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Does hairdressing protect skin to want what to thing be far from? What thing has harm to skin?

Everybody hopes his skin Bai Xi is smooth, no matter be the male or female heart. Hope oneself skin is smooth, this is the basiccest, have smooth skin, calculate facial features to not be in good-looking, also won't ugly go where. The what thing that then you know to we often are done is of meeting harm skin? Below, provide body introduction to everybody.

Does hairdressing protect skin to want what to thing be far from? What thing has harm to skin? (1)

1, harmful to skin thing

1, computer

To office worker female, the article that causes the greatest harm to the skin is computer undoubtedly, face computer for a long time, can make computer radiate forms splash in facial ministry deposit.

Information age, the occurrence of computer brought a lot of convenient places really to the life, but at the same time, also bring the harm that a lot of expect are less than, some people are duty field the job is mad, working overtime is not bagatelle already, work overtime for long can be in imperceptible in harm skin.

Prep let alone a few people are play game to computer everyday, often be playing is daylong, wanting to have good skin namely so is a very difficult issue.

Radiation can be in imperceptible calumniatory the skin that kills us, cause the skin dim without smooth, dry be short of water, pore to coarsen ceaselessly, blain blain appears, the eye is dry, these are the harms that common radiate brings.

Even personage of a few medicine already such circumstance coronal with a new name " computer skin " , visible, such skin is the business that deserves attention of each office worker.

So use the computer for long in the light of this kind, cause harm to the skin, how alleviating is the thing that people cares, this moment, want to pay attention to the cleanness of pair of computer screen, use the computer every time, wipe screen clean with clean flannelette, reduce the dirt above.

The woman that loves the United States mights as well often use segregation frostlike powder, can let segregation of the skin, dirt effectively, use the powdery base with a few stronger permeability, also can make there is a protective screen between the skin, dirt, in the meantime, do not use oily pink base.

Work for some time, can wash a face appropriately, wash one's hands, let the skin maintain loosen; to plan a few green tea more, in the job period of time undertakes drinkable also can use among them tea much phenol, reach the action that fights oxidation.

2, mobile phone

Current society, the mobile phone does not leave a body had been normal, a lot of people are to standing to play a mobile phone, sitting to play a mobile phone, lying to play a mobile phone, also hold the hand in the arms in the bosom when sleep even.

Play a mobile phone for long, very big also to skin harm, the radiation a bit in the mobile phone no less than computer, play a mobile phone for long, to the skin the cell can cause very big effect.

The melanin in can causing skin cell is ceaseless and deposit, time grows to still can appear the circumstance of long spot, can let a few bacteria take the chance and be entered at the same time, cause harm to the skin, make skin pore ceaseless increase, the skin becomes coarse, the occurrence that causes blain blain.

A few people play hand opportunity for long to send the rash with occurrence differ size of place of auditive now, cheek, in the meantime, hand ministry also can appear a few rash, because,these often are excessive the skin that plays a mobile phone to cause is allergic.

In England show in a research, play a mobile phone for long, the nickel material of surface of mobile phone of can ceaseless contact is qualitative, contact of this kind of material brings about skin occurrence allergy easily to react too much, generate gules rash, and name its be " mobile phone dermatitis " .

Play a mobile phone for long to still can affect Morpheus, prep let alone a few people are embracing a mobile phone to fall asleep in the evening everyday, such thing, it is the radiation skin that can make a mobile phone ceaseless undoubtedly, cause harm to the skin.

In the meantime, the mobile phone plays to still can affect Morpheus before sleeping in the evening, cause Morpheus quality to become poor, such is in certain level also is to be able to affect cutaneous metabolism.

Play a mobile phone for long in the light of a few people, can reduce the time that plays a mobile phone, do a few other issues to transform attention, for example, the male undertakes fitness, the female undertakes raising spending doing grass, these are can reduce mobile phone radiate effectively to cause harm to the body.

The time that plays a mobile phone decreased, can avoid radiation effectively naturally to cause harm to the body, the hope is in the following life, everybody can great attention, reduce the number that employs a mobile phone, will protect the skin effectively with this.

3, cosmetic

Loving the United States is the person's nature, but, such love beauty is to need control to be inside a limits, if everyday cosmetic of have the aid of undertakes love the United States, it is a bad thing undoubtedly so, can cause very great harm to the skin.

