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Hairdressing of compensatory what nutrition protects skin? What profit does filling Potassium have to skin hairdressing?

Food is the origin way with important matter of human body nutrition, what to eat to be able to be opposite healthy, and skin health causes very big effect, the nurture of skin hairdressing is a lot of more qualitative, so, hairdressing of compensatory what nutrition protects skin? What profit does filling Potassium have to skin hairdressing? What to eat to also can improve skin position, actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

Hairdressing of compensatory what nutrition protects skin? What profit does filling Potassium have to skin hairdressing? (1)

1, hairdressing of filling what nutrition

1. Potassium

Potassium is right the acid-base value that maintains the skin and airframe, preserve a cell the osmosis inside is pressed and metabolism is normal indispensable. Daily Potassium need measures normal adult to be overcome for 2~4. Main food source: Flavor of bran, pea, soja, potato, sweet potato, turnip, hot pickled mustard tuber, earthnut, kelp, laver, dried meat floss, coffee, tea.

2. vitamin A

Vitamin A can make a look bright, the skin is moist and exquisite. Main food source: The animal is hepatic (dog liver cannot feed) more, complete fat grandma reachs its goods, green and yellow are vegetable, hearts sweet potato, carrot, green pepper, pumpkin.

3. vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 also calls riboflavin. Its function is it is normal to maintain skin metabolism, make the skin bright and clean and silky, extend smooth wrinkle, decrease fade element, remove stain. Main food source: Animal liver, kidney, lean lean, grandma kind, egg kind, soja and its goods, green vegetable.

4. vitamin B1

Lack vitamin B1, can cause inflammation of mucous membrane allergy and hair peltry skin. Main food source: Pluck, flesh kind, legume and earthnut, unpolished rice. A large number of drinking tea or fish of surfeit carp, herring (black carp) , the shrimp absorption that will affect vitamin B1.

5. vitamin C

Vitamin C is a kind of antioxidant, can reduce skin pigment ad cool-headed, prevent melanin to generate, the skin that can make suntan consequently restores Bai Xi's silky true colors, if vitamin C preparation absorbs excessive, can cause stone or ulcer. Main food source: Walnut of mandarin orange, orange, orange, shaddock, bright jujube, Mi, strawberry, plow, leaf of cauliflower, lettuce, citric, tomato, hawkthorn and all sorts of brunet vegetable.

6. vitamin D

Vitamin D can prevent children to be spent gently rachitic the happening of senile osteoporosis in mixing. Main food source: Liver of sea fish, animal and yoke, butter, cheese, cod-liver oil.

7. vitamin E

Vitamin E can raise the absorptivity of vitamin A, decrease and prevent the generation with qualitative brown of the fat in the skin and deposit, can prevent teenage facial acne, provide quite protect skin to raise colour, fight decline the effect that lengthen life. Main food source: Fish of red bean of vegetable oil, soja and its goods, gram, bare, black sesame seed, walnut, duck's egg, garlic, spinach, crucian carp and sea shrimp.

8. fiber

Constipation can be brought about airframe produces all sorts of symptoms and cause a variety of diseases, constipation also can make complexion decline yellow and lose due luster. The food that contains a lot ofcellulose can prevent and cure constipation. Basically have: All sorts of vegetable, fruit and blame are purificatory food.

9. iron, zinc

Cutaneous burnish is ruddy, need enough blood. Iron is the bases of the haemoglobin in forming blood. Zinc also is the indispensable microelement inside body, it participates in all sorts of physiology activities of human body. Zinc is in the content in the skin is highest, occupy 20% above about, deciding cutaneous is smooth with stretch degree, have " the skin is zincic plating " say. Accordingly, should right amount eat the food that contains a lot ofiron, zinc more, if animal liver, yoke, kelp, sesame paste, lean lean, oyster reachs sea product, in order to promote cutaneous strong and handsome.

2, how dispel blain is the most effective

1, daystart clean

Rise in the morning actually facial ministry is done not have so dirty, major person should use a large number of clear water to be able to wash the face clean only, include skin of blain of outermost layer of skin, blain! Wen Shui is being used when washing a face is the most appropriate, do not use too hot bath face, can stimulate the skin otherwise.

2, evening clean

Do not make up by day, tu Fang basks in frost. Skin of blain of the blain below this kind of circumstance needs to use common clean face product to come only clean, pure physics is prevented bask in what change syncretic than content to prevent bask in wash hard a little a bit, but surface of clean of major amino acid is enough also will prevent bask in be washed clean. If feel to wash sordid, can use gentle strip makeup water is wiped first.

3, make up by day

Much is weak makeup can use scour off of the grandma that wash a face, the hangover that can be not dropped by metabolization for that little goes to what wash your face following a piece of paper clean, because grow blain, frowsty purely force of excessive cleanness, gimmick causes close a mouth. As to change skin of raddled blain blain, recommend use discharge makeup water, is not discharge makeup oil.

4, accuse oil in time to protect wet

Facial ministry has oil to jam pore, of more need is to protect wet skin, the skin gives oil much, also cause actually, we are OK again clean be over after the skin passes, water of use bright skin and protect wet breast, maintain cutaneous wet, it is protective cutaneous key.

5, attention food

Eat the reviver such as adipose, high in syrup, acrimony, panbroiling food and liquor, coffee less, have boiled water of vegetable, fruit, much water more. Often constipation person usable gram 20 grams, intelligent rice 50 grams, boil congee together, add a few rock candy to mediate, daily cent second take.

6, turnip juice apply face

In bowl is being put after washing the turnip clean well-done, till familiar sodden position, holding the turnip in the arms in gauze, extort juice, float add of relay of turnip replace boiler again bead, boil thick stiff condition, most mushy when, with respect to the solution the turnip even daub is growing the place that has whelk, can as far as possible much Tu Yi some, relatively serious place as far as possible Tu Hou, can hold to daub 3 times everyday, insist 34 days to be able to have the effect of dispel blain, this is a kind of very good method that treats whelk, can try.