OK also and removed him period of time nurses, need not do a homework everyday.

5, keep clean with the grandma that wash a face.

The man protects the segment with the most important skin is retentive cleanness, because male skin is general grain is thicker, pore is bigger, and much oil, easy above stop bilge. Besides with Wen Shui (30-40 is spent) wash a face, the grandma that wash a face is clean cutaneous optimal things.

At present the grandma washing a face on the market is raw material with natural material mostly, can moderate land is cleared skin bacteria, facial dead skin cell, subtle bilge reachs purify foreign matter, maintain the skin clean of pure and fresh bright. Take right amount wash a face to suckle face of even Tu Yu to go up, delimit with what finger makes gentleness the circle is massaged, t word place but a bit more multi-purpose time, rush with clear water after a few seconds clean.

6, the man is prevented bask in not allow to ignore.

Defend the patent that basking in is not a woman absolutely, bask in to preventing, a lot of men appear and care nothing, actually, prevent bask in protect skin to the man especially important, especially often outdoors works and mobile man should notice to prevent bask in. The choice suits what skin pledges to prevent bask in article, on the besmear before going out everyday a few.