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How does tomato contain Facial mask? What does tomato abstain the method of Facial mask to have?

Believe everybody should have had tomato, tomato is a kind of very common vegetable, Facial mask is a kind of very common product that protect skin, a lot of people had been used, how do you contain tomato Facial mask then is gift nice? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, provide body introduction to contain the method of tomato Facial mask to everybody, we look together.

How does tomato contain Facial mask? What does tomato abstain the method of Facial mask to have? (1)

1, contain tomato Facial mask

, film of tomato honey face -- beautiful Bai Zirun

Material: Tomato (squashy red tomato is best) , honey 1 teaspoon (paper of 5ml) , Facial mask

Practice: Mediate honey the tomato after flay, smash slimy record with spoon. After clean skin, next at apply of T word place a bit thicker massage slightly, on lid of paper of reoccupy Facial mask, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing after 10 minutes can. Can use every day.

Effect: Honey is natural beautiful white other people, have very high nutrition value, also have not low hairdressing to raise at the same time colour value, because this honey is the optimal choice of DIY Facial mask. Cooperate the hairdressing effect of tomato, this film is had make the skin moist, white tender, soft hairdressing action, use for a long time still have dispel spot to divide knit and treat the function such as skin acne.

2, film of face of egg white tomato -- contract pore

Material: Half tomato, an egg

Practice: Extract half tomato juice, lie between with gauze except fecal. Open an egg, take out egg white, join with the tomato juice that has extracted the egg white that causes pore effect closely mixes divide evenly, apply is in 20 minutes on the face, clean next.

Effect: Egg white can tighten up the skin, reduce wrinkle, absorb grease, it is very clear to believe to have the MM that has contained film of egg white face, egg white skins on one apply face tighten up action very apparent. Join tomato, can make at the same time in contractive pore the United States skins in vain, kill two birds with one stone.

3, film of tomato yoghurt face -- beautiful white chamfer pledges

Material: Tomato, yoghurt paper of 8 milliliter, Facial mask one

Practice: Take a big tomato, after be being washed clean, put in juicer to had been extracted, do not have some to be able to pound a tomato mud, join 8 milliliter yoghurt, mix divide evenly. Jing Fu 20 minutes, hind abluent can.

Effect: Tomato can be white skin, the lactic acid in yoghurt, have chamfer qualitative effect, still have protect wet effect well, can make skin fast restore burnish, tender slippery. Both collocation can make the United States white the effect more showing.

4, tomato is citric Facial mask -- go blackhead

Material: Tomato, lemon, flour

Practice: tomato and lemon piece hit into mud, the mix after adding flour is even can. On Tu Yu face probably 30 minutes of scour off.

Effect: This Facial mask suits oily skin particularly, go oily effect is first-rate. If weekly apply 2-3 second, about the same after 2 months, blackhead, can have decrease apparently.

5, film of yam tomato face -- the United States is white dispel spot

Material: Tomato pink powder of 1 spoon, hill 1 spoon, mineral water is right amount

Practice: First tomato pink 1 spoon adds pink of 1 spoon, yam face of apply of divide evenly of clean water agitate, wash with Wen Shui after 15 minutes clean.

Effect: Quality of this Facial mask is gentle, it is one kind is had go to what spot holds beautiful white double effect concurrently fighting film of skin ageing face, the female that suits above 25 years old quite is used.

6, tomato almond Facial mask

Material: Tomato almond pink

Practice: Will fresh tomato smashs oar record, join almond white next, have sufficient mix, wait for the reuse after mix is even.

Use method: Before use, wash facial ministry clean first, get on Facial mask besmear in the face next, after massaging facial ministry gently, reoccupy clear water is washed can.

Effect: The change of weather situation, let skin the grease inside has change easily. And it is OK that this contains tomato Facial mask equilibrium moisture content, make skin more soft beautiful.

Suit skin to pledge: Oily skin is optimal.

7, tomato milk Facial mask

Material: Tomato milk

Practice: First tomato pound, add defatted milk next, can use after sufficient mix is even.

Use method: Before using, xian Jie face. Be in Facial mask besmear next facial ministry, clear water of the reoccupy after waiting for 15 minutes is rinsed clean can.

The effect: Do every week, the grease that can control a face to go up secretes superfluous circumstance. Let skin restore silky and delicate.

2, hairdressing protects skin small doohickey

1, protect well wet reach the United States to maintain in vain article, get effective in the evening

Some people feel to maintain taste need ability of a bit time sees the effect, but I had tried so much to plant maintain article, I feel to look inside short time reach of the effect maintain taste ability to be worth to continue to be used, say to protect for example wet with the United States white kind Facial mask, if your apply is over hind, feel radiant immediately, just be effective Facial mask, because of Facial mask the emergency treatment that should be quick result maintains product, if apply is over,instantly did not get ameliorative, then your reoccupy also is the 2nd same won't effective fruit. And if be of daub type,keep wet or beautiful white product, should be to be brushed in the evening, get up to be able to feel skin has light in the morning. Perhaps you can feel skin is very bright in the morning, arrived afternoon why dark sank, actually this is normal, if this maintains,taste can let your skin light in the morning, that continues to use, meeting slowly progressive type ground improves skin condition, about all around hind can see apparent effect.

2, buy newly maintain article, foretaste is on the hand 9 day

New now maintain composition is really too much, what is the bases that this product must know before buying a product, if be before trashy the part that spend, brush on best preexistence hand 9 days, after waiting for harmful response without allergic, stimulation certainly, resumptive use on the face.

3, do not have effect maintain article, need not again be sentimentally attached to

If was used,maintain newly after tasting a week to arrive 10 days, did not feel skin has any improvement, that need not waste time to go up in its body again, we are green and finite, time is valuable, change at once new! Maintain as to the facial ministry that does not have effect article, can take brush the body or hands or feet.

4, buy maintain before tasting, hear everybody's opinion, with shop the young lady covers a friendship

Maintain article should try ability to know of course, before be being bought nevertheless, still ask to have the friend that has used, or it is to get online read general opinion, perhaps you can say " those who suit her is not certain suit me! " but the experience according to me, if your skin does not have particularly serious problem, general authority says to maintain well article, should have certain effect, it listen to the friend beside what to say every time like me is good to listen to the friend beside what to say every time like me with, I go be being bought after using, the result is right still really, because major friend is young to maintaining beside me,also be probably intentional, so important still is to should ask pair of people, listen to have the result of the person of research to maintaining more, should wrong not.

Additionally the evaluation of shop young lady also is worth reference very much, if you often are secured,shop in certain shop, shop young lady to want try to gain your reliance, can tell you new product has effect after all honestly quite. If the opportunity goes abroad, also want obligate a few time ask about information well to duty-free shop, there are a lot of brands in duty-free shop especially, sale young lady need not bear the pressure that brand loyalty spends quite, so I can ask them: "Tell me secretly, your skin is so good, which does yourself use? " this action is very useful!

5, not likely of high class status magical

More and more high price maintain now article, stress unusual class status, and how is the effect being shown, actually not likely imagines like you in so magical. Resemble class status of very popular recently platinum, gold, I am really very good strange the effect of these metallic composition how, tried film of gold pink face so, nevertheless I feel the effect is quite finite, without too great sense. Nevertheless, of course also very good really high price maintains article, like me as it happens is using money of stage of a group of value recently of 75 thousand install bottle to maintain article, this group maintains article did not emphasize some kind of effect particularly, however skin of apparently comprehensive sex improvement reachs color of skin character, the result is very right.