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What can dispel spot eat? What contraindication does dispel spot have?

As environmental change, our body also is in happen a series of change, for instance the skin becomes more sensitive, facial ministry becomes easy grow spot. So female friends become add more pay attention to hairdressing to protect skin, although pay attention to hairdressing,be to do not have a fault, but still suggest each hairdressing protects skin to want to notice a method. So what can long spot eat on the face? What contraindication does dispel spot have?

What can dispel spot eat? What contraindication does dispel spot have? (1)


One, Bai Yangyan cabala of dispel spot beauty

1, egg rice (white) spot of acetic solution dispel

Acetic bubble egg is a small folk prescription that uses spot of white vinegar dispel. Apply of to be taken orally, work along both lines, let stain nowhere can hide.

The method of to be taken orally: Prepare a few new eggs and a jin of good rice vinegar.

After washing the egg clean, put it into a jin vinegar. Seal up for keeping a month, make chorion all melt.

Take out fluid of vinegar of one spoon egg every time, add enters warm boiled water drinkable. Insist to drink a cup everyday, the stain on the face can not have footprint cough up very quickly.

Take out vinegar of one spoon egg every time fluid

2, hot compress

After washing a face in the late evening, do not besmear immediately protect skin to taste, when giving the skin cleanness must clean and clean.

If the dirt in pore does not keep clear of clean, can jam not only pore, still can cause pigment ad cool-headed.

Actually, finish can soak towel with hot water after cleanness, pigheaded the hot compress on the face is put after working, the blood that is helpful for stimulative skin circulates, clean pore, make pore is stretched, skin also is helpful for when calculating Tu Hufu to taste so more sufficient absorb, the nutrition of skin and moisture also can be maintained in groove.

3, milk walnut is burnt

The folk prescription that should raise colour dispel spot for the hairdressing of everybody introduction is a cookbook of hairdressing dispel spot.

Prepare walnutmeat 300g, soya-bean milk 200g, milk 200g, 200g of black sesame seed.

Prepare walnutmeat 300g, soya-bean milk 200g

Put walnut of black sesame seed to mixer to mash, go in milk soya-bean milk next, the confluence that makes them sufficient is together.

Put this mushily after do well boil heats inside boiler, join right amount white sugar next can direct edible.

This method besides can outside satiety, still can let skin become smooth bouncy, can help desalt stain more, achieve the goal of tender white skin thereby.

If Mm feels troublesome word is OK,try fragrant cheek grow show result of oil of dispel spot essence additionally pretty good and do not have side-effect oh.

4, cold compress

Cold compress is helpful for the cleanness of skin, still can promote skin blood circulation, quicken skin metabolism.

Adjust although dietary means also can achieve the result of dispel spot, just effect of means of spot of this kind of dispel is not apparent, even if adjust,means must not be become, do not have any effects very likely still to dispel spot.


2, dispel spot has what contraindication

No-no one: Abuse vitamin C

Everybody knows dimension C is a beauty's white good thing, human body also cannot lack it, but the health of can adverse to its abuse body.

A new research shows, dispel spot method takes vitamin C pill the person such as Er of bosom of heart of association of heart of United States of aggravate arteriosclerosis; is opposite the likelihood the middleaged men and women that looks healthy on 573 appearance undertakes checking, these philtrum have 30% to often take all sorts of vitamin C pill. Although investigation discovery does not have clear evidence,the proof absorbs many vitamin from inside food C or daily eat a variety of vitaminic bolus to have harm to health really. But the person that those take vitamin C pill, cervical aortic wall is rapid thickening. If take more vitamin C pill, the rate of thickening is rapidder. Photograph absorb dimension C too much, to certain person character, the formation that may promote kidney stone; causes intestines and stomach likely also the unwell, destruction that fights cruor agent to suffer interference, erythrocyte, excessive absorbs what iron reachs copper character to use undesirable.

