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Does the man protect skin what to skill there is? What does the man protect skin to have to want to notice?

Of skin maintain now is the problem that the female pays close attention to not just, it is likewise important to nurse to what skin for the male, the man also can appear as the growth of age a lot of skin problems, and the male is secreted with respect to grease originally more exuberant than the female if carelessly if also can create skin problem. So does the man protect skin what to skill there is? What does the man protect skin to have to want to notice?

Does the man protect skin what to skill there is? What does the man protect skin to have to want to notice? (1)

1, the man protects skin to maintain skill

1, complete clean face the most important

To the male, everyday complete clean face is the most important segment in protecting skin, because skin grease of the male is secreted,compare commonly exuberant, clean job is done bad, cause pore easily to jam, form dark sore, black first class. When some males wash a face, wash with clear water only, such practice is incorrect. Clear bath face can wash the dirt of flay skin surface to wait for bilge only, cannot cross the excretive on the face much oil thoroughly abluent. Best choice man is special the grandma that wash a face, its clean function is better, can prevent the generation of dark sore effectively.

2, crude oil film is not defeated protect skin is tasted

Skin slants character oily, if be wiped again,protect skin to taste, can feel sticky is burnt, very uncomfortable. The oily film on the face is natural protect wet factor, its effect tastes difference than protecting skin not at all. But if your skin is qualitative so not oily, still suggest to use those who contain certain oil to protect skin to taste, but best choice is bred easily by the embellish skin that the skin absorbs, such ability achieve depth is moist and not fat result.

3, hairdressing protects skin to ask to have " nutrition "

The form of a drug of whatever brand, what, decide to Xiaobao is bought to install before using, undertake in arm inside the local skin of a month experiments is as long as, with observing whether the skin appears red, Sao itchs and the harmful response such as little a knot in one's heart.

You may feel time of a month is longer, but protect skin to taste the skin that cause harmful response, in short-term inside often cannot show, need long-term observation. Accordingly, change skin test must be done first before protecting skin to taste. On the choice that protects skin to taste, should value its " is nutritional " , for instance the choice contains E of vitamin A, vitamin or the product that are plant elite element, let the skin drink full nutrition.

2, the man protects skin note

1, notice to wash a face

The man should pay attention to facial cleaner to make particularly, if the skin is drying, wash a face to be able to stimulate facial ministry alternately with cold water and warm water local cutaneous blood circulates, enhance the flexibility of facial skin. Oily skin person towel hot compress had better be used first when washing a face 3 ~ 5 minutes, reoccupy toilet soap washs a face, after washing, massage a little while, can promote circulation of local cutaneous blood, the eduction of advantageous skin fat, reduce furrow and flabby phenomenon.

2, balanced nutrition

The male is middleaged period is when energy is the most exuberant, because the job needs, they often outer rush about, rule of dietary hard to avoid, excessive happy event eats the excitant food such as sweet, laborious, hot, acid, or have the undesirable habit such as wine of smoking, be addicted to and the person that do not love to eat vegetable fruit, can make unbalance of the soda acid inside body affects skin health. Accordingly, want to healthy skin must make sure dietary nutrition is balanced, the food that eats nutrition of etc of dairy products of vegetable, fruit, beans to abound more, absorb vitamin, protein and microelement appropriately, should hold to abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline particularly.

3, assure Morpheus

The male is middleaged period is when the career is the most successful, general affairs is various should stay up late with respect to hard to avoid sometimes work overtime, morpheus is insufficient, the result brings about countenance gaunt, gloomy, nigrescent, pouch shows rim of the eye, give birth to more furrow. The male should want to protect skin, be about to make sure sleep is enough, everyday have one's sleep out 8 hours, and should assure Morpheus quality.

4, optimistic mood

If male friend is long-term be in depressed, vexed, irritable condition, can cause pathological change of airframe physiology sex, maintain a mood so hopeful also be to be helpful for skin maintaining.

5, hold to shave beard

Beard adheres to easily dust, bacteria, often shave can maintain the skin clean, and be helpful for skin health.

6, protect skin correctly

The man protects skin to should choose to use the man that pledge technically in the light of male skin and develops special protect skin to taste.

Of skin maintain the problem that now is attention of female friend place not just, to male friend it is same it is very important, the man also can appear as the growth of the age problem of a lot of skin, male skin is compared commonly coarse, daily cleanness carelessly, skin surface often has a lot of bilge to block plug pore up, cause wool bursa and sebaceous glands disease; Arrive when the person especially middleaged when, because physiology function begins to ebb slowly, if do not maintain well, the skin appears more easily the phenomenon such as furrow, flabby, dropsy. Accordingly, the man undertakes skin is very important be protectinged scientificly.

3, food maintains the skin

1, on the west orchid

Contain a lot offight oxidation vitamin C and carotene, expert proof is best fight consenescence and the food that fight cancer, can enhance the skin to fight operation ability, conduce to preserve skin flexibility.

2, carrot

Carotene conduces to the normal function that maintains skin cell organization, reduce skin wrinkle, maintain skin moist delicate.

3, honey

Honey gets a kind of healthy food that people likes fully namely from of old, and the healthy effect that modern science studies to same test and verify gave honey. The nutrient part that contains in honey is very much, what can improve the male is healthy. In the meantime, eat honey to be able to help what we enhance oneself fight oxidation ability more, the skin condition that improves the male!

4, milk

Milk is the skin in the late evening most the food that like, can improve skin cell active, have defer skin consenescence, heighten skin tension, remove the effect such as minor lines.

5, garlic

Direct edible garlic, can achieve result of first-rate preserve one's health! Above all garlic can help the male protect a heart. Next, eat garlic to be able to help the male kill the bacteria in the body more. And the constitution that eats garlic to still can improve the male more, the body that and help the man enhances oneself. Recommend a man to eat garlic more so.

6, 3 article fish

Among them fatty acid can eliminate a kind to destroy skin collagen and the biology active material that keep wet factor, prevent furrow generation, avoid the skin to become coarse.

7, yangtao

Yangtao mouthfeel is conspicuous, it is a kind of food that got a lot of males like. And yangtao promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid attribute of moisten the respiratory tract, clear hot diuretic, also let ate yangtao to become the means of a kind of health care more. Additional, edible yangtao still can help the formation of our resistance melanin, help spot of male beauty white dispel thereby, it is a kind of very good man is raised consequently colour food.

8, skin

The bases of skin protein is collagen albumen and stretch albumen. Constant edible skin can make the constituent cell with low function of lay aside water is able to improve, reduce skin wrinkle, abundant making a person is collected live forever.

9, tomato

Eat tomato to be able to reduce the content of cholesterol more, the rich vitamin in tomato still can assist remedial anaemia. Main is: The potassium ion that certain amount still contains in tomato and magnesium are ionic, they have the effect of step-down, can outspread blood-vessel, increase blood-vessel slow degree, conduce to extend smooth wrinkle, make the skin delicate and smooth.

The language after making up: The expert says, the man needs slowly of take good care of sb, should eat fresh fruit vegetables, high protein more at ordinary times kind food, the much; that drink water attends all sorts of motion to take exercise more at the same time, strengthen constitutional; to assure to notice to rest even, enough sleep; avoids excessive overworked and excited, maintain spirit happy.