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How to protect skin with peel? What does the hairdressing method of fruit skin have?

Fruity sort has a lot of, a lot of fruit nutrition are rich, the female often eats a few fresh fruits, can improve problem of a few skin, make the skin better, some fruity peel also has the very good effect that protect skin, the effect that peel uses hairdressing is very good also, so how to protect skin with peel? What does the hairdressing method of fruit skin have? Everybody introduction is below.

How to protect skin with peel? What does the hairdressing method of fruit skin have? (1)

1, peel protects skin law

1, watermelon skin: Hairdressing protects skin

A lot of old people know with watermelon skin the fried dish eats, but do not know it has vitamin C, E, new watermelon skin direct apply is in facial, can help eliminate inflammation, also can break watermelon skin into pieces pound slimy shape apply to be duped to make Facial mask in the face, every week 3 two, every time 10 minutes or so, the bathe after apply is clean, have tender skin beauty's white effect for long.

2, banana skin: Hairdressing protects skin

New banana skin is direct daub can help beautiful Bai Zirun in limb, and insolation pulverize, daily and drinkable OKer better taking is beautiful effect of Bai Kang oxidation, but banana skin one but nigrescent cannot be mixed with daub by oxidation drinkable oh.

3, yangtao skin: Fight phlogistic fight allergic

Yangtao skin contains a lot ofantioxidant, have fight phlogistic with the effect that combats allergy. The classmates of facial allergy must much edible oh 3 times content of the antioxidant in ~ skin is pulp. Need to extract yangtao gross juice only, after filtering drinkable can, the method is very simple.

4, firedrake peel: Increase smooth spend

The cyanine element in the fruit of firedrake fruit is medium the material of special nutrition. Cyanine element has very marvellous fight oxidation function, can save active 75 hours in human body blood. Break mud into pieces long-term and drinkable, not only promotional cutaneous is spent glossily, united States colour skins. Must choose fresh the skin of fruit!

5, citric skin: Make the skin moist smooth

Daily bubble water drinks the citric skin after insolation, long with long can the United States is white. Additional OK also bubble is in bathing water, the oil that citric skin contains and nutrient can help the skin protect wet, eliminate dry. Help skin does citric Pi Zaichao of ~ of hairdressing of a whole body city can be bought, convenient and simple, hold to a month, the United States protects wet effect to be able to see apparently in vain.

2, choose a note

1, according to the individual skin chooses a fruit character

Do not have kind of fruit to have the quality of oneself, want to do a sensitive test character according to individual skin before peel is used. Notice whether the skin that treats oneself and body can be accepted, if have unwell symptom, be similar to aglow and scratchy scarcely to want to be used directly go up in the skin, answer to be cleaned instantly.

2, peel practicable time

Fruity lasts period very important, once peel lays aside the surface after time is long to be able to appear,oxidize, should not continue to use at that time! Must choose fresh season fruit, what did not dissection is OK deposit wait to use in freezer, come to those who lengthen him last period. But if dissection later, was about to be used instantly, the fruit after incision is more than and easy oxidation, can cause a bacterium more, this meeting lets our skin produce bacterial infection. Mix for the skin become beautiful, the fruit that does not expire with those certainly.

3, fruit hairdressing protects skin small doohickey

1, lemon hairdressing law

After will citric abluent section, the 3~5 in putting cool boiled water minute, can use Yu Fu face, brush body, wash one's hair. Use for a long time, but corrode of be in harmony the splash on facial, body, achieve send the waterfall that be like Chinese ink, the face is like beautiful jade, if the body coagulates fat, glorious takes the person's effect.

2, cherry hairdressing law

Cherry 100 grams, cold boiled water 1 cup. The nucleus goes after cherry is abluent, juice of peach of Chengying of agitate of cold boiled water is added in machine of the fruit juice that put a person, teem offers drink (can add right amount white sugar to flavor) . This juice has moist cutaneous effect, can eliminate mark of skin dark scar.

3, apple hairdressing law

The apple is abluent, flay and nucleus cut small, spinach is abluent cut paragraph reserve, put apple and spinach into fruit juice machine to add water to hit divide evenly to become juice, filter divides fruit broken bits, fall into the cup, add lemon juice, honey smooth can. This juice can make skin Bai Xi tender slippery.

