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Is man skin black how whiten? Is man skin black how whiten?

A lot of men think the man's skin not too should white, feeling such very woman, not be actually such, the color that the skin maintains normal just is best, if melanin precipitates, can cause to health very the effect with much more adverse favour, so is man skin black how whiten? Is man skin black how whiten? Man skin is black whiten method has a lot of, detailed knowledge comes below.

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1, man skin is black how whiten

1. give up stays up late abuse

Male friend has the habit that stay up late more very much, this is the common cause that causes the skin to become poor. There is a kind of material that makes coriaceous alcohol in our skin, in this kind of body should stimulate hormone to arrived at 6 o'clock in the morning the level is top at 8 o'clock, arrived at 0 o'clock at 2 o'clock lowest, make sure enough sleep is crucial to the adjustment of coriaceous alcohol, it is the key that keeps condition of skin fine exceedingly.

2. is prevented bask in the job should take seriously

It is a female not just, the male should take seriously likewise prevent bask in the job, be in especially the summer, arrived at 10 o'clock in the morning 2 o'clock is afternoon when the ultraviolet ray in sunshine is the strongest, the ultraviolet ray of this moment is the fiercest to the harm of skin, the skin suffers sunshine illuminate for long to be able to bring about skin melanin to deepen, outdoors job had better be to make good preventive measure.

3. eats vegetables and fruits to complement more vitamin

A lot of males do not like draft fruit, rich vitamin is contained in a lot of fruits actually, eat more contain papaya, mango, grape, spinach, the contains a lot ofvitamin A and vitamin E vegetables and fruits of onion can prevent melanin deposit, let the skin become Bai Xi rises; In addition, all sorts of nut, wheaten, crucian carp fish, sea shrimp is vitamin E

origin, the generation that absorbs brown of the fat in the vitamin can decrease and preventing the skin to pledge more is deposit, still can prevent blain.

The water with compensatory and enough 4. is divided

Drink water, this is the beautiful white means that goes to the lavatory the simpliest, compensatory and enough moisture can help the body not only inside of each organ run normally, the help is metabolic, at the same time can faster one place causes proliferation of melanin of skin ground floor because of ultraviolet illuminate.

5. is drunk green tea improves the skin

A large number of antioxidant are contained in green tea, the freedom inside can cleared body base, tutelar cerebra, be far from cardiovascular disease effectively to perplex; Eliminate the loss that green tea still can counteract sunshine illuminate to be caused to male skin beyond this, in white skin of the beauty on certain level.

6. chooses to suit skin to pledge protect skin is tasted

It is very important to choose appropriate beauty to protect skin to taste in vain character according to skin, the choice compares the gentle product that protect skin, the water oil of the control that pays attention to grease and skin is balanced, use appropriate beautiful white latex, will achieve the goal of beautiful white skin.

7. is far from smoke wine is harmed

A lot of males like to be companion with smoke wine when stay up late, such not only affected oneself healthy, the organ in the body is couldn't get rest, increase the stimulation of smoke wine, skin becomes more dark it seems that sunken luster.

2, the harm that melanin precipitates

, melanin is ad cool-headed and easy influence appearance is beautiful

Ad cool-headed great majority gives melanin to show a position that come now, the melanin that if be bedding face,accumulates is ad cool-headed, what can affect a patient not only is exterior and beautiful, more important is happiness of the can direct study that affects a patient, marriage and job, once discover,want so as soon as possible cure.

2, melanin is ad cool-headed meeting influence is healthy

A lot of people think melanin is calm the outside sight that can affect a person only, actually this kind of idea is wrong. In fact, when melanin ad cool-headed area exceeds certain level, meet those who cause disease of other skin sex appear, so scarcely can treat sth lightly.

3, melanin problem of psychology of ad cool-headed easy generation

No matter melanin is ad cool-headed,appear in what place, if see the place that must see can let a person,feel quite strange only, because this patient is very easy,get the eye with peculiar outside. Below such huge psychology pressure, ad cool-headed patient can produce a few young melanin more easily to be shut oneself, self-abased, dissocial wait for psychological problem.