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What is the principle of acupuncture hairdressing? What note does acupuncture hairdressing have?

Acupuncture is the treats a disease method that middling of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine uses, the point that acupuncture differs according to human body, exciting body is different place, have remedial effect, acupuncture can use treatment not only a few diseases, still can hairdressing protects skin, improve problem of a few skin, so what is the principle of acupuncture hairdressing? What note does acupuncture hairdressing have?

What is the principle of acupuncture hairdressing? What note does acupuncture hairdressing have? (1)

1, pinprick hairdressing principle

(1) uses a needle essentials

Hairdressing health care, apply needle appropriate gentle, stimulate intensity appropriate moderate, had shoulded not be force. Generally speaking, leave a needle to should not be too long, hind of bring about the desired sensation can give an injection, pinprick deepness also answer because of the person appropriate, to the person that aged body declines, should not be too deep into the needle; Body is fat person can prick greatly appropriately.

(2) is taken acupuncture point matchs acupuncture point

Because the biggest characteristic of pinprick hairdressing is to depend on be being adjusted all over, accordingly, must local with the whole body photograph extraction acupuncture point is united in wedlock, just have better curative effect. Local take acupuncture point to be able to pass loose, improvement circulates, stimulative skin cell is metabolic in order to eliminate stain, spot, can enhance muscle flexibility, and take acupuncture point to be emphasized at balancing internal organs of the body all over, adjust the function of each system in order to achieve the goal of hairdressing.

Only acupuncture point and group acupuncture point: Clinical confirm can choose only acupuncture point, yi Ke uses a few point to undertake for a group, be like the person that enhance some respect function, can use only acupuncture point, in order to stress its usefulness; With the person that recuperate integral function, can choose a group of point, in order to enhance the result.

Close acupuncture point and far acupuncture point: Close acupuncture point, take acupuncture point into end namely, it is to point to choose take improvement cutaneous is local come the extraction of hairdressing acupuncture point method. Far end takes acupuncture point is to point to choose the acupuncture point method that is far from prestige position, can prevent and cure not only local disease, and the disease of the is apart from further place organization organ that can prevent an effect a permanent cure to be involved via circular place and internal organs of the body, the action of some influential even whole bodies.

(3) abstains from

Every has encountered too be hungry, full, drunk wine, bate, big Jing, overworked excessive wait for a circumstance, unfavorable pinprick, pregnant woman puerpera is unfavorable pinprick.

2, except knit anti-creasing point

Advocate acupuncture point: Bamboo of sky of traditional stringed and woodwind instrument, assemble, sun, gigantic, greet wind of sweet, buccal car, slight corneal opacity.

Match acupuncture point: In Wan, close cereal, Qu Chi, sufficient 3 lis.

Stitch: Advocate acupuncture point every time 3, match acupuncture point every time 1- - 2, former the law that use have diarrhoea, latter uses reinforcing method.

Explain: Characteristic of this group point conpatibility of medicines is close end takes acupuncture point and far end to take couple of acupuncture point photograph. Set out from local angle namely, in easy occurrence furrow place nearby takes acupuncture point, recuperate have sth in mind from whole of acupuncture point of gas of internal organs of the body again, choose acupuncture point of Yang Ming classics, both cooperate,

3, 4 kinds of no-no crowds of acupuncture

(1) diabetic crowd: Because the blood sugar of diabetic patient is taller, once form cut, even if is small acupuncture pinprick, cicatrization not easily also, if handle needle mouth to perhaps control food carelessly, cause the infection of mouth of cut, needle likely still, so diabetic person shoulds not be executive acupuncture.

(2) crowd of cruor function obstacle: For example hemophiliac, plaque reduces the disease such as sexual purpura, because the cruor time of these crowds is longer, or hard cruor, bring about needle mouth to bleed easily more than, so crowd of cruor function obstacle also is unsuited of executive acupuncture.

(3) skin infection, ulcer, scar and tumor place are unsuited pinprick.

(4) leukaemia crowd is unsuited pinprick.

4, acupuncture note reducing weight

One of, the patient that acupuncture reduces weight should be manhood hind fat person, this kind of patient adjusts all sorts of metabolization functions of airframe more easily, promote smoothly adipose decompose, achieve reduce weight fall the effect of fat.

The 2nd, acupuncture cooperates dietary effect much better, cooperating the principle that controls food is: Not hungry do not eat, hungry eat again; Eat full can, do not eat lotus root of sweetmeat and fat, potato, lotus, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch to wait.

The 3rd, acupuncture process reducing weight is the adjustment that adopts system of main and collateral channels action, after stopping very won't fast get fat. Acupuncture reduces weight also is the process of an advance gradually. Cannot count on a few pinprick to go down to become slender immediately.

The 4th, acupuncture of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine reduces weight not to advocate " hungry therapeutics " . What differ with numerous method reducing weight is, in the process that reduces weight in acupuncture, do not emphasize exorbitant controlling food, special do not advocate adopt " hungry therapeutics " .