Cosmetic is an indispensable article in people love beautiful process, especially to the female, can put a few cosmetic in the bag that carries more, the home is to putting various cosmetic more before the medium stage that wash gargle.

A lot of females can spend very long time to undertake dressing up when go out, dress up in this in the process, all sorts of cosmetic to the daub on the face, these cosmetic look be like can let you show an inviting one side, but, also have the harm that a lot of expect are less than however.

Cosmetic belongs to have the aid of after all other factor comes beautification cutaneous things, slue of among them heavy metal content, use for long can cause pore to be jammed, the skin cannot have breath normally. The skin of drying can appear the skin is dark yellow circumstance, oily skin can appear the symptom of allergy of long blain blain, skin.

Use cosmetic can change the skin, this kind of change often is cosmetic medium smooth feeling material caused skin mucous membrane to produce reaction, use for long still can cause the skin ad cool-headed, pigment is taken off break, often behave in people facial, cervical etc.

The skin is organ of the biggest breath, the breath with normal need, maintain, a lot of people in the life are to make up meticulously, careless discharge makeup, also can cause very great harm to the skin so.

In discharge makeup when if cannot accomplish sufficient discharge makeup, can cause cosmetic hangover accumulation to be in the skin, cause bursa of acne, wool to jam, cause folliculitis then.

In the meantime, discharge makeup is not not complete, complete still can make the skin corneous the layer attenuates ceaselessly, the skin lost original covering layer, the expression of can easy occurrence allergy, undoubtedly people is not willing to see such skin.

2, how to maintain oneself skin

1, beer contracts pore law

Use beer to be able to contract well pore oh, pour beer into clean bowl, use next make up cotton immerses adequately in beer, take out next make up cotton apply is in the place with facial ministry bulky pore, cotton makes up below the reassume after waiting for beer to enter the skin adequately, hold to a month to be able to discover pore is in slowly decrescent.

2, chestnut contracts pore law

Chestnut skin has the effect of contractive pore and moist skin, tie-in honey still can cause skin closely together, more effective contractive pore. the powder of endodermis dolly wear of chestnut, fall into Facial mask bowl, join right amount honey, tone is in into the apply after mushy mix is even facial ministry, clean face ministry is washed with Wen Shui after 15 minutes can.

Do every week, hold to a month, bulky pore can contract naturally.

3, potato is contractive pore law

Rich vitamin is contained in potato, it can retain cellular vigor, your skin reproduces burnish, and OK and effective contractive pore, blain of purify face ministry imprints and bask in spot, beautiful skin result is very right. After potato is abluent, section is stuck on the face, can achieve such spirit implement the effect of contractive pore.

Use potato apply face 3 times every week, hold to period of time, the bulky pore of skin will be a lot of more contractible, continue to hold to, till pore is complete,systole goes back,

4, boiled water contracts pore law

Boiled water also is having the effect of first-rate beautiful Bai Yangyan, contractive pore. Everyday after clean skin, with make up cotton dips in take boiled water besmear to be on the face, have apply side again, after remembering using, must wash with clear water clean, otherwise if the face is dark brown not good-looking, protect skin effect nevertheless remarkable.

Insist to use face of boiled water apply, it is OK of the pore with effective contractive bulky skin oh.

5, Lu Hui contracts pore law

Aloe is blame Changchun's natural hairdressing agent, its collect ensures the multinomial hairdressing result such as spot of wet, dispel and contractive pore at a suit, it can skin effectively undisturbedly, make pore gets effective systole. A few time take before sleeping every night, with face of apply of fresh aloe juice, if think film of make it face is used, also can join honey and flour, such effects that protect skin are very apparent. Insist to use face of aloe juice apply every week, bulky to pore more apparent beautiful eyebrow people for, dispute often contracts well the small method of pore.

Besides above besides a few small subtle move, it is very important to still have a bit, that wants cutin of fixed ground purify namely, if clear not in time,the skin abandons old cutin dead skin, can form bilge in skin surface, jam thereby pore, this also is to bring about the main reason with skin bulky pore, so, no matter you use which kinds of method to contract the pore with bulky skin, do not forget summary gives skin purify cutin regularly, will maintain cutaneous Gan Shuang is clear.

When chamfer is qualitative, beautiful eyebrow people want to notice, choose the time with quality chamfer according to his skin character, for example, if you are drying skin,pledge, it is OK that chamfer pledges two Monday second, do not need too frequent, if you are oily skin,pledge, need diligent a bit, a week goes corneous.