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How many years can grand bosom maintain? How long can bosom of the grand that smoke fat maintain?

Bosom is fruity and plump friend of a lot of females is longed for day and night, some is factitious the means that obtains fast breast enhancement, and choice grand bosom, but the operation that actually grand bosom is a kind of plastics only, side-effect is unavoidable for certain, the key is to return cannot permanent maintenance, can how long maintain after all after grand bosom so? How long can be bosom of grand of false body of bosom of the grand that smoke fat, inject grand bosom, silica gel maintained respectively? Look together.

How many years can grand bosom maintain? How long can bosom of the grand that smoke fat maintain? (1)

1, bosom of false body grand can maintain how long

Hold time and false put oneself in another's position service life, reach the individual after transplanting to be concerned to mammary protection.

Silica gel false body service life is 10 years, occurrence unwell circumstance is done not have in bosom of grand of the body that make a holiday, can consider 10 years to change. If encounter the following situation, need to be taken out in time.

1, shift of mammary false body;

2, occurrence infection;

3, false body leakage;

4, the eyewinker feels strong, appear red, aching, or convulsion of false body coating;

2, bosom of the grand that smoke fat can maintain how long

Best condition can maintain 3-5 year, but because consenescence still is likelihood occurrence bosom the circumstance of slow decrescent.

Bosom of the grand that smoke fat namely from body art of adipose breast enhancement, it is transplanting of will active adipose cell to bosom, the part is adipose meeting by sponge, and survive the adipose cell that come down can blend in original organization permanent presence. But the consenescence as a result of the age or maintain undeserved, adipose cell will be atrophic decrescent, slowly bust is potential also decrescent. The adipose cell that normal circumstance transplants, surviving rate is in 50% the left and right sides.

3, inject grand bosom can maintain how long

Inject grand bosom is to bosom fill injects " man-made is adipose " , its are main chemical composition is hydrophily polypropylene gel of acyl amine water. Because inject of this kind of material arrives after the breast, without coating wrap up, can flow everywhere, after time is so long, partial patient also can appear the breast is out of shape, and the symptom such as the position that inject content sheds mammary accident. Having a variety of insecure factors because of inject grand bosom, the country is already official taboo.

4, effect of operation of bosom of which kinds of grand is best

Without which kinds grand bosom operation is good with which differentia, basically return so that choose according to the effective demand of oneself.

Bosom of the grand that smoke fat can reduce weight already can breast enhancement, and the feel after grand bosom is natural, won't appear the reaction that discharge different, defect is adipose cell surviving rate is low, need injects to just can finish breast enhancement for many times, and do not suit the female with too compressed bosom (too compressed person, bosom capillary cannot supply the adipose cell place that transplanting comes over to need nutrition, transplanting hind surviving rate is low) .

False body breast enhancement can achieve result of optimal breast enhancement, and can suit all sorts of crowds to be opposite the requirement of bosom size, defect is feel not as good as from body adipose, and cut is big, appear more easily infection and haematoma phenomenon.

5, method of dietary breast enhancement

The 1. fish, flesh and bright grandma food that makes us advocate dozen, because contain the food of rich protein, it is beautiful of be good at bosom is tasted.

2. soya bean, earthnut, almond, peach kernel, sesame seed and millet rice become dietary partner, because plant,seed and firm fruit food are effective natural aliment of be good at bosom.

3. orange, grape, shaddock reachs a tomato to wait on the west make supply focal point, because contain a lot ofthe food of vitaminic C, can prevent bosom to be out of shape.

4. celery, walnut and red waist beans make main vegetable, because accumulate the food that contains rich vitaminic E, conduce bosom development.

Flower of 5. broccoli, broccoli and sunflower seed oil make the food that absorbs at any time, because contain the food of vitaminic A, the exudation of advantageous hormone.

6. contains the beef of vitaminic B, milk, legume and pork liver to wait, can conduce to the synthesis of hormone.

7. drinks egg of fermented glutinous rice more, it is especially during physiology morning and evening takes a bowl, can amount to the action of hairdressing and breast enhancement at the same time.

8. takes starch of emperor of bee of a few months continuously, can amount to the function that uses breast enhancement, because bee emperor oar has use of exciting hormonal excretive.

9. contains a lot ofcolloid food, be like tendons of beef, holothurian the foot that reach a pig, can increase bosom growth.

10. eats marine food more, the shellfish that be like shrimp, the zinc that contains because of its is to make hormonal important element.