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Does pouch take fat art security? How long does pouch smoke fat art to you can maintain?

Smoking fat commonly is to use those who reduce weight, everybody understands quite smoking fat is to smoke abdomen and ham all round adipose, smoke fat to also can smoke pouch, a lot of people bring about long pouch because of a few undesirable habits and customs, use a few methods hard purify, then choice pouch takes fat skill, so does pouch take fat art security? How long does pouch smoke fat art to you can maintain?

Does pouch take fat art security? How long does pouch smoke fat art to you can maintain? (1)

1, pouch smokes fat art to maintain how long

Won't rebound, but the skin slowly the pouch after consenescence can appear afresh.

Pouch smokes fat art to be able to obtain the adipose cell with eye face spare lower part directly, the help eliminates pouch quickly, won't appear commonly rebound. But because skin can follow the growth of the age slowly anile, become flabbier and flabbier, after accordingly time grew, pouch or conference appear afresh.

2, does pouch take fat art security

Put in particular risk.

Pouch smokes fat art to belong to minor small plastic surgery, won't appear commonly serious sequela and side-effect, but the risk that operation process still has infection. Operation hind is likely also because smoke fat not all, medicaments is absorbed bad, give the sequela that shows hollow-eyed or hypodermic scleroma.

3, what person is unfavorable do

1, the patient of disease having an eye is unfavorable become pouch operation, after curing eye disease, can consider.

2, the female does pouch operation to should keep away from menses.

3, piece, cruor obstacle person cannot become pouch operation.

4, have heart disease, hypertensive, diabetic or the patient of other viscera disease is unfavorable do.

5, the patient that has contagion cannot become pouch operation.

6, serious scar constitution person do not advocate become this operation.

7, cold, pouch operation is become when having a fever unsuited.

8, psychology is insalubrious person, mental disease person should not do, pose the conflict that operation effect and imagination not agree with possibly otherwise.

4, pouch smokes introduction of fat art method

Pouch smokes fat art to use injector namely, the adipose pump that combines strut technology to will issue palpebral the socket of eye comes out. The operation can divide the cut outside be law and inside operation of purify of cut law pouch.

(Law of the cut outside 1)

Namely traditional standard goes pouch operation method. Lower edge of eyelash of the eyelid below edge of the cut when the operation comes outside channel of corner of the eye, the pouch that goes out via Peng is being excised after cut is detached is adipose. At the same time taut skin issueing eyelid, excise redundant skin issueing eyelid, purify issues eyelid skin furrow. This law cut concealments, the 1 ~ after healing sees cut mark harder in Feburary.

(Law of the cut inside 2)

Namely pouch takes fat skill, for in recent years popular pouch anaplasty, small cut is smoked inside bursa of conjunctiva of the eyelid below the classics when the operation except pouch adipose, consequently skin surface does not have any cut traces.

5, how to eliminate pouch

1, make sure Morpheus solves eye socket nigrescent and pouch is big, when occurrence Morpheus is insufficient, can give lose face to encircle nigrescent state, this is a kind of fatigue expression. And because Morpheus is insufficient,the generation of big pouch is, cause palpebral lower hemal congestion thereby, bring about the generation of big pouch. The MM that loves the United States people can want to make sure Morpheus rejects panda eye cough up!

2, eye socket of purify of Yi Ren Shuifu eye nigrescent and pouch contains a variety of elements in Yi benevolence greatly, still have medicinal powder the action of Yu, detumescence, can the eye socket that palpebral ministry hyperaemia causes below effectively purify is nigrescent. After Jiang Yi benevolence boils water, use make up cotton immerses in Yi Ren Shuizhong, next apply is on the skin all round eye ministry, can mix with effectively purify black rim of the eye so pouch!

3, eye socket nigrescent and pouch can use potato spread greatly slice of eye general potato, take the egg white part of an unripe egg next, stick potato chips on a few egg fluid, next apply is in eye ministry, after awaiting 10 minutes, can use clear water scour off. Such method can reduce the dropsy of pouch, alleviate black rim of the eye.

4, acupuncture point is massaged answer eye socket nigrescent and pouch is big above all, should now of forefinger point to to be stuck on the abdomen on a few eye frost, press embossing hall acupuncture point to undertake massage with finger next, catch even if bright acupuncture point mixes the eye bear sob acupuncture point, every point should be pressed press 5 seconds above, repeat do the left and right sides 10 times. Such massage go up in certain level can purify black rim of the eye and pouch oh!