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How does spring carry bright color of skin? How does spring protect skin?

Spring should be in relief bright fawn on originally, when if spend,dimpling, but because cutaneous is coarse dark sank to bring to our mood heavy, so friend of a lot of females is searching the hairdressing method that promotes bright color of skin all the time. In the life friend of a lot of females can choose to protect skin taste will carry bright color of skin, but not be to protect skin to taste effective fruit so, there also is the method that promotes bright color of skin in daily life. So how does spring carry bright color of skin? How does spring protect skin?

How does spring carry bright color of skin? How does spring protect skin? (1)


One, how does spring carry bright color of skin

1: The clean side that chooses oiliness product

A lot of people think a cleanness of face wanting clean is clean and complete, what there perhaps is beautiful white effect accusing oil in the label on the product is breast of face of clean of a good grandma that wash a face, eyebrow suits the young beauty that this kind of idea controls to 20 years old probably, but if you already ran quickly 3, so the clean face product of oiliness is to exceed absolutely those who suit, can oilier than only the United States accuses in vain product implements specific aim more.

2: Compensatory vitamin C is fought anile

Can use those who contain dimension C to protect skin to taste, also but all sorts of vegetables and fruits that edible contains a lot ofdimension C, fizzle out to the United States in vain gas has first-rate effect. Dimension C protects skin to taste had better use before night sleep, bring about fast invalidation by illumination so not easily. Apple, yangtao, cherry, tomato, grape is the dimension C vegetables and fruits that exceeds a club, already cheap delicate. Wanting you only is the beautiful eyebrow of a fruit of draft of the love in the life, for the sister that the skin does not love draft fruit relatively than those necessarily, the meeting is more shining have color more.

3: The filling surface frost that chooses water oil to balance

No matter how the filling water importance of skin emphasizes won't beyond the mark. Our normally simplest method is to use a moist and clear Bu Shuishuang. The water oil that needs understanding to suit his to skin before buying high grade Bu Shuishuang balances a state, such ability fill effectively water. Too oily elite fluid, although have certain lock water,lasting effect is however letting a person look is all over the face although fat; is frivolous elite fluid can make the skin at ease many, but the filling water effect with cannot rise very quickly particularly good with respect to meeting desiccate; .

4: Choose transparent qualitative acid composition

As years prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the age increases, inside skin transparent the content of qualitative acid drops significantly. This change is to be able to get pilot, wanted us to choose those who contain transparent qualitative acerbity part to protect skin to taste only, add small signal: Marriage of Ppuu56 analytic feeling, destiny of the situation before forecasting! What lose with respect to can seasonable complement is transparent qualitative acid, skin consenescence speed lowers the slowest rate. Transparent qualitative acerbity former fluid or bright skin water, it is the most convenient also be the directest additional means, should use only proper, skin is delayed age 3 arriving 5 years old is a dream no longer.

5: Change incorrect habits and customs

Stay up late, smoking, thick makeup endanger not only healthy, it is skin coarsens more aged murderer. Stay up late cause disorder of human body endocrine, look is dark fizzle out to make toxin accumulative without burnish; smoking inside body, destroy all sorts of airframe to balance; in addition, thick makeup pulverous remain can jam badly pore, puissant discharge makeup the product often can let your skin be washed so that resemble sand paper () of exterior activator freeboard, these are the bad habits of no good. For the health of our oneself and beauty, rapidly give up these bad mistake.


2, how does spring protect skin

1. Timely change protect skin is tasted

Sebaceous glands secretes spring exuberant, be like a feeling right now the skin is dry, basically be to be short of water or grease disequilibrium to bring about, be not " be short of oil " . Everybody is being used when protecting skin to taste, should " take part in a battle with light packs " , change commonly used in the winter oily frost agent gradually oily little, washy neuter latex. Latex kind protect skin to taste composition simple, permeability is good, use rise more comfortable, relaxed.

2. Clean job should be done very

Spring air temperature is elevatory, speed of skin cell metabolism is accelerated, sweat gland, sebaceous glands is secreted exuberant, plus the allergen in air more, bacterium also more active, to avoid pollution to jam pore is brought about " blain blain " frequency hair, after going out everyday, should careful and clean skin. When necessary, can do deep-seated skin every months to nurse, what surface layer of blandly purify skin piles up is corneous, in order to promote cuticular metabolism, your skin freedom breathes.

3. Cold bath face cannot be taken

Many people think, weather is warm, wash a face with cold water better off. Actually, cold water can stimulate skin pore systole, the bilge on your face stops inside pore, be kept clear of not easily, as time passes, bring about the happening of skin allergy and acne easily. Look from the point of view that protects skin, should wash a face with Wen Shui all the year round.

4. Frequency chamfer pledges unwise

Many people think, after the wind that passed a winter blows insolation, the skin becomes coarse a lot of. To spring, ought to go more corneous, so that make,the skin restores tender, smooth. Actually, the enroach on of corneous layer inbreaks with what prevent microbial, bacterium. Frequent chamfer can make the skin attenuates character, the skin resists ability is reduced, dermatitis of sex of more incidental contact and skin are affected. Be worth what carry is, many people hear of those who contain fruit acid to protect skin to taste have " tender skin " action, to its " favour has add " . Actually, of fruit acid " tender skin " the effect is to pass " chamfer is qualitative " of implementation. After using, skin surface can have scurfy fall off, show newborn skin, although have really it seems that from the surface " tender skin " the effect, but the skin can become very sensitive.

