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How long does pouch smoke fat art to you can maintain? Does pouch smoke fat art to a few years maintain?

Pouch is a kind grow very easily, but problem of a kind of of not easy however purify facial skin, of course, the likelihood has some people inherently big pouch, because,also be such, so a lot of females choose to smoke fat art to go in order to achieve with pouch the effect of pouch, so does pouch smoke fat art to you can maintain how long commonly? We look together.

How long does pouch smoke fat art to you can maintain? Does pouch smoke fat art to a few years maintain? (1)

1, pouch smokes fat art to be able to maintain how long

Won't rebound, but the skin slowly the pouch after consenescence can appear afresh. Pouch smokes fat art to be able to obtain the adipose cell with eye face spare lower part directly, the help eliminates pouch quickly, won't appear commonly rebound. But because skin can follow the growth of the age slowly anile, become flabbier and flabbier, after accordingly time grew, pouch or conference appear afresh.

2, pouch takes fat art security tall

Put in particular risk. Pouch smokes fat art to belong to minor small plastic surgery, won't appear commonly serious sequela and side-effect, but the risk that operation process still has infection. Operation hind is likely also because smoke fat not all, medicaments is absorbed bad, give the sequela that shows hollow-eyed or hypodermic scleroma.

3, what person is unfavorable do pouch to smoke fat

1, the patient of disease having an eye is unfavorable become pouch operation, after curing eye disease, can consider.

2, the female does pouch operation to should keep away from menses.

3, piece, cruor obstacle person cannot become pouch operation.

4, have heart disease, hypertensive, diabetic or the patient of other viscera disease is unfavorable do.

5, the patient that has contagion cannot become pouch operation.

6, serious scar constitution person do not advocate become this operation.

7, cold, pouch operation is become when having a fever unsuited.

8, psychology is insalubrious person, mental disease person should not do, pose the conflict that operation effect and imagination not agree with possibly otherwise.

4, pouch smokes introduction of fat art method

Pouch smokes fat art to use injector namely, the adipose pump that combines strut technology to will issue palpebral the socket of eye comes out. The operation can divide the cut outside be law and inside operation of purify of cut law pouch.

(Anaplasty of pouch of law of the cut outside 1)

Namely traditional standard goes pouch operation method. Lower edge of eyelash of the eyelid below edge of the cut when the operation comes outside channel of corner of the eye, the pouch that goes out via Peng is being excised after cut is detached is adipose. At the same time taut skin issueing eyelid, excise redundant skin issueing eyelid, purify issues eyelid skin furrow. This law cut concealments, the 1 ~ after healing sees cut mark harder in Feburary.

(Anaplasty of pouch of law of the cut inside 2)

Namely pouch takes fat skill, for in recent years popular pouch anaplasty, small cut is smoked inside bursa of conjunctiva of the eyelid below the classics when the operation except pouch adipose, consequently skin surface does not have any cut traces.

5, the harm that pouch takes fat skill

1, pouch remain

The suction with reasonable without the choice operation fat quantity reachs point suction fat, the likelihood makes adipose purify inhomogenous, pouch appears to remain after art, or pouch place skin is rough whole. When necessary feasible the 2nd operation, again fat of purify the socket of eye.

2, the skin Yu spot

Because suck fat head to cross superficial injury derma to issue hemal net be caused by, art hind appears inside 24 hours, subsidise of 1-2 Zhou Ke, do not need special processing commonly.

3, infection

Because disinfection of operation process appliance is not complete, or the skin has inflammation all round itself pouch, operation process may appear infection. In addition, nurse after art undeserved, cut catchs a bug possibly also.

4, strut aches

Pouch sucks come out of the anaesthetic after fat, general meeting occurrence haematoma, serum is swollen, and return meeting companion to have aching feeling, aching feeling can be inside a week swoon, and strut and silt blueness need 2 weeks of or so talent meeting subsidise.

5, hypodermic and callous

Because medicaments is not absorbed, hypodermic perhaps and adipose organization is necrotic, but the occurrence of provisionality is hypodermic and callous, normal circumstance 1-3 the scleroma inside the month can disappear, if did not disappear, and have the tendency that continues to increase, want timely seek medical advice, when necessary medicaments or operation purify.

6, issue eyelid to cave

Bring about because the adiposity inside midriff of purify the socket of eye or suture the socket of eye are diaphragmatic too closely.

If be the socket of eye,lie between suture to be tightened too, must dissection the socket of eye lies between reentry travel pine to solve. If be purify the socket of eye,lie between adiposity, go again operation, dissection along original cut, detached skin caves and the skin all round, repair with round of v/LIT all over the ground flesh all round and hypodermic organization cave, also can pass from body adipose or correct of valve of oneself organization skin is being treated.

7, next eyelid evaginate

Because the skin, muscle, adipose excision passes much or the socket of eye lies between injury to bring about.

Ligament of the corner of the eye outside spending evaginate gently to be able to be used constrictive or outside side support brings suspensory technology, relatively the person that weigh evaginate can use eye annulus v/LIT all over the ground flesh is suspensory deliver goods Gong Yuan releases art form, very serious evaginate person need repair of travel skin transplanting, include a skin piece with rehabilitate of leather valve transplanting.

8, tear bit evaginate

Much as a result of inside excision of skin of ministry of corner of the eye causes next tears to nod evaginate too much, as detached as ball conjunctiva, produce excessive tear symptom.

Spend lachrymal bit evaginate gently to prevent conjunctivitis disease with small hole of water of the eye ointment or eyedrops that fight bacterium, after waiting for subsidence of a swelling, make ministry of the corner of the eye inside eyelid massage. If still do not have improvement via guarding remedial hind,