4, grape hairdressing law

Fresh grape 100 grams, white sugar is right amount. the grape abluent go straightening, juice is squeezed after wrapping up with clean gauze; Take juice, add white sugar smooth become namely. A day of cent is taken 3 times. This juice is had and in be good at stomach, stomachic effect. Apply to infantile inappetence, anorexia all disease. Constant drink this juice, can delay year reduce weight.

5, papaya hairdressing law

Take fresh and squashy Chinese flowering quince, flay, nucleus, cut chunk. Candy of papaya piece, will bright milk, Bai Sha and right amount broken ice cube are put into fruit juice machine, break concentrated juice into pieces, can drinkable. Effect: Embellish skin is raised colour.

4, the action of different peel

1. pear skin: Sexual cold taste is sour, the lung of embellish of can cool heart, disappear that remove fire is phlegmy, with pear skin soup of 30 grams decoct is taken, lung of embellish of heart having Qing Dynasty, relieve a cough expectorant effect, medicable phlegmy much, cough. Be like pear skin pound mud, apply affected part can treat ulcer gall, with drink of Shang Pin of decoct of bright pear skin, but alexipharmic detumescence.

2. cucumber skin: A few people eat the flay when cucumber, honest regrettablly, a suit green garment of cucumber contains green former acid and coffee acid, can have the effect that gobbles up to the diminish inflammation that fight bacterium and exciting leucocyte. Edible of cucumber belt skin is right often guttural gall person it is potion fine medicine.

3. watermelon skin: Use at disappear heat satisfy one's thirst, clear hot detoxify, flesh of watermelon of watermelon skin excel. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is used as medicine with watermelon skin and melon juice match " watermelon emerald green garment " , have fire of the clear hot weather that heat up solution, have diarrhoea to divide irritated, reduce the effect such as blood pressure, ascites of dry to anaemic, pharynx and larynx, harelip, cystitis, liver, nephritis all has certain curative effect.

Skin of 4. wax gourd: Heat having pass the time in a leisurely way, be good at the effect with lienal, wet benefit, the oedema that can be used at treating nephrosis, hectic, heart disease to cause, abdominal distension, pee is adverse wait. Wash a foot to control athlete's foot already with soup of decoct of wax gourd skin, control a foot again smelly, kill two birds with one stone.

5. banana skin: The active ingredient that controls fungus and bacterium is contained in banana skin -- element of broadleaf plant skin. But the skin Sao urticant disease that cure causes by fungus infection. Banana skin has the embellish lung bowel, arteries and veins that connect blood, effect that adds marrow. Tote banana skin pound Jiang Zhineng antiphlogistic and acetanilide, with brothers of banana skin rub, can prevent and cure chilblain. In addition, crocus of banana skin insolation, pretty good still hairdressing beautiful is tasted.

6. apple skin: Have convergent effect, take Xian Ping the skin of fruit soup of 30 grams decoct or make tea are drinkable, can treat hydrochloric acid in gastric juice overmuch, phlegmy much, grind malic skin insolation end, take the attune when 15 grams are hollow to take, daily 2 ~ 3, wait to chronic diarrhoea and nerve sex colonitis, hypertension have certain curative effect.

7. shaddock skin: Regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, can expectorant, relieve a cough, smooth asthma, with skin of a shaddock, shuck the flesh of lining, break into pieces, add right amount honey and maltose evaporate to rot, add to be taken orally of a few hot yellow rice or millet wine, morning and evening each 1, every time 1 spoon, can treat senile cough and asthma. Still can take shaddock skin soup of 9 grams decoct is taken, can expectorant disappear is fed, calm asthma, stop colic.

8. tangerine skin () of dried tangerine or orange peel: Justifiable aerification is phlegmy, be good at lienal go wet effect, still can reduce blood pressure. Tangerine skin can treat cough phlegmy much, bosom frowsty, abdominal distension, queasy, vomiting. The material of yellow ketone glucoside that tangerine skin place contains, can outspread coronary artery, increase flow of coronary artery blood. tangerine the skin cuts into shreds or insolation grinds end, pour water of bubble acting tea with boiled water, its flavour faint scent is delightful, can appetizing, aerate, life-giving. With doing tangerine skin 50 grams add white spirit 500 grams immerse 7 days, make tangerine skin wine, take 5 grams every time, can treat chronic diarrhoea.