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Does the man protect skin what to contraindication there is? What does the man protect skin to want to notice?

Protect the patent that skin is not a female any more now, the facial condition essence of life that more and more males also begin to pay close attention to his enrages a god, the smooth and clean affirmation on the face is fatter than one face of black head the person should be denounced happy event a few. And work external now and interact also cannot too dingy. So does the man protect skin what to contraindication there is? What does the man protect skin to want to notice?

Does the man protect skin what to contraindication there is? What does the man protect skin to want to notice? (1)

Introduction of preserve one's health: In the life, friend of great majority man is not paid attention to protect skin to maintain, time is long, the skin can become dim without light, pore is bulky wait. The man looks to protect the contraindication of skin and error together below, let each man also have clean and relaxed skin.

1, the man protects skin contraindication

1, the habit washs a face with clear water directly in the morning, had washed clean in the evening before today anyway

The skin is passed one all night metabolic, what what do not imagine like you actually is so clean, use clean face breast to wash a face normally, in complete cleanness while give skin one day original protection, make skin aplomb comfortable, prevent the generation of the problem.

2, protect skin to taste managing use, many extraction part is put again

Metamorphism or feculent day are changed article not only the skin of the person that won't let use, hair be able to beautification, make the skin becomes coarse likely still or generation pigment is ad cool-headed. Be in so ferial use cleanness or maintain when tasting, should avoid to be dug with feculent finger as far as possible above all take bottle / the product inside the box, the part that lest bacterial infection arrives inside,has not use; Be like the cosmetic that takes out to have not give out, write down sincerely not again inside replace bottle, lest create soil. After cosmetic is used, want to wipe the incomplete floodwater on low-lying land that takes in opening place clean with paper towel, screw cap again.

3, after washing a face every time, the water that can wipe a face to go up with towel is divided

The man often goes up in the skin with dry towel energetically knead, such meetings are harmed and stimulate the skin, let skin grow microgroove. Right way is, wash a face to press water with towel or face tissues dry, than using wiped method to be opposite cutaneous drag and harm want to be gotten gently much. Grew blain blain on the face especially when, must replace towel with face tissues, the fashion that controls in order to press absorbs moisture, such ability won't cause bacterial infection.

4, undertake facial when massaging, time heals long more good

Facial massage time appropriate is measurable, cannot too long or too short, must inspect skin state of qualitative, cutaneous and age will decide. Right way is, generally speaking, neuter cutaneous massages time to be 10 minutes or so. Drying cutaneous massage time is commonly 10- - 15 minutes. Oily cutaneous massage time should be controlled in 10 minutes in. Irritability skin had better not be done massage.

5, when besmear eye frost, habit fast exert oneself to do sth. again, 29 finish

Eye ministry skin is the weakest position on the face, if you exert oneself to do sth. daub or excessive drag, can make furrow increasing. The method of frost of correct besmear eye is, point to celiac gentleness daub with middle finger at eye ministry all around skin. The movement should want slow light, can be in eye ministry all around light dub is played, do a bit down certain way massage.

2, the man protects skin error

Error one: It is OK to use toilet soap everyday

Toilet soap is not choice of first-rate clean face, because often be used,toilet soap can affect cutaneous acid-base value. When the skin feels dry or stretching tight closely, sebaceous glands can secrete much oil, make facial case giving oil more severe. Should use man appropriative at this moment clean face breast, thoroughly clean cutaneous is redundant grease, dredge pore, maintain the soda acid balance with proper skin.

Error 2: Prevent the topic that basking in is lady care only

Prevent bask in and differ to be suntanned at be afraid of, the black hole that ozonosphere splits is larger and larger, fiercer and fiercer also to cutaneous power. Place is basked in in case do not divide a men and women, should be the thing that everybody cares.

Error 3: The lady uses it is same and OK to protect skin to taste apply to a man

The skin of major man is incline to character at oily, lack water again at the same time. And of the female protecting skin to taste is moist mostly model, most female product does not suit the male. So, the man should be compared when the choice relaxed men's protect skin to taste. There had been a lot of brands to have male product on market now, choose a few brands that design for the man only.

Error 4: Dark sore is OK emerge of itself and perish of itself or be can squeeze with the hand

Because dirt, dead skin piles up,dark sore is pore, make leather fat cannot normal eduction, bring about what the skin is affected by the bacterium and form thereby, if use a hand to squeeze,go acne, or it is laissez-faire, can make dark sore hides deeper more, leave uneven scar even. Should take seriously so at ordinary times clean face, when necessary, can use facial department for a special purpose to grind sand to cream undertake nursing basically.

Error 5: Dietary daily life has nothing to do with hairdressing

If do not have good dietary convention, often eat fat, acrimony, exciting food, have the habit of smoking, so complexion looks burnish of certain not quite healthy lack. Want the dietary convention with good nurturance at ordinary times so, eat delicate food and fresh vegetable, fruit more, drink water more, little smoking, ability improves the skin effectively.

3, the male protects skin what to should notice

1, the image that shave must maintain clean and pure and fresh, the latex after the water after the beard perhaps is needed can be used to come after shave is needed bate skin.

2, grind arenaceous cream can make skin facially more bright and clean, because shave is needed and cause the condition that facial hair adds too much,still can prevent. Particular way is to will be ground arenaceous cream daub is in wet facial undertake massage, clean clean after 5 minutes.

3, the man's grease is secreted mostly exuberant, so the man should want to wash a face twice everyday. Before sleeping, can wipe on late frost, make skin most of the foundation nurse.

4, the man should not ignore daub of daily the frost that protect skin, actually male skin also needs equal caress. Insist to use prevent bask in frost.

5, the self-restraint that hand ministry reflects a man the most easily is temperamental. To the protects skin to should want to carry hand department above all cleanness of hand ministry, every week at least clip fingernail. The frostlike powder that protect a hand is used appropriately in wintry day moist hand ministry also is very important.

6, hairstyle comes to a schoolboy saying is crucial. Protect hair need to cooperate reasonable and prandial, want to avoid overmuch smoking. Additionally summer should prevent to insolate for long.

4, the measure that the man protects skin

1, patience is done good foundation nurses

The foundation that skins before nurses move follows a woman general and identical, from clean skin, to bright skin water, again element of the elite on besmear, latex or cream.

2, clean beard is a key

The man's beard is very important, maintaining thoroughly clean shave to divide is the method that is sure the simpliest, also have of course modern person the habit of beard having harbour.

Suit oneself besides put apart face besides beard modelling, clean Gan Shuang maintains from beginning to end between need and skin ability is most crucial.

3, need accuses oil segregation

Keeping apart De Shuang is the first pace of colour makeup, man skin needs likewise, but be based on the male to skin grease gland is secreted compare normally exuberant, the segregation frost that accuses oily effect so is first selection, also increase for makeup look abiding degree.

4, well-balanced ecru flesh bottom

Powdery bottom should be appeared thin, it is a purpose basically with well-balanced color of skin, not be particular about is whiten, also do not want too stick be bored with, medicinal powder pink is best leave out, can appear otherwise got-up sex is too strong, very female gas.

Actually if itself color of skin is even, skin is qualitative passable word, can go up elliptically the measure of powdery bottom, avoided what lard skin brings to take off already makeup awkward, still more show nature.

5, cover black rim of the eye

Block defect very be necessary, block defect of the man basically is aimed at the problem of black rim of the eye of eye week, and stain, small flaw need not too kink.

Makeup face of the man forever not be particular about is too busy to feel, but because inherent sebaceous glands is secreted exuberant the big pore problem that cause is OK in leave out make when bottom makeup decorate slightly.