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Does the man protect skin what to error there is? Should the man protect skin?

More and more men also begin to notice now should maintain well oneself skin, but because long-term carelessly the skin problem of facial ministry also has the possibility very serious, also do not know plus him male how this are urticant maintain the skin, use without a break in disorder namely normally so. So does the man protect skin what to error there is? Should the man protect skin? We will have a look.

Does the man protect skin what to error there is? Should the man protect skin? (1)

1, the man protects skin error

1, the man is corneous thick not fragile

Consider to show, more corneous than feminine cutaneous layer wants the man's skin thick make an appointment with 24%~40% . This means his skin to be stimulated not easily quite, appear lesser also sensitive state. But his skin draws strength relatively a few weaker also, need member is so young and accumulate contain promote those who draw part to protect skin to taste, such ability achieve better result.

2, pore is a man greatly is characteristic

The lab considers to discover the male skins giving oil is a female of double, have reaching 80% males is to give oil to perhaps mix slant to skin oilily. In the meantime, the PH cost that the male skins is lower than the female. Accordingly, the male skins more is gone out oily worry, need complete cleanness more. Male photograph is compared at the female, appear more easily color of skin is dark the problem skin that bulky, acne causes heavy, pore. The product quality of a material that the male needs wants more relaxed, without oil or low oily recipe, need refuses bacterium class status, restrain the generation of acne.

3, the man is protected skin need not fill water

Male skin gives oily amount big, the pore that natural pore also compares a woman is bulky, at the same time the man is secreted because of sweat fluid and eduction is more, the moisture of skin prediction of a person's luck in a given year is so more also than the woman much. To the man, protect wet, accuse oily, clean, astringent, these are necessary daily attention homeworks, and the active ingredient that male product has side important place to add convergent pore, enhance fluid of sweat of filling water, balance, preserve skin moist and flexibility.

4, metabolization speed of the man slow

Since man " shameless " , so his skin metabolism also can compare feminine cutaneous metabolism slower. Feminine skin works normally cycle is 24 hours normally, and the man reachs 34 hours. Accordingly, the man also needs to help with artificial means more stimulative skin is metabolic.

5, the man is not shown often

You may be early with respect to discovery he seems to age not easily. Really, 35 years old before, his skin is richer than the woman stretch, but passed 35 years old, the ageing speed that the man skins is met very rapid. So middleaged male should more the attention fights consenescence, and it is very important to them to increase collagen albumen second birth, but young man also cannot treat sth lightly, insist to had been done nurse daily can alleviate in the future anile speed and anile degree.

6, shave, when all can

Convenient, the behavior surveyor's pole of numerous man believe in, shave not exceptional also. As long as it is conveniently, shave beard can undertake in any time. What your place does not understand is, shaving also is a when protect skin important segment actually, it also is to have cultured. Optimal shave beard should be arranged as far as possible in the morning, pass one night after all amend, facial ministry skin is in most relaxation condition. Razor is not be in and " nervous " skin is opposite forcedly forcedly antagonism, arrive to the harm of skin decreases or falling consequently lowest.

7, the male does not need protect skin

Male skin also has many trouble actually, grease secretes acne of exuberant, dark sore, furrow to wait. Because of answering him cutaneous characteristic chooses the right combination that protect skin, can help skin hold good position.

8, it is OK to use toilet soap everyday

Toilet soap is not choice of first-rate clean face, because often be used,toilet soap can affect cutaneous acid-base value. When the skin feels dry or stretching tight closely, sebaceous glands can secrete much oil, make facial case giving oil more severe.

9, dark sore is OK emerge of itself and perish of itself or be can squeeze with the hand

Because dirt, dead skin piles up,dark sore is pore, make leather fat cannot normal eduction, bring about what the skin is affected by the bacterium and form thereby, if use a hand to squeeze,go acne, or it is laissez-faire, can make dark sore hides deeper more, leave uneven scar even. So at ordinary times clean face is used grind sand to cream undertake nursing basically notting allow to ignore.

