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How should the man protect skin? How does the man protect skin to do?

The times is in progress the idea of people also closes in that way before no longer, the bounds of some things also is done not have again so trenchant, very much now to protecting skin hairdressing male also is in slowly begin to notice. So some male protects skin to also want to note divisional case. Cannot use a product at will. So how should the man protect skin? How does the man protect skin to do? .

How should the man protect skin? How does the man protect skin to do? (1)

1, drying skin

Skin compares drying cutaneous normally character exquisite and frivolous, although the man's skin relatively the female is a few coarser, but drying cutaneous men pore is not apparent however, can pledge than other skin it seems that a bit more exquisite, secrete because of fat of drying skin skin not much, and perplex without T area, but the meeting is drier.

Men are OK and very good differentiate oneself skin whether drying, of course drying skin also is compared normally sensitive, because of skin cutin the water of the layer is divided under 10% , produce microgroove or furrow more easily so. When drying cutaneous man is choosing to protect skin to taste, no matter be clean face,still protect wet, can choose to protect skin aciditily to taste, the cream that at the same time battalion nurturance distributes some of oil also is right choice.

Drying skin also is divided to be short of ability in swimming is mixed be short of oily, because skin is in-house,be short of skin of drying of ability in swimming is moisture and leather fat overbalance, bring about thereby " outside work inside oil " ; And because leather fat has been secreted,be short of oily drying skin is little, bring about cannot chain water is divided, work too thereby, this kind of skin is only pure the word of filling water, can accentuate only drying state, so drying cutaneous you, also should know to ought to fill oil still is filling water.

2, oily skin

Mostly the man is oily skin, the state that oily skin presents normally is, bulky, grease secretes pore overmuch, and the skin feels coarser, do not have flexibility quite, but microgroove of not easy generation.

If you are oily cutaneous man, the most important when clean face is gentle, because once stimulate your skin, condition giving oil will be more serious, and cream should choose water to include oil kind product, and must have keep the material with wet higher class status, defeat uric acid, glycerine for instance or spiny dogfish Xi.

3, mixture sex skin

Mixture sex skin is to show in T word the area secretes grease more, but the skin that the others place does quite, and this kind is the mixture sex skin that causes inherently normally, but if live because of making a living pressure or dietary pattern is different, turn into very easily oily skin, so this kind of man notices partition maintains certainly oneself skin, and notice dietary pattern, let facial grease distributing even.

Mix model area of cutaneous T word is compared normally fat, had better use in T word area so contain fruit acid to wait those who dominate result of oily filling water protect skin to taste, and do deep-seated cleanness to give oily place easily regularly, can accuse oil effectively so, make what facial grease distributings even thereby. What additionally need reminds is, because T word area is fatter,do not want, do not brush cream, if protect wet insufficient, the skin can secrete more grease, choose so a few protect wet gel or area of word of latex paint T, water oil just can decrease evenly facial and fat.

4, the man protects skin method

, clean face

This did not need to say more, no matter the man still is a lady, need to wash oneself face clean first. To the man, the grandma that wash a face and the black that wash a face is very good clean product.

2, filling water

The skin of men slants generally oily, can choose after complete cleanness skins relaxed model bright skin water, still can let a face the ministry feels relaxed and do not break moist.

3, recuperation

The latex that chooses to suit his or facial frost, it is very important. It can balance the moisture of skin and grease, downy recuperation skins, let skin restore healthy moist vitality.

4, shave beard

Regard a man as the beard of the mark, also be the key that the man protects skin, and it is any ladies protect skin to taste the man that cannot replace's particular measure that protect skin. Should choose character the shave with good, small stimulation must cream, black and gentle shave need water.

5, go black first

Can buy a few go the Facial mask of black head, those who stick and so on, after washing facial measure in the evening, use, reoccupy clear water washs a face, need not wash grandma, the latex after wiping! Use every week 1- - 2.

6, chamfer pledges

Buy chamfer to cream character, after washing facial measure in the evening, use, reoccupy clear water washs a face, need not wash grandma, latex of the besmear after wiping! Use 1 times every week.

To the man, protect skin cannot careless, must follow the prescribed order, one step comes slowly, gift is nicer nurse oneself skin oh.

5, a few food that fight consenescence

1, eat more some contain a lot ofcartilage maigre content

Soup of soup of the bone that be like a pig, bovine bone soup, bone of gallinaceous skin, chicken, can enhance cutaneous flexibility. Cent of human body skin is cuticular, dermal, subcutaneous tissue 3, those who affect skin hairdressing basically is dermal. Derma is formed by stretch fiber, and compositive flexibility fibrous is the mainest material is vitriolic cartilage element. Inside human body if lack element of this kind of cartilage, the skin lost flexibility namely, occurrence furrow. So, eat some of food that contains vitriolic cartilage element to abound more, with respect to the happening that can defer skin furrow, make the skin maintains flexibility and exquisite.

2, eat more some the food that contains a lot ofnucleic acid

This kind of food, wait like fish, shrimp, ostracean, dawdle, tremella, honey, can remove senile plaque. Consider to discover in recent years, additional nucleic acid kind food, can defer consenescence already, can prevent the generation of skin furrow again. Researcher serves as an object with 30 females, make them daily take nucleic acid 800 milligram and right amount vitamin C. A lunar hind observes, the senile plaque on 9 individual faces disappears, the furrow on 5 individual faces disappears, 8 people's rude skin becomes relatively plump and smooth-skinned, the skin of someone else all is improved somewhat than before.

3, eat more some contain a lot ofalkalescent food

Acidity, alkalescent food is not decision of mouthfeel of at one's convenience, show food enters human body hind to be shown finally however acidity or alkalescent. Basic provision includes majority vegetable, fruit, bean products and sea product to wait. Consider to make clear, the acidity food of excessive makes blood shows acidity, make acid content of the lactic acid in blood, make water increases accordingly. These material come to skin surface along with sweat fluid, can make the skin becomes without vigor, lose flexibility, can make facial skin flabby and faint especially, encounter air cooling or sunlight to insolate, easy fission. Eat some of alkalescent food more, can make blood appears alkalescent, reduce the content of lactic acid, urea, reduce pair of cutaneous to erode, damage.

4, eat more contain a lot ofthe food of collagen albumen

For example, hoof of pigskin, pig, soft-shelled turtle. According to dietetics home people analysis, protein is contained in pigskin of every 100 grams 26.4% , for porky 2.5 times, and adipose have 2.27 grams only however, for porky half. Especially the protein in skin, bases is collagen albumen. Albumen of this kind of collagen has the function that adds water of skin lay aside, moist skin, maintain the skin to organize the balance of moisture of cellular inside and outside. Collagen albumen is the main raw material that skin cell grows, can make human body skin long plump, white tender, make furrow decreases or disappear, make the person appears young.