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What does preserve one's health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine discharge poisonous method to have? Poisonous method where there is does preserve one's health of doctor of traditional Chin

In us at ordinary times among daily life, the hard to avoid on the face that has friends of a few females can appear a few blain, the phenomenon such as bazoo of wine broken bits, and these phenomena also are not to use protect skin to taste what can eliminate quickly, this is to make female friends pained very unceasingly, below small make up the method that will tell a female friends use preserve one's health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to discharge poison to recuperate. So what does the method with poisonous platoon of preserve one's health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine have? Poisonous method where there is does preserve one's health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine discharge?

What does preserve one's health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine discharge poisonous method to have? (1)

Blain grows on the face -- lung heats up do mischief

Long blain blain is young girl's paineddest thing on the face, want to find out a reason to avoid as far as possible. Forehead long blain is much because press muscularity, disposition is poor, cause internal heat and haemal circulation to have problem; blain growing between Shuang Mei is a bosom more frowsty, rhythm of the heart is not whole, long blain of palpitation; nose is gastric fire is filled too more, unusual; nose ala grows digestion blain is much concerning; right cheek to grow blain with ovarian function or reproductive system is lobar function more long blain of wrong; left cheek is liver function more not smooth, periphery of lip of the; that heat up poison grows blain is constipation brings about body endotoxin to accumulate more, or it is the toothpaste; chin that uses the excess that contain fluorine long blain is endocrinopathy; more temporal around appear small acne, overmuch treatment provision was included in the food and drink that shows you, cause nose of cystic block; two side appear blackhead, phenomenon of slight and dry desquamate, state blood circulates two side grow undesirable; cheek blain or occurrence acne, state food must try abstemious, do not eat and drink too much, control food, recuperate a mood, it is the best method of blain of not long blain.

Blain of right cheek long blain is the report that there are heat and lung to have inflammation in lung. Blain of lobar heat blain is papule shape, easy at ordinary times mouth works, be perturbed, coating on the tongue is yellow, have symptom of typical suffer from excessive internal heat.

Express to have lobar fire commonly accumulate hot, lung is angry not announce " lobar fire " card is awaited. Nevertheless this vaccination blain appears in the autumn more, and much meeting companion has cough, pharynx urticant, pharynx is painful, have phlegmy wait for a symptom. Lung is in the position with top the five internal organs, be called " canopy " , advocate department breathes motion, from nature inspiratory Qing Dynasty is enraged, the body of foul smell eduction inside body outside, it is cardiac complementary official, help metabolic success. Of this kind of circumstance fall fire mights as well give priority to with nourishing embellish lung.

Note food and sentiment even at that time, prohibit having seafood and mango, alcoholic drink kind the Yi Min food such as food, allergic meeting makes your tracheal, bronchus, lung more unwell. 7~9 dot is the while with lobar the strongest classics morning, some of exercise having oxygen is done when lung is the strongest, canter for instance, function of can able-bodied lung. The time with the flimsiest lung is in the evening 9~11 dot, cough some badlier in the evening so, the proposal contains a pear in the mouth after dinner, when brushing his teeth to the front of sleep, spit. Embellish lung suits to eat lily most, gan Wei suffers from lily sex, be good at embellish lung relieving a cough, clear heart calms the nerves, have very good help to hectic cure. To maintaining the skin also is very good food.

Wine broken bits is nose -- lobar stomach suffers

Nose common of wine broken bits weighs red nose. Main feature is nose ministry produces wine spot piece, dilate of fine blood-vessel of the hairiness on its and papula are pustular, see more with middleaged female. The culprit that it comes on is mite bug. Mite bug is main parasitism at the person facial, especially in the wool bursa of nose ministry and sebaceous glands. Behave the bazoo outside be normally the skin is aglow, but with nose needle most remarkable. This is the result as a result of hemal and apparent dilate, the little blood vessel that can see dilate through the skin sometimes is shown dendritic, secrete as a result of local sebaceous glands exuberant, nose appears illness of Gong Youliang; develops further, the skin can be added thick, grow a rash or small abscess even, the surface is coarse and rough, very resemble lees, renown a nose to light candles at. Some people, nose pointed skin is added thick particularly remarkable, coarse nose needle increases apparently be just as grew tumor.