10, dietary daily life has nothing to do with hairdressing

If do not have good dietary convention, often eat fat, acrimony, exciting food, have the habit of smoking, so complexion looks burnish of certain not quite healthy lack. Want the dietary convention with good nurturance at ordinary times so, eat delicate food and fresh vegetable, fruit more, drink water more, little smoking, ability improves the skin effectively.

11, the lady uses it is same and OK to protect skin to taste apply to the male

The skin of major man is incline to character at oily, lack water again at the same time. And of the female protecting skin to taste is moist mostly model, most female product does not suit the male. So, the man should be compared when the choice relaxed men's protect skin to taste.

12, prevent the topic that basking in is lady care only

Prevent bask in and differ to be suntanned at be afraid of, the black hole that ozonosphere splits is larger and larger, fiercer and fiercer also to cutaneous power. Place is basked in in case do not divide a men and women, should be the thing that everybody cares.

2, the male protects skin method

1, filling water

The proposal has done sufficient filling water work at ordinary times, want relaxed the filling water that does not have grease. Select weak acidity product, not be alkalescent, because alkalescent although be washed very neatly, but meeting aggravate gives oily case, especially T area and cheek. Pay attention to even filling water and protect wet, if washy, oily exudation measures natural meeting to decrease.

2, clear

The 2nd pace after cleanness passes, clear namely cerebral cortex. The man uses close skin water rarely commonly, the water after actually it resembles needing is same very necessary. The PH that close skin water can help farther cleared and cuticular leftover grease, convergent pore maintain skin weak acidity is worth, some contain the close skin water that defends wet factor more can farther soft change the skin, use after clean face, shave is needed, the feeling is more cozy, because shave is needed,still can prevent effectively to cause " inside unripe beard " or allergic phenomenon.

3, correct shave beard

The man's beard grows quickly, some person beard are particularly shock still, need often blows introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad, shave. Shave should choose to be in in the morning, because right now facial ministry and skin are in,loosen condition. Should choose character good, excitant small shave must cream, black and gentle shave need water. First only area, wait for pore to loosen stretch, resumptive shave needs beard molten. The order when the operation should arrive from hair on the temples, cheek, neck all round the lip reach chin. After shave is needed, wash a face with Wen Shui, reoccupy cold water rushs, at patulous pore with benefit systole recovers from an illness. Later, tu Xie is moist fluid, frost, in order to pacify the skin, decrease smartly. Additional, at ordinary times avoid by all means uses a hand or forceps chaos unplugs beard, lest because the bacterium inbreaks,cause the folliculitis, furuncle, skin disease such as pore evaginate, injure the skin thereby.

4, adjust mood

Change of the person's psychosis, psychology is control by pallium, action at cutaneous nerve fiber, if humor anguish, spirit is dispirited, or feel for a long time insecurity, fear, depressive, can cause skin blood to circulate in short supply of undesirable, nutrition, make cadaverous, Huang Hei, furrow deepens the skin, premature consenescence. Accordingly, should notice to adjust at ordinary times mood and strengthen take exercise, have healthy state of mind and physique, ability has healthy skin.

5, strengthen nutrition

Winter skin adjusts performance is poor, answer to eat the fresh vegetable that contains a vitamin, fruit and egg more, have animal egg white less, be helpful for cutaneous metabolization. Still answer to have the thing of lung of embellish of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood more at ordinary times, be like sesame seed, honey, eat the excitant food such as green, garlic less as far as possible. Besides, want the skin is good, indispensible still absorb a few mineral, wait like magnesian, Potassium, these are mineral can remove fatigue, outer leaf aid digestion, quicken enzymatic activity, stimulative blood to circulate, be helpful for hairdressing beautifying hair thereby. Human body is daily the magnesium that must absorb 300-400 milligram, and in food of food of magnesian main consist in, go after overly so " take course more little have a meal " , also go against cutaneous health.