5. Prevent bask in the job is indefatigable idle

A lot of people know, summer must notice to prevent bask in. But most person does not know, suntanning begin from spring actually. Although spring does not have the sorching burning sun of summer, but dry and windy, ultraviolet ray is sharp. Cutaneous metabolism cycle is 28 days, if spring is prevented carelessly bask in, make the skin exposes Yu Zi exterior line to fall too much, can appear to summer bask in spot. If arrive to want to remedy again in those days, when be late already. Many people think, use beauty white product can make the skin becomes whiter fair-skinned. Little imagine, prevent basking in ability is skin beauty is white " fountainhead " . The main effect of beautiful white product is to restrain melanin to generate, can not prevent and resist ultraviolet ray is harmed to cutaneous, the effect is equal at " mend the fold after a sheep is lost " . Had done seriously only prevent bask in the job, ability puts an end to the skin to be basked in from fountainhead injury and suntan, make the skin all fair-skinneds in vain all the year round.

6. Nurse the method because person different

The person should adopt different type cutaneous to nurse differently method. Drying skin person should special attention is clean the skin shoulds not be too diligent, bathe with Wen Shui advisable, water is warm unfavorable super-cooling or overheat; are alkalescent the toilet soap with small, good quality or bath dew can be used, but use; chamfer not easily to also had shoulded not be character everyday diligent, excessive, because drying skin is thinner tender, excessive cleanness can make the skin becomes more sensitive. Oily skin person skin cleanness should be strengthened to nurse in spring, choose gentle clean product; to protect skin to taste as far as possible with the latex kind for beautiful, absorb more easily, and jam not easily pore; avoids to use frost of powdery bottom, segregation to wait may jam the cosmetic of pore, if must be used, should have done discharge makeup and deep-seated and clean work.

Should alleviate spring skin Sao is urticant, should choose softness of quality of a material, full pure cotton clothing and other articles of daily use above all, in order to reduce pair of cutaneous stimulation. Should notice to bathe next should not be too diligent, avoid to use bath fluid or soap to exert all one's strength swab, lest aggravating Sao is urticant. Because Sao urticant receptor is in human body cutaneous,40 ℃ above can be restrained, the person that reason skin Sao itchs likes to use bath of very hot bath, itch in order to reduce Sao. Nevertheless, lukewarm exorbitant meeting causes water skin surface blood capillary is outspread, can aggravating skin is injured, urticant symptom of aggravating and dry, Sao, appropriate of the person that reason skin Sao itchs bathes with Wen Shui, after washing, answer instantly daub is had moist, protect wet effect protect skin to taste. Sao is urticant serious when, can use cool towel cold compress, in order to alleviate symptom.

7. "Inside and outside holds concurrently long " protect health

Want to maintain skin health in spring, must hold to " inside and outside holds concurrently long " . Above all, ying Qin waters, wait like plain boiled water, boiled water, retain skin water benefit. Next, should assure enough sleep. The skin is in after passing daylong insolation wind to blow, urgent need " rest and reorganization " , with the cell of compensatory nutrition and repair injury. Came at 10 o'clock in the evening before dawn the optimal period of time that 4 o'clock is skin nap. The 3rd, should strengthen nutrition, much eat the fresh vegetable that contains a lot ofa vitamin, fruit and egg, sesame seed, honey to wait, enhance skin metabolization function. The 4th, answer to often massage facial skin, if use both hands to be moved toward down facial muscle, blood-vessel, slow massage a few minutes, circulate in order to promote blood, add skin flexibility. The 5th, want watchful adjustment mood, because skin nerve also gets cerebrum control, spirit is in the undesirable mood such as nervous, scared, depression bad or for a long time in, blood of meeting influence skin circulates, make the skin premature and anile.

8. Scientific edible " sensitization " vegetables and fruits

After spring, vegetable of all sorts of melon and fruit appear on the market in succession, it is the big inning of compensatory vitamin. But look from the point of view that protects skin, or " alternative edible " had better, because of partial vegetable, melon and fruit (wait like celery, citric, Xianggu mushroom, celery, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, caraway, carrot, cole, aubergine, laver, river snail, mango) belong to " sensitive " vegetables and fruits, say on medicine for " photosensitive sex food " . Be like a large number of edible by day " sensitive " vegetables and fruits, be suntanned more easily by the sun, partial allergy constitution person dermatitis of sex of incidental still photosensitive, appear even the symptom of dermatitis of similar contact sex, appear like the place such as face, neck, the back of hand blister of oedema, erythema, urine, accompany apparent Sao urticant, burn or thorn keenly feel. Many females like to abstain fruit vegetables beverage, wait like celery juice, carrot juice, think its already nutrition goes to the lavatory again drinkable. Little imagine, after extracting photosensitive sex food juice, among them sensitive composition is absorbed more easily by human body, the skin suntans more easily, produce photosensitive sex dermatitis even. Accordingly, "Sensitive " vegetables and fruits had better not days edible, might as well when putting dinner, eat again.