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After is establish sent how long can you smoke? After is establish sent how long can you smoke?

Establish hair is a kind of wool bursa place of the pillow after oneself transplants to fall off place makes fall off a kind of method that place hair can grow, this kind of operation is a kind of surgical operation, it is certain to can have after finish bilge painful with oedema, need nurses well ability makes the body restores. After that establish is sent how long can smoke, what should notice after is establish sent? .

After is establish sent how long can you smoke? After is establish sent how long can you smoke? (1)

1, after establish is sent how long can smoke

After establish is sent, cannot smoke instantly, it is advisable to after the in the end such as general need sends Changhaozhi, smoke again. And the time that the hair has grown is not fixed, everybody the growth of the hair is periodic, grow speed is different, get additionally explicit the influence that state of bad situation, nutrition waits a moment, the time that the hair has grown is more much not certain factor. The hair of jian hou mian that establish sends needs 1~3 like Changhaoyi lunar hair ability grows quite, better hair length is had after 12 months.

2, the disadvantage that after establish is sent, smokes instantly

After establish is sent if if cannot wait to grow to the hair,smoking, can affect the unobstructed that scalp blood circulates very easily because of the nicotine in cigarette, affect the circular way with regular scalp, still make hormone increases destroy wool bursa organization, the systole of fine blood-vessel of fur of the head when smoking growth that affects new hair, also can accentuate original hair is more serious fall off.

3, after establish is sent, smoked how to remedy

After establish is sent if be smoked word, 1 now and then 2 second impacts are not big, if be the word that smokes for many times, to assure the result that establish delivers, should insist to use external application medicaments help consolidates the growth of the hair. Cure needs to be born to leave according to actual condition with medicaments outside the attention, cannot use remedy at will. Smoking hind if hair, scalp has other unwell symptoms, should handle with respect to cure examination. The most important of course is smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline.

4, after establish is sent, cannot drink instantly

After establish is sent besides cannot smoke instantly quite besides, cannot drink immediately quite likewise. Drink alcohol can quicken the haemal circulation inside body, the cut that goes against establish to send place restores, and grow possibly still to the hair cause adverse effect. If be the word that wants to drink, after wanting to wait for 2 weeks at least, ability drinks quite.

5, the note after establish is sent

1, the job: The expert after growing a hair can suggest rest 1-2 day is beginning normal work. Hair is normally friendly people can use double cease day goes a hospital establish hair, do not need to ask for leave so rested. But the expert also reminds everybody, if be the place that weighs quite in a few dust,go to work, still want to rest a few days more, the dust of dense jams probably pore, cause kind of hair failure. A few headroom work or be driving profession also needs to rest more, in case the effectiveness of narcotic remains.

2, food: After growing a hair, do not drink or be the food that eats a few spirituosity, beverage, alcohol is met blood of be a hindrance to coagulates, go against the heal of cut, affect the refreshment of wool bursa. Food slants as far as possible idle talk, eat a few vegetable that are helpful for a hair, fruit, nut to wait more.

3, assure Morpheus: Each function of human body is not 24 hours are moving, it is organ of which one part no matter need rests, when if be in,need rests, human body still is in more exalted position, of male hormone secrete can compare exuberant, the desquamation that brings about hair thereby aggravate. Have lose one's hair without giving thought to so, everybody does not stay up late as far as possible, assure everyday the Morpheus time of 6 not less than hours.

4, proper motion: Often undertake deep breathing, take a walk, do hold flabbily etc, those who maintain a hair is clean with relaxed, choose correct skin and hair not to have excitant shampoo, reduce the use of blower, can nurse very well hair.

4, adjust state of mind: Maintain cheerful state of mind, maintain active and upbeat life mood, eliminate mental exhaustion, can promote the growth of the hair effectively.