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Does the man maintain what method does the skin have? What should man choice cosmetic notice?

A lot of males work at ordinary times busy, food not the rule, skin also gets nursing rarely, actually also need caresses male skin, the male should maintain at ordinary times the skin, reduce cutaneous to give oil, had done filling water to keep wet job for the skin, maintain the health of skin, so does the man maintain what method does the skin have? What should man choice cosmetic notice?

Does the man maintain what method does the skin have? What should man choice cosmetic notice? (1)

1, the man maintains cutaneous method

1, do early maintain

Because the male is outdoors the activity is much, add grease to secrete more exuberant, the skin is coarser, produce black head, furrow more easily to wait, accordingly, facial skin of the male nurses appear more important. And a lot of men are to be in enter middleaged hind all sorts of problems on ability disclosure skin, at this moment the evening when redo remedies to had been been. Accordingly, let us prepare somewhat, 30 years old before the cheek that caresses oneself well!

2, filling water is protected wet

In the skin of human body, facial skin appears flimsy particularly, should do early maintain, should pay attention to daily filling water to protect more wet, as the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of years, the moisture on the skin also is met gradually prediction of a person's luck in a given year, so daily filling water is protected wet indispensable, especially northward climate is dry, northward male should take seriously more rise.

3, do good skin cleanness correct and clean skin

Because common toilet soap can destroy skin surface layer, stimulate the skin, reason had better wash a face with the special grandma that wash a face or gel, very good clean action reachs in order to be opposite since the skin. Undertake deep-seated cleanness regularly, dispel is redundant grease, contamination, stimulative blood circulates, improve appearance. Oily skin person, the person that smoke, driver and the person that work below the condition with insufficient oxygen indoors all the year round, need to often do deep-seated skin cleanness sanitation to nurse especially.

4, water is drunk more when drinking water to make the same score

Maintain the normal water content of skin cell, can make the skin bright and clean and springiness. Cosmetologist proposal, when if morning rises,a mug that healthy person had better use 200 milliliter capacity everyday drinks on 6 cups of water 1 cup, before going to work 1 cup, in the morning at 10 o'clock 1 cup. Afternoon at 4 o'clock before 1 cup, motion 1 cup. Before sleeping 1 cup.

5, eat a system is popular

Consider to make clear, as usual feeds liver of spinach, legume, animal to wait, iron food can make human body gives out wild jujube fragrance; Wheat kind, the food containing magnesium such as sea alga can make body skin sends out apricot fragrance; Yulan magnolia sweet drink (jade orchid, hawkthorn piece bubble water, irruptive honey is drinkable) can make human body gives out yulan magnolia fragrance; Aloe tea can make system popular quiet and beautiful. Be worth to try.

6, have one's sleep out sleeps very

Modern medicine considers to prove, sleeping to become aware is the fundamental condition that assures health and even hairdressing, often stay up late or insomnious person is easy and anile, include skin consenescence inside. Especially nightly arrived at 12 o'clock the next day before dawn at 3 o'clock this paragraph of time, skin cell metabolization is fast, "With old change new " speed is sober condition below 8 times much, reason enjoys hairdressing to sleep eye period " name. Those who change character, want the skin at nurture youth, want to notice the Morpheus of this paragraph of time especially, must not miss.

2, man cosmetic chooses to notice

1, wash a face to cream. The man because the skin is much oily, pore is bulky, the clean side that chooses bubble to abound commonly is tasted, thoroughly abluent and facial. Shave must cream want clean skin above all, need beard wringing, make skin soft with towel hot compress as far as possible, wipe shave to must cream again next undertake shave is needed. The appropriate after shave is needed is rinsed with cold water with convergent skin pore.

2, cream. The skin physiology of the male and female differs completely. The female grows leather fat to secrete a quantity to decrease as the age, dry of skin Yi Gan. But fat secretes male skin to have nothing to do with the age however, easy from beginning to end fat, so the male chooses to protect skin to taste appropriate to choose to be able to prevent skin dry be short of water and coarse state, hua Shuang is moist but the latex that does not have fat feeling.

3, lipstick. Man besmear lipstick basically is to be protection the lip is unapt weather-shack. Be in especially in the winter, the lip of green purple can make although you maintain very good facial sell at a discount greatly.

3, how does man autumn winter protect skin

1. uses protect skin technically to taste:

Many men are in only careless washs a face with cold water and soap in the morning, do not use any protecting skin is tasted, this kind of practice is bad to the skin. Should choose to fit the clean face product with him simple skin, if the man is special the grandma that wash a face or soft clean face black, after a large number of foam are made on the hand besmear is on the face, clear water of the reoccupy after using finger to knead 2 minutes to 3 minutes is abluent, next appropriative of the man on besmear moves skin water, secrete in order to balance grease, contractive pore. The expert is special point out, when the male is choosing to protect skin to taste, the man that should choose to accord with oneself skin characteristic as far as possible is special protect skin to taste or the masses protects skin to taste, what use a the female sex less is special protect skin to taste, contain hormone especially kind product.

2. outdoors activity should besmear prevent bask in frost:

In autumn, there should be the nutrient frost that ensures wet result or latex on besmear, the man that often needs outdoors activity answers Tu Fang basks in frost.

3. divides dark sore regularly:

The male still should keep clear of regularly of the skin pore such as black head, hoary head and dark sore jam content, should notice to disinfect in clean process. The male with dark serious sore should see a doctor to the hospital, leave scar in case.

After 4. shave needs, nurse should serious:

The male needs often shave beard, using bit wet blow Hu Shi, should first the face abluent, in case the bacterium is invaded, make cutaneous corneous with face of hot towel apply later layer bate. The shave with soft texture should be chosen to must cream when shave is needed, with slow down razor blade cutaneous of the ministry opposite side grinds. Gel or latex still should be chosen to wait after shave is needed come slow cutaneous insecurity and exciting feeling.