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What does water of man bright skin have to use? What effect does water of man bright skin have?

Everybody knows, if the skin does not maintain if, the person that can maintain looks a lot of older, and not only the female needs to maintain the skin, the male also needs to maintain actually, meet otherwise old very fast, so bright skin water is the first pace that the male maintains, the man on market protects skin things to also rise more gradually now, so, what effect does water of man bright skin have after all? We look together.

What does water of man bright skin have to use? What effect does water of man bright skin have? (1)

1, the action of water of man bright skin

(1) oily skin

Oily skin uses those who recruit a member to accuse water of oily bright skin, can suck the redundant grease on the face to secrete, kill the bacterium that causes dark skiing ulcer; the makeup that is stained with a man to accuse water of oily bright skin cotton apply is in T area or the place that love to give oil, return the effect that can have contractive pore.

(2) drying skin

Drying skin lacks moisture content, face computer for a long time or those who accelerate moisture of facial ministry skin is meet volatilize in moment of air conditioning environment, gush of water of man bright skin at facial, can skin for drying compensatory water is divided quickly, return layer of can clean cutin, alleviate the skin is dry the furrow of generation.

(3) sensitivity skin

Layer of sensitive cutaneous cutin is thinner, the red blood silk on the face is apparent, easy and allergic. Use without flavor, won't give skin to create a burden without water of additive man bright skin, also can raise sensitive cutaneous to maintain water ability at the same time, reduce cutaneous to stretch tight closely feeling.

2, use method

1, wipe a law to use bright skin water: Making up water of man bright skin on cotton, after soaking, wipe on the face, strength is not overweight, lest excessive drawing skin causes furrow, at the same time the dosage of bright skin water must much, do dry makeup otherwise cotton also can cause harm to the skin. This kind of use means suits oily skin.

2, flap the law uses bright skin water: Receive water of man bright skin proceed with heart continuously, flap gently go up to the face, this kind of method is OK bate is corneous, water of Dan Shuang skin is polluted easily in the hand by the bacterium, use effect can be reduced. This kind of means suits drying and sensitive skin.

3, film of water of apply of water of use bright skin: It is bubble of Facial mask paper in water of man bright skin, soak 2~5 minute from the back velar paper immerses completely sufficient, apply go up at the face. This kind of means suits to mix gender and sensitive skin, or when skin problem needs emergency treatment badlier.

3, use measure

Water of man bright skin is concerned use washing grandma or after face of clean of clean face black, before daub latex. Water of skin of this moment use bright can help pore systole, again clean skin, fill quickly for skin at the same time water, promote next all sorts of elite fluid are mixed the alimentation of embellish skin frost.

4, use time

Hydration of man bright skin is comfortable skin just be used when come to in the morning, give skin sufficient moisture; After also suiting to live one day in the job all over the face the male skin of dust dirt, cleanness undertakes 2 times after clean face.

5, definition of water of man bright skin

1, its main effect depends on bright skin water again cleanness is worth with restoring the soda acid of skin surface, recuperate corneous layer, make skin is absorbed better, maintain to use article prepare. After washing a face so, water of use bright skin, OK and rapid compensatory moisture. The expert suggests oily skin uses close skin water, healthy skin uses bright skin water, drying skin uses soft skin water, area of mixture skin T uses close skin water, sensitive skin chooses sensitive water, repair water.

2, if bright skin water shakes,come out a lot of very fine hubble-bubble but disappeared very quickly, that specification contains alcohol among them. This kind bright skin water can use the effect that has diminish inflammation now and then, but must not long-term use, harm cutaneous diaphragm easily.