A lot of people thought in the past, bazoo of wine broken bits and drink for a long time, dyspeptic, rage, eat hot excitant food, endocrine function maladjusted wait for an element to concern. Modern research discovers, this disease basically affects be caused by by mite bug parasitism, as a result of,mite bug infection basically is at ordinary times carelessly facial skin cleanness is wholesome, the contact affects be caused by. Although not be the immediate cause that causes bazoo of wine broken bits,drink, but can promote illness development.

Fill in time water -- platoon poison is raised colour

As current society people is mixed to the United States the pursuit of preserve one's health, the concept of preserve one's health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is taken seriously gradually, "The platoon is poisonous " also became the concept that compares popularity now. Immanent toxin is influence health and the important facet with beautiful skin. Poisonous limits involves the square respect area of the life, and in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine " poison " the idea is more comprehensive, the child that the metabolization inside body comes out makes toxin in the unusual deposit inside body, still include to result from outside airframe, airframe place is not adaptable " wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire " . Additional, constellation is extremely evil source. To oneself as people platoon poison is raised colour understanding increases, have the toxin with eduction harmful airframe and superfluous nutrition only, ability maintains the beauty of health and skin.

The organ discharging poison with normal human body has path of lung, skin, bowel, kidney and bladder to wait. We should make sure these organs coordinate the ground to discharge poison each other. Lung and large intestine photograph the outside and the inside, the conduction that bowel is enraged normally machine litre fall orderly, the announce that conduces to lung sends respectful to fall, the system discharging poison that assures human body oneself thereby produces normal effect. As a result of human body cell 65% it is moisture, should maintain a cell to have flexibility and burnish to be about to complement enough moisture, so we want seasonable compensatory moisture content at ordinary times, accelerate haemal circulation, stimulative platoon is poisonous.

Knock beat dozen -- expedite main and collateral channels

Large intestine of disgorge of blood of gas of morning 5-7 spot classics, it is the time that gets up in us commonly. So, a cup of weak brine is drunk after getting up or honey water, if you do not have time to prepare, clear water is same also, lukewarm. After drinking water, beat large intestine classics. Lobar classics and large intestine classics it is a small circle, so best two main and collateral channels are beaten together, already aperient, discharge poison again.

Beat lobar classics first, left hand nature is flagging, control is forward, grasp empty fist with the right hand, beat the side outside slanting along the arm to beat big toe to point to end all the time forcibly a bit from the position of left shoulder nest, beat with 3 positions key in humeral nest, elbow, palm. Next the right hand grasps empty fist to beat left arm large intestine classics, left hand nature is flagging, slant along the arm from the side outside forefinger the position that the course inside hammers deltoid up all the time, point and lobar classics are same. Change finally, left hand grasps empty fist to beat classics of sword arm lung, large intestine again classics, the seaside beats a minute each, arrive from begin arm artifice, whole classics wants to knock. After be being beaten, go again the toilet is excreted.

These two main and collateral channels still can treat knock cold. N&v snuffle, sneeze, snorty, have a headache these cold symptoms are respiratory system gave an issue commonly, be free to be knocked beat dozen, the arm can have apparent acerbity keenly feel, massage acerbity pain spot again next, imperceptible cold has been met.

Prevent what facial and flabby, hairdressing discharges poison to beat a way: Show with 10 hands abdomen knock is whole and facial, bone of forehead, eyebrow, nose, zygomatic, chin wants key knock. Reoccupy palm flaps cervical left ahead, gimmick must light. Cooperate to beat large intestine at the same time classics, because this main and collateral channels is direct and facial,this is two buccal with nose ala, can prevent these place effectively to grow spot to grow blain.