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What protect skin method to you can make the skin sensitive? Is Facial mask used much can the skin become sensitive?

If your method that protect skin is incorrect, also can let the skin be harmed so, after the skin got hurt, skin can appear very easily red, atingle symptom, this also is the expression of skin allergy, this explains ability of your skin protective screen dropped, so, what protect skin method to you can make the skin sensitive? Is Facial mask used much can the skin become sensitive? Will look.

What protect skin method to you can make the skin sensitive? Is Facial mask used much can the skin become sensitive? (1)

1, the method protecting skin that destroys a look

1, use frequent or for long not have spin cloth and rip film of the face that help style

The expert unscrambles: Use often of certain Facial mask can cause harm to skin, for example, of cleared pore bilge rip film of the face that help style, in denude when can have harm to corneous layer, still can cause the skin to take off bits. Basically weekly use 1-2 second already was the limit. And without if stay in facial ministry,spin cloth cover film too long, Facial mask not only easy put sb out of the way, and can cause cutaneous to be absorbed instead, nutrient material is met from the skin " run " come out, cause skin of the problem such as dry, splash show.

2, the grandma that wash a face direct besmear is on the face, the edge washs the rub side the face to give bubble

The expert unscrambles: Atmolysis bubble is filled in needing rub to give foamy to wash grandma to must want preexistence hand, lest harm skin cutin. Knead in the rub on the face only bubbly, or did not put completely in the rub on the face to wash frothily, because the meeting is protected without foamy, hurt the corneous layer of skin, make skin flimsier and flimsier and sensitive. The product of clean papula foam that there are many kinds on market at present, want to be pressed gently only, go out with respect to the bubble spew that can see exquisite whiteness, use rise very convenient, also need not fear the grandma washing a face of not complete bleb harms skin again. The choice is exquisite, gentle, close foam of cutaneous clean papula, sensitive skin also can be used, in placatory skin while, safety does not have exciting purify bilge.

3, often oversight tiny position

The expert unscrambles: See oneself well from inside the mirror, although cheek water water is tender, but does eye lower part work dry? Enclothe both hands in two buccal when, the place that these hands do not meet eye lower part, the corner of the eye, should notice to maintain more. Select right product, the eye ministry that can let you nurses simple and effective, dedicated nurse the tiny position that you never note, make Dou Yiyi of each your detail unripe brightness, and at present the eye of very popular eye grain disappear on market sticks film also is a first-rate eye ministry nurses product.

4, it is good to skinning to think not to do any maintaining

The expert unscrambles: What our skin wants to be faced with the contaminant in a large number of air, sharp ultraviolet ray, cold air to cause everyday is dry wait, exceed the capacity of harsh environment to make our skin raises antagonism, offerring it moisture and protection is very necessary.

5, as operable as family protect skin to taste

The expert unscrambles: Skin can compare the members of a family really character similar, the age and habits and customs are different nevertheless, the condition of skin also is met dissimilate. For example the masked water that mom place uses, latex is nutritional taller, the daughter was used cause whelk easily. Be aimed at family person nurse white, dispel knits spot of blain having dispel, dispel, beauty etc, division of labor the clear, talent that protect skin is more professional.

2, winter beauty's white method

1, before sleeping clean skin

Accepted the radiate of the dirt in air, computer and ultraviolet ray by day, the skin that can let you gets enroach on, meet those who make stain generate so, so bout home is about discharge makeup, clean skin wants before sleeping, after doing it protect skin to prepare.

2, bright skin water very important

Bright skin water this one pace cannot oversight, it has very good cleanness to fill the action of water, can 2 clean skins, the thing of remains of thoroughly cleared skin, the absorption that raises skin ability, your skin is more white tender, the skin that lacks water meets those who cause splash generate.

3, beautiful Bai Jinghua is a key

Daub is beautiful in the evening Bai Jinghua is the most crucial one step, can make skin sufficient absorb nutrition, use the late frost of beautiful white effect, skin beautiful Bai Cheng is spent quickly, let skin present the skin that burnish is too busy the following day.

4, film of Chang Fu face

A lot of MM are very lazy, do not like apply Facial mask, used twice cannot see the effect does not insist to use, Facial mask effect is being used before sleeping is very good, can more absorb nutrition, stimulative metabolism, the skin beauty that invites you has the effect of desalt melanin again in vain.