No-no 2: Film of new plant face direct apply face

Much belle likes DIY, can saying is right new natural product fondles admiringly, all day long of one pile strange east east wipe toward him face, but often be the effect flatly, huang Heban still can be caused occasionally sensitive, not be this itch, remove roseola then namely... the toxin that the reason is itself of raw pure crude goods is not cleared still, a few sensitizer can have not raised composition to depart with battalion, caused the skin to draw nutrition and poisonous, sensitive material at the same time below the circumstance that does not have security. Can appear naturally a series of skin is undesirable state. Heat up the lemon that hold in both hands for instance, its dimension C content is high, acidity is not small also, if you are allergic, but two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two want beware of! ! ! Additional, the thing of DIY is not have to the skin in that way to what we imagine how how good hairdressing profit, the product of most DIY is actually right cutaneous hairdressing effect actually very low, compare the result only, or it is better that hairdressing is tasted, especially a few hairdressing products that contain natural part, it is extractive plant elite composition, assured the security of the product at the same time, of course, the price is taller, do not cross option or in you oh.

No-no 3: The United States is not protected in vain wet

Want the United States' white girl to just often buy one lot commonly pure beauty is white, often of oversight maintain wet value, actually this can be dozen of fault spy fault. Food of spot of beautiful white dispel skins tenderly in vain should be healthy, clean, bright lustre, is not lubricious like Tu Leyan like, the face does not have redness of skin. Enough water divides what can make skin faster to absorb other nutrition, it is the foundation of any pure sex hairdressing, because product of this choice hairdressing is certain,also want to see its keep humidity, best choice holds the Bai Hebao that have the beauty's wet product concurrently. Additional, the beauty that can see the effect truly is protected in vain wet maintain general need lasts 45-60 day, because,can fasten pepperbox, short time cannot see beautiful white effect thinks he defeats a fault thing, actually this is a paragraph of absolute value must invest and still do not calculate long latency time. Want to insist patiently to use only, the skin that believes smooth Bai Xi will be closer and closer from you.

No-no 4: Pursuit is tall multiple is prevented bask in

The person is in inspiratory oxygen, about 2% meetings change is called for a kind " active oxygen " strong oxide is qualitative, he can atttack skin cell, make skin becomes yellow to produce oxidation to react euqally like the apple. And in summer, the main reason of active oxygen increase sharply in skin, it is sharp ultraviolet ray. Accordingly, prevent necessarily basking in is indispensable. But live daily in us in, we often use high multiple prevent bask in frost to be able to avoid the ultraviolet harm to skin, but the product with choice high multiple is opposite certainly the effect that skin has had only, special present great majority prevents those who bask in a product to use is absorbefacient of chemical complex ultraviolet ray, to skin excitant very big, a few prevent those who bask in a product is oily it is the Mm worry that makes a few love beautiful more unceasingly, let skin bear at the same time greater pressure... the effect and side-effect are compared is to the loss outweights the gain simply. It is actually in daily life, prevent those who bask in coefficient to be controlled for SPF20 bask in frost to be able to satisfy our daily travel and light-duty and outdoors motion, still won't stimulate skin, and of same brand prevent bask in a product, prevent basking in coefficient to exceed low standard also is lower!

No-no 5: Too concentration

A lot of beauty's white now product is popular one a complete set of, from wash a face- - discharge makeup- - make up water- - elite fluid- - latex- - late frost... so-called and OK the United States is white, and no matter do not have effect effectively to be able to add on a few beauty,Bai Cheng is divided, although massage dispel spot has a budget if a complete set of is bought also be indifferent to, but if want to use fund on edge, the elite liquid that has beautiful white effect, latex or late frost should be worth investment quite, because wash a face to reach the time of discharge makeup not to grow, the result that so beautiful white composition can produce is not big. Make up water still basically uses Yu Qingjie, consumer has needed to use not quite now make up water will achieve the United States to be protected in vain wet. If to guarantee wet end, often the product keeps wet part is not chroma too low, it is little oily lock water keeps wet agent, and cannot achieve ensure wet result thoroughly. Once surroundings is too dry or the skin slants dry, such makeup aquatic product is protected to cutaneous wet not complete. If for the United States' white purpose, because composition density is too low,also often be and the effect is finite. If you disrelish a trouble, of course the repair breast of a many effect also is right choice.

No-no 6: Outside be being weighed only not heavy inside

Actually the beautiful white work of most person made an in part only, because did not take in-house recuperation seriously. Will tell to each place of human body, the natural food of beautiful Bai Quban is having very big decision effect, skin is not exceptional also. Choose correct beautiful white food, can allow get twice the result with half the effort of your beautiful white work, and let skin have vigor more it seems that, also meet more and more luster. Add enough sleep even additionally, such ability let nutrition be absorbed ceaselessly to digest, skin just can have look more!