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Is bosom of the grand that smoke fat safe? Is risk of bosom of the grand that smoke fat big?

Above all, when we hear bosom of the grand that smoke fat, people can consider the possibility, this is the grand bosom method of kill two birds with one stone, oneself other position is much with adipose and draw-out inject arrives inside the breast, can reduce weight already can breast enhancement, where is what is there against it? But actually, smoke fat grand bosom or have very big risk, does bosom of the grand that smoke fat look to be installed after all together below insecure? Have the risk of what likelihood happening.

Is bosom of the grand that smoke fat safe? Is risk of bosom of the grand that smoke fat big? (1)

1, bosom of the grand that smoke fat is safe

Be not absolute safety. From body adipose breast enhancement is the body adipose transplanting reachs other position bosom, not be the breast enhancement method of absolute safety. The likelihood in operation process is put in infection risk, art hind also has adipose calcify, form the venture of cyst or nugget.

2, have what safe risk

(1) may catch a bug

Bacterial infection may appear in operation process, because art hind nurses undeserved, cut also may affect a bacterium, and endanger mammary health.

(2) adipose calcify

As a result of sheet the adipose quantity of second transplanting is overmuch, adipose cell mortality will be very tall, if gone and adipose cell was not absorbed in time by the body, stay in calcify of the meeting in the breast, form adipose nugget. Time grows can cause infection, bring about a breast red ache.

(Two side of 3) mammary asymmetry

Because doctor experience is scant, the adipose quantity that both sides injects differs, or adipose cell surviving rate has two side difference, may appear the phenomenon with differ size of breast of the two side after art. This kind of circumstance can pass operation rehabilitate 2 times.

(4) bleeds

From body process of operation of adipose breast enhancement, because the injury when inject and breast are petty hemal or obstacle of mechanism of cruor of the person that accept method, from body the pressurization after art of adipose breast enhancement wraps up undeserved etc, the likelihood causes operation massive haemorrhage.

3, how to reduce a risk

1 . Patient beard is expatiatory go to already medical history, handle an operation correctly risk

2. The microscope before doctor art, prepare seriously

3. Elaborate operation, thorough ends in doctor art blood, art hind and patient communicate more, discover the circumstance is instant handle

4. The patient carries out the note after art strictly.

4, suitable scope

1 . Ask for without surgical operation contraindication all over;

2. Local have adipose accumulation;

3. It is about as a result of adipose inject survival rate 30% , had injected to cause adipose and liquefacient infection much more easily, so breast of requirement patient oneself has certain volume.

5, note

1 . The bath before art

2. Antibiotic of art hind profess to convinced 3 days

3. The patient after art needs him travel breast to massage.