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Is winter dry how to protect wet? What does the method that contains Facial mask filling water have?

A lot of people find winter facial ministry skin is very dry, want to notice to drink water more at ordinary times, the water of compensatory body is divided, the Facial mask that can use a few filling water is returned in winter, can use in the home a few feed capable person simply, make the filling surFacial mask with right result, so is winter dry how to protect wet? What does the method that contains Facial mask filling water have? Everybody introduction is below.

Is winter dry how to protect wet? What does the method that contains Facial mask filling water have? (1)

1, contain Facial mask filling water

1, Facial mask protects milk wet filling water

Milk is us one of nutrition that daily life place needs, common of course besides drink besides, also have very great help to skin. Protect skin method in winter especially in, milk not only helpful beauty's white effect, still can winter dry drive outer, ministry letting a face skins and the skin on the body can appear piece baby silky. Abstain a milk to keep film of wet filling surface, relaxed and fast economy.

2, Facial mask protects carrot wet filling water

Material: Carrot a method: 1, put carrot first undertake wringing breaking inside juicer, fall into the cup again later. 2, the honey that puts one small spoon then and actor cheese breast have mix. 3, after abluent face ministry skins, its apply is on the face probably 15-30 or so minutes, reoccupy Wen Shui washs net effect: Carrot itself has a lot of vitamin A, have very good nutrition to human body, skin is protected in winter in, can balance the grease of skin, defending wet filling water while also skin of can moist winter, let dry be far from facial ministry. Water embellish luster is perfect accomplish.

3, lemon Facial mask defends wet filling water

Material: Citric 1-2. Method: 1, after squeezing lemon extrude lemon juice forcibly, join a few honey and egg white again, undertake agitate mixes. 2, after abluent face ministry skins, the film of citric honey face with fine agitate, apply is on the face probably 15-20 or so minutes, reoccupy lukewarm bath is clean. The effect: Lemon protects skin to winter for, be the fastest the most effective defend method of wet filling water, not only can the United States is white, return can moist dry skin in the evening especially, let skin reduce anile evidence, become more delicate, have shine like that the force of renascence.

2, what does the fruit of filling water have

, apple

The apple is one of fruits that all of us likes most, all the year round we can eat an apple. The apple is one of best filling water means. Fruit not only direct edible can fill beyond water, wash malic skin clean, cut an one layer skin with the knife next, sticking the skin on the face also is OK of filling water. The action of malic skin also is very big, insist for a long time to use face of malic skin apply, can rise to go the action of spot. And can let facial skin become more lubricant, it is the good helper of filling water.

2, bizarre if really

Bizarre fruit contains acid of quite rich vitaminic, pectic, fruit to wait, can give the skin shading of compensatory nutrient, precaution, make the skin more white fair-skinned exquisite, additional, bizarre fruit still has reduce the effect such as aid digestion of cholesterol, side.

3, on the west shaddock

Xi Youfu contains a vitamin C and fight oxidation element in great quantities, more commendable is the quantity of heat that shaddock place contains on the west very low, every have 60 calories only about, also be the good helper that reduce weight so, according to the United States one studies the surface, if normal 3 meal can have on half on the west shaddock, effect reducing weight will be first-rate. If feel,take half word that shaddock is no good really on the west at a draught of course, the effect that drinks Xi Youzhi then also is quite satisfactory.

4, lemon

Citric hairdressing effect also is very rich, can restrain shading, the United States skins in vain, also can cause skin closely, make the skin bright and clean and lubricant, of course, the effect that reduce weight is very distinct also.

5, banana

The effect with banana embellish aperient bowel is everybody familiar to the ear can of detailed, insist to eat 9 banana everyday, assure normal defecate, conduce to eduction body endotoxin so, coruscate by inside and the health outside is beautiful. Additional, with the Facial mask of banana and honey modulation, have the United States' white effect.

6, papaya

Papaya has the beauty the hairdressing effect such as white, breast enhancement. Can be born already feed, OK also cooked food. But if if you are,coming, the effect of that cooked food will be far good be fed at be born, the evaporate Chinese flowering quince that perhaps can add honey with stew of bright Chinese flowering quince all chooses well.

7, strawberry

Strawberry contains a lot ofvitamin C, always be edible strawberry can make the skin exquisite bouncy, in addition, the active material that strawberry place contains has some to prevent cancer high to fight cancerous action.

8, loquat

Loquat contains a lot ofacid of protein, fruit, vitamin, carotene to wait. Loquat is had bright inspected function, make your eye Yi Yi unripe brightness, in addition, loquat can maintain skin health. The autograph that use cotton is touched take loquat juice to besmear in facial ministry stain is in, can desalt stain.

9, firedrake if really

The nutrition of firedrake fruit is very rich, it is fruit of tall fibrous of a kind of low quantity of heat, love because of what this gets go-between reducing weight greatly, additional, firedrake fruit also has the effect very much to constipation of prevention and cure.