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A few kinds does elegant lipstick of man Europe Lai have? A few does elegant lipstick of man Europe Lai have to plant?

Now is cold season, using an embellish lipstick is very important, because be inside this dry season, our lip is very easy desquamate, need a good embellish lipstick very much so, can prevent a lip so weather-shack. So the embellish lipstick on market also is rife, friend of a lot of men also needs an embellish lipstick, so a few kinds does elegant lipstick of man Europe Lai have?

A few kinds does elegant lipstick of man Europe Lai have? A few does elegant lipstick of man Europe Lai have to plant? (1)

1, have a few kinds

Elegant lipstick of man Europe Lai has two kinds commonly, price is not expensive it is 30 yuan normally. Many men are more satisfied to this, use the effect nevertheless how? Parisian Europe Lai is elegant can saying is the trademark with a well-known whole world at present, in the whole world at present 100 many countries have a sale. Europe Lai elegant lipstick is a lot of more current the man is to use, reaction use effect is very good, what can make weather-shack lip very good is wet.

Inside all Ou Lai elegant lipsticks, strong can field mint protects a lipstick is to use a more kind, the comparison that uses in the summer commonly is much. As a result of this kind of Oulaiya the lipstick has the feeling of kind of cool cool mint, very relaxed. And elegant lipstick of this Europe Lai applies to a man all skins, especially dry to those violet lips and do not like fat man, use effect is best, get of broad man love.

2, dry reason

The lip is dry it is one kind is in actually at ordinary times very common thing, will tell normally, lacking moisture and vitamin is common cause of formation. And after the symptom with labial occurrence dry skin, the person meets some lick a lip subliminally, can bring about a lip to lick drier more so, form the bad habit of vicious circle. This kind of extended vicious circle is used to, the skin becomes thicker and thicker all round the lip that can bring about people finally, cause the occurrence with chronic phlogistic lip, this also is clinical go up pair of common lips are very dry the analysis that how returns a responsibility.

When dry to labial hair reason undertakes searching, use cheap and inferior lipstick, also be the matter that common labial hair does. Because be contained commonly in cheap lipstick not the oily candle of extract, and its appear extremely easily after be oxidized peculiar smell, produce an effect to metabolism of labial place cutaneous thereby, the labial skin qualitative change that causes people finally gets worse and worse, occurrence lip delivers dry performance. Besides, toothpaste remains on the lip, the grease that its can get on to the lip and moisture undertake absorption, cause the condition with weather-shack lip thereby.

3, dry how to do

If the lip is dry, and still remove a skin, we can do labial film to alleviate. The data that uses is yoghurt and lemon juice, lemon juice is dispensable, the mainest is yoghurt. First yoghurt the yoghurt of as sufficient as a few lemon juice perhaps agitate is put into the ice in freezer 15 minutes, cotton stick is used after be being taken out even daub is on the lip, using last film is sealed. After 15 minutes are taken, wash clean with clear water, again the right amount lipstick on besmear. Want to insist to use this kind of method only, the circumstance with dry lip can get alleviating very well.

Additional, we must drink water more, can complement so systemic moisture, the lip also becomes not so dry. Return the fruit that should eat water content to abound more and vegetable, for instance apple, pear, Chinese cabbage, wax gourd is waited a moment, should eat dry food less, for instance sunflower seed is waited a moment. Of course, having campaign appropriately also is to be able to alleviate labial ministry is dry. Motion can promote the loop of the blood inside body, such body fluid nature are met circumfuse, lip also so